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RP: YSS Eucharis First Arrival

Alex Hart

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The XO of the YSS Eucharis sat at the well-organized desk of a small conference room used for some briefings, seminars, and classes.The XO of the YSS Eucharis sat at the well-organized desk of a small conference room used for some briefings, seminars, and classes.The XO of the YSS Eucharis sat at the well-organized desk of a small conference room used for some briefings, seminars, and classes. She had been set up there for the past twelve and a half hours with no rest and a healthy dose of water to keep her going. Newly appointed but not new to willpower getting one through difficult times, Majime had worked tirelessly to put things in order, with the help of the clerk, of course, who happened to not have the Nekovalkyrja's ability to work ceaselessly, it seemed, and was resting for the time being, which gave Majime the opportunity to conduct an interview.

Matsuvo Shinomori had been recently reassigned to the YSS Eucharis, possibly the most famous ship in the Star Army of Yamatai. After receiving his orders, he had also been summoned to an interview with the XO of the ship. Now, as he approached the conference room where he had been asked to meet with said XO, he wondered why he of all people had been assigned to the ship of the famous Hanako.

"Please come in," the Nekovalkyrja said as the conference room's door signaled someone outside. The door opened methodically, but quickly, for Matsuvoto enter and see that Majime was moving from the desk's chair to stand to its side, erect and ready to bow or salute, it was not obvious, yet.

Mat saluted Majime as he entered the room. "Nitô Heisho Matsuvo Shinomori reporting, Ma'am. You wanted to meet with me?"

After a return salute, Majime moved her arm forward to offer Mat a chair across from her own and then sat placidly, steepling her hands as she did as she spoke. "That I did. I am Taii Ikigai Majime, I have served the Star Army in some of the same ways you have, which is with courage and respect. Do you see those qualities in your service, as well, Nitô Heisho?"

Matsuvo sat down in the proffered chair with a "Thank you Ma'am." Sitting up straight in stark contrast to the Taii's more relaxed posture. "I served the Star Army as expected of a soldier, but I wouldn't exactly call myself outstanding in any regard."

"While you look at your own service as less than exceptional, those that relied on you did not," Ikigai said to him with a respectful nod. "Outstanding is a word you should feel compelled to use when self-assessing."

Matsuvo looked at her somewhat quizically. "Ma'am? I'm not sure I follow. I served with many soldiers more qualified than I am. I mean, I did my best but I don't think I was ever quite 'outstanding'."

"Then," Ikigai Majime said plainly, "you will have to start to. You were recently promoted, no?"

"Yes Ma'am. I was promoted when I recieved my orders to transfer over to the Eucharis."

"With promotions come respect. That means others will respect you, Shinomori-heisho," the Taii told him. "But that respect must start from within you."

Matsuvo paused for a moment before speaking. "I think I understand Ma'am, but I don't know what I've done to earn this position, promotion or respect any more than someone else. I can't respect myself without knowing I've done something to earn that respect."

He went on, "If I were to do so, it would be hubris, not self respect, and that's no quality to be admired in a soldier."

"You," Majime began, "have more humility than one would expect." She set down her hands and let her eyes settle on a far corner of the room before she asked a question. "Do you want to be told of your accomplishments if you're unwilling to tell me you have any to speak of?"

Matsuvo was slightly hesitant to speak. "It's not that I'm unwilling Ma'am, but I just don't know of anything I particularly stood out for amongst my comrades."

"Can you think of anything?" Majime said, tilting her head as her sapphire eyes found their place on Matsuvo's bright golden ones.

Matsuvo seemed stumped. Either he was an extremely good bluffer, which was unlikely, or he genuinely didn't think he had done anything particularly impressive.

"Then I'll tell you this, you are a good soldier and ready for this new promotion. You have the skillset, training, and crew around you to take whatever we may face. Do you believe me?" Majime asked.

Matsuvo hesitated for a moment a second time. "Yes Ma'am, I do."

"Do you have any questions for me," the Taii said, "now that I have said my part?"

"No Ma'am, I think I'm ready to take my post."

"I trust you will be as excellent of a soldier in the future as you have been while in service on the YSS Kaiyō's iterations," Majime told him as she stood and went to the side of the desk.

"I'll do my best Ma'am." Matsuvo told the Taii, standing and saluting her. She returned the salute and showed him to the door.

"I know you will, Nitô Heisho Shinomori," Ikigai Majime-taii said.

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