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First Expeditionary Fleet clears Miyamae, the System remains Independent

Keiyō Expeditionary Strike Group at Miyamae System - The new Taisho of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Taisho Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano confirmed that the Keiyō Expeditionary Strike Group completed their mission late yesterday to the Miyamae System. The strike group was originally deployed to the system on 9日 1月 43年 to respond to a threat of remnant forces formerly loyal to the KIN. The holdout forces are believed to be loyal to Baron Gello Kordoon who had connections to the Tange Clan Terrorists and traitor Motoyoshi Kiyoko expressed that they intended to continue military operations against the Star Army in the area. Shôshô Kuroki Izumi, the commander of the Keiyō Expeditionary Strike Group, on the YSS Keiyō Maru, reported that the splinter group was eliminated except for three ships; a Kuvexian Battleship and two cruisers which managed to escape during the battle.

1614006349746.png (Miyamae System Flag)

Although victorious over the Kuvexians the Strike Group confirmed reports that Miyamae intends to remain an Independent system. A spokesman from the farming collective in Fritztown pointedly said that Miyamae was fed up after a long series of flag changes between YE 30 and the present that led to very little improvement for the colony and that improvements that were made were the result of local actions. The colony which consists of primary farmers, cargo runners, and outlaws refused infantry assistance as that Kuvexians on the surface of that planet had already declared themselves a neutral party and were not engaged in any actions against the Yamatai Star Empire. The spokesman also thanked the Star Army for removing the problematic hold-out vessels from the system and expressed a desire to continue trade and peaceful relations with Yamatai.

Upon completion of their mission, the Keiyō Expeditionary Strike Group is expected to head to the Asura System to provide defense solutions for Leo Star Fortress during its refurbishment and repairs as it is prepared to complete its transition into the First Expeditionary Fleet.