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RP: Setareh Wing [Five] Just Can't Get Enough


The Gunman

Zoren snorted in reply to Naak's reply, but he was smiling as he did it. "Probably right." He muttered.

As the briefing finished, Zoren nodded softly. "Alright. Sounds simple enough." The doctor replied, though he knew that the mission would not go as smoothly as it sounded. What was the phrase?

'Battleplans never survive first contact with the enemy?' That sounded about right, and never a true statement was coined.


FM of Nepleslia

"This sounds like something that won't let me get to let loose. Or see Lea. Or get a good seat near boss-lady or blushy." Irfan threw a thumb over at Mox, one of her hands going to her wiry hips before rolling her eyes. "But I guess a mission is a mission... even if it sounds super boring where we help researchers."

All Irfan wanted to do is fly as fast as she could and really let loose with her piloting; this job seemed much more likely to have her relegated to boring duties. Not that boring jobs were bad; but for heroes like her? Best of the aces with a goal to acquire a long and beautiful tale of a life that would make anyone blush? Eyr Ranr weren't fans of playing boring violin-sophisticated things; they were born to be free and wild like some crazy fiddle loon! Not that she knew what these instruments were, the silvery-haired girl reaching her thumb-throwing hand up and back through her beautiful hair.

"When do we get moving, boss-lady?"


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FM of Nepleslia
FM of the Iromakuanhe
Game Master

To Mox, Naak said, "That's what was thought by many, as well. Only certain substances are able to cause degradation in the spires' material, that we know of. This leads us to believe that the source of the degradation could be very dangerous."

Naak slipped out a previously concealed data rod as she nodded to Karuah. She pulled a trigger and a volumetric visual of the planet and the huge spires that jutted from them appeared. The imagery was mostly taken up by the spires that extended from the world. There were inner workings made around the spires, such as a rail system and platforms. Between them were also floating flotillas of sentry-like organic bots. Beneath the spires was a world-spanning ocean. This display spun slowly for all to see.

"The unseen caretaker system of the planet may be the most difficult thing to navigate around," Naak Behea said aloud, "or it may be the drone groups out to preserve the planet. We don't know yet, nobody has tried to work against the planet in a very long time." She winced at her wording, "Well, we're not going out there to work against the artificial planet. More like, to figure out what's ailing her. Who knows if her defenses will be receptive to the help, though."

She looked on to the other questions and Irfan's statements.

"We leave after a good night's rest," she told the doctor, "Tomorrow morning at 0500 commonwealth standard time."


FM of the Iromakuanhe
In her room, Ishtar had begun rooting around in a dresser looking for her uniform. Did she even have one? The FIOMNI could've sworn they'd issued her one. Shirts, and skirts were tossed casually aside as the search continued. While her physical shell sought after the elusive clothing her voice piped in over the wardroom speakers.

"Scientists have been theorizing over Al'Mirzam for some time now. Some are really interesting while others are uhm not so interesting. Dating it has proven impossible for now due to the material the spires are made of. Solan Starworks had intended to send a specialist backed by the Commonwealth to try to uncover more about it. They both decided otherwise due to the recent attack. If necessary I can have the dossiers for the crew there currently ready for all of you tomorrow morning."

Ah ha! thought Ishtar as she pulled on a sleeve. With a few tugs a uniform jacket slid free. Glancing it over, Ishtar let out a huff. That was one article out of the way now a few more to go.


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Karuah marveled at teh images displayed in the projection. As a mechanic the spires were fascinating, and as an Eyr Ranr, the boundless sky was alluring. This planet had all she would ever need on it, and it seemed to get more and more interesting as they talked about it. "Automated defense...we'll have to prepare...but this is pre-commonwealth..there are no records of what kind of technology was used." Though what she said was a clear difficulty, she seemed more delighted by the prospect than anything. "I want to take one of the drones apart and see what's inside so bad."


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Shaanti leaned forward on the sofa, causing it to creak silently, his focus on the display. The air would be too dangerous. Too many bots. The seas, however, would be an excellent entry point if there were no submerged defenses. If there wasn't an entrance below the ocean, they at least had a chance of getting close undetected. Could the drones detect a cloaked frame? The surrounding area gave many open lines of sight for overwatch.

So many questions, so many variables. Naak was right in allowing them a night to sleep on it.