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Kinfemy Vonai (HSC News) First State of the Clan message not on World Station

Location: Tioasme, Âmuar
Tarbah Leyto, the Mui of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo stands on the steps of a building with snow falling. In the background the sound of children playing can be heard.

"To all members of the Clan, and to our allies I offer greetings as we prepare to enter the Festival of Tâjya'pa. It only seemed right that as we enter the Festival that I should speak of the state of the Clan. I must say here and now that the State of Clan is good, and our future promises to bring prosperity and growth

The fact that I am delivering this message from the surface of one of our colony worlds; is a sign of our status. I am standing on the steps of the government building in Tioasme, and down in the square there are dozens of our children playing in this snow. These children and thousands of others are the first generation who will grow up on a living world. It has been over 800 years since any of our people grew up in this fashion.

Like many of our people, I must admit that I find natural weather to be surprising.

So at this point in our time we have colonized four of the Otâgo'iâmai. There are now almost two million of our clan living on these worlds. I am told that within the next few weeks, the first member of the clan to be born on a settled world will join us. We look forward to the new arrivals and will formally welcome them after they pass the Fofipa.

As this year ends we share the Tâjya'pa with new friends, the Neshaten whom we met earlier this year. May our alliances with Yamatai and the Neshaten continue to be a source for cultural exchange; growth and business.

To those who opposed our moving into the Light and settling these worlds. It has always been our destiny to once again lay claim to worlds and expand. You have a choice, you can stay rooted in the past and deny your Ruoka and Punla the blessings of growth. Or you can step into the light; and reap the blessings and opportunities that we are making.

To all members of the Clan and our Allies, Esay Ida Siamaka fuâmymu ri. May the Great Divine watch over you. I will speak to you again on Meyâ Mâi from Yamatai."