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RP: Neshaten Flight of the Corsica


Insane Story Writer Foxy
Nesha Prime, Netoshen Capital

A storm was brewing over the capital of the Kingdom of Neshaten, strong waves crashed against the sea wall and the occasional sounds of torrential winds caused some of the capitals citizens to seek shelter in fear of a tornado.

However, on the city’s west side, thirteen year old Kata'nova Sui'yrena was standing on a seawall. She was a Shukaren Daur with light red fur and a black tail with a yellow tip. The girl had her hands clasped behind her back, her eyes were closed and her head was tilted up toward the sky.

Rain was falling gently, and the girl didn't seem to care in the least as she just stood there and allowed the rain to beat on her face and flow down her body.

Soon though she lowered her head and looked out over the churning sea. "Such a storm," she said softly. As she opened her eyes, it was revealed that it was actually night time, but she could see almost as clear as day thanks to her species being nocturnal.

For a brief moment, the girl glanced over the shoulder toward the capital. The capital couldn't see seen very well thanks largely to the storm, but she could see the first of several tall defensive walls which had turrets atop that slowly scanned the air. A smile flickered on her face before she looked back at the water, folded her arms over her chest, and just stood there and watched the wave’s crash against the shoreline.

Her enjoyment, however, was cut short when she heard a car roll up. "F'Bantau!" someone shouted from behind, the girl looked down toward the ground and out the corner of her eye to notice a Laibe poking their head over the sea wall. "The commander has an assignment for you," the Laibe stared at her.

The Daur child sighed once more and turned toward the man and began to walk toward him. "What kind of assignment?" she asked; all authority in her tone as she walked to the edge of the sea wall to reveal a stairwell that would take her down almost two stories to the ground below.

"A recon assignment, that's all I know," the Laibe stepped aside to allow her through and followed behind her. "Also, E'Leuyte Violane Uitene sent a video message to remind you of the festival next season."

"As if I'll be gone that long," said the Daur girl as she walked down the stairway and stopped halfway. She heard the sound of the waves beating against the sea wall and turned to see a torrent of water cascade over the side and splash onto the ground, and disappear into the cities vast underground drainage system.

After watching the water drain away, she continued down the stairs until she got to the bottom step and looked toward the capital city. "How'd you get here?" she looked over her soldiers at the Laibe.

"Brought your car," he pointed at the oval shaped vehicle that was just partially visible behind a concrete wall; the vehicle resembled a Kl’irus Gravity Car. "Want me to drive?" he asked and began to walk toward it.
"Nah, I have my license remember? May as well put it to use," she smiled and walked up to the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. Although before she started the car up she had to fix the seat so that she could reach the control stick and dashboard. When she was finished she looked at the Laibe who took his seat in the passenger side, then she started up the car and began to head toward the capital.

Kata'nova, or 'Kata' as some people called her, kept her eye on the glowing road as she drove toward the capital and only occasionally glanced off to the side to see what the storm was doing. "Think we'll have it?" she asked her passenger.



"Certainly looks like it," the Laibe poked his head out of the passenger side to look at the clouds, although he didn't really need to do that, the clouds all around them were almost entirely pitch black. "Yea, black clouds, it'll happen but no idea when..." the man’s voice trailed as he tapped his longer chin and looked around for a few more moments before ducking back into the car. "Why?"

"Because taking off in Rase'ni'a isn't exactly something I want to do, damn stuff will damage the scout and require me to make an emergency stop over at Levia for repairs." Kata'nova slowed the car down as she came to an intersection and looked on both sides, she waited for a minute as a large truck came barreling down the road and went through the intersection. "Idiot..." she scowled. "It's raining right now and the roads are slick.. just because we no longer use wheels doesn't mean we should throw all manner of safety out the window," she watched the truck as it disappeared through the downpour of rain.

When she was certain the coast was clear she shook her head again before continuing. "That is why it's so hard to drive during a storm," she said to her passenger.

"Yea, but if I recall, aren't Kits not allowed to drive during the storm?" The Laibe asked, resting his chin on the palm of his hand with his elbow propped on the armrest of the door.

Kata'nova glanced at the Laibe for a moment, and then turned down a road before responding. "Normally, civilian kits must drive with an adult," she looked into the rearview for a quick moment. "But military kits don't have that same restriction."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because we are taught how to drive in basic, just like how you adults are..." she looked at the Laibe. "So we are expected to know how to obey road laws and regulations more than a civilian kit is.. plus," she looked back at the road. "My father taught me how to drive, so I really didn't need basic training to teach me, it was pretty much a remedial course."

Not much else was said after that; resulting the drive to the inner capital being quiet with the exception of the approaching storm. Sure enough though, as they approached the inner capital, Rase'ni'a began to fall.

"Srisa..." said Kata'nova as she turned off onto another road and made for a checkpoint in the distance. She was glad that the cars were resigned with Rase'ni'a in mind but she could still see the small cracks that each ball of spiked rain was doing to the windshield.

At the checkpoint, Kata'nova saw a My'leke who was sitting down and looked toward the sky. "Ahhh, good afternoon," said the My'leke, the voice sounding female. "Tunnel is open for usage right now, going to use it?" she asked.

"Yea I am, is the detour open to the military base?" asked Kata'nova, who looked at the female My'leke, it was very difficult to tell the difference between a male and female, they all looked alike to her - the only way to tell the difference was through the voice.

The My'leke looked off to her side at a digital display that was in the small hut that only she could see. "Yea it is, you'll need to have me swipe your military ID so you're car will be recognized."

Kata'nova sighed and dug her hand into her pocket, pulling her ID out and handing it to the My'leke. The My'leke prehensile tail wiped around and grabbed the ID, the My'leke brought it to her face and looked at the ID before bringing up Kata'novas detail on her computer. "Ok good," she smiled and swiped the ID before handing it back. "System is locked in; you'll be notified when you’re close to the turn off."

"Thank you," Kata'nova pocketed her ID and changed gears on the car and headed into the tunnel. The tunnels overhead lights cast a dark green hue over the car as they passed under each overhead and rod down the tunnel.

After several minutes of driving they arrived at the turn off, she slowed a bit before turning down the roadway and toward the military base. Signs on the side of wall, written in Tinacen, spoke of the way further being restricted to only military personnel and that non-military personnel would be stopped.

Sector Three, Military HQ

It was easy to tell when they were at the base, four Laibe guards wearing body suits and hefting large rifles were standing in the roadway. One of them outstretched the palm of his hand, and the kit slowed the car down to a stop.

The Laibe walked around the car and looked at the kit. "Ok, you're clear," the man waved her through.

"So much security," Kata'nova thought aloud as she drove down the road.

"Well, we 'are' directly under the palace," her Laibe passenger pointed a finger at the roof of the car. "Not to mention that there is also a private roadway that leads into the palaces underground garage."

"Yea but the queen rarely uses it.." Kata'nova sighed and glanced up at a road sign. "Looks like we are nearly there," she turned down another road - except that this road was one way and narrow.

At the end of the road was a small parking lot, which Kata'nova turned into and parked the car near an entrance that had two glass doors. "Car's yours," she got out of the car and tossed him the keys. "Make sure not to put any dents in it please," she smiled at him and walked through the doors.

The corridor was mostly dark, but it didn't bother her due to her species natural night vision which allowed her to see clearly down the corridor. She could see the pictures that adorned the walls, and the plush red carpet that covered the floor all the way to the main lobby.

The lobby was circular and comprised of three stories, with the top story being the one above ground; there was couches to sit on and several waiting areas that had TV's that was playing today’s current news. She looked around the lobby, hands on her hips as she pondered if there was anything she knew.

One of the things that caught her eye was a large fountain in the center of the lobby, which she noticed two kits standing around looking to be no more than four years of age. There was a man with them, and he was pointing at something in the water.

Kata'nova approuched quietly so as not to disturb the man and his kids, and looked at the water. She saw a holographic image on the water itself, it was an image of the Youth Corp's founder, a child much like her just younger, she was holding the flag of their old federation and standing atop a partially destroyed building.

Around her were other kits, all armed with weaponry of that era. One fit in the background could be seen carrying another kit, and there were vehicles as well with one kit standing atop it and directing someone that wasn't in the holographic photo.

The image suddenly faded out for a moment and then came back only this time; it showed a very large ship with a planet in the background. Kata'nova listened to the man, who explained that the ship was a mighty dreadnaught that the federation had built to protect their ancestors while they escaped the senseless war.

"Where is it now daddy?" one kit, a boy, asked his father.

"Well son," the father started and stared at the image. "We don't know, but perhaps one of these days we'll meet our ancestors from the federation and find out," he patted his son on the head.

Kata'nova just smiled as she watched this before hearing a chime and looking at the clock. As much as she didn't want to leave this scene, she had to and made her way toward a circular glass elevator where she punched the button for the filth floor.

The kit rested her back up against the glass wall and folded her arms over her chest, for a few moments the car was almost entirely pitch black except for the occasional glow from the buttons.

As the car passed up through the shaft, she glanced off to her side just in time to have the car come out of the ground and ride up alongside the building. She could see the storm more clearly now and how it covered almost the entirety of this sector.

At the top floor Kata'nova exited the car and walked down a long wide corridor until she got to her commanders office and knocked gently on the door. "F'Bantau Kata'nova Sui'yrena reporing as ordered!"

There was the sound of shuffling feet and of a chair squeaking. "Enter!" Kata'nova heard someone inside shout, she pushed the doors open and found herself standing in a well furnished room, there was a large couch and a TV embedded in the wall, there were pictures all over showing the commander accepting various rewards.

There were even statues of the man, placed on pedestals that left Kata'nova slightly disgusted; as she found this level of attention disturbing to her and self gratification disturbing for a Shukaren.

"Sir, I was told you have a recon assignment for me?" she asked, standing at attention in front of a desk that shined. There was a chair sitting behind the desk with her commander sitting in it and looking out of a large glass window that peered out over the city, although right now all Kata'nova could see was the rain and occasional flashes of lightening.

"I do," the man didn't turn in his chair. "You're orders are in an assignment folder that I've had placed in your scout, it's in bay twenty. You'll have enough food and water onboard to last half a season."

The F'Bantau arced an eye-brow. "Why so much food and water sir?"

"Because you're task is to go out as far as half of your food supply will allow. Once you've mapped several star systems, you are to return to base. Remember, protocol dictates that if you run into an alien species - which is highly unlikely but in case you do - return straight to base."

"Yes sir," said Kata'nova.

"Also, one thing to keep in mind..." he turned partially in his chair, but not enough for Kata'nova to see his face. "We've lost contact with several probes, if you find any find out why they were lost and then program them for a return trip."

"Sir, if those probes are lost it's highly unlikely I'll find any..."

"The probes have an automated system to where if they lose contact with base or if their software fouls up, they'll set a course for the last system they were in and will wait until further instruction or until they are found..." said the man, sounding a bit agitated. "Is that all?" he asked.

"Yes sir."

"Then go," he turned his chair back toward the window.

Kata'nova bowed once then left the room, when she was outside and had closed the door behind her she let out a deep sigh and leaned up against the wall. I wish Vio'lene had assigned me to a different commander.. not one who hates the Youth Corp... she shook her head and then made her way back to the elevator where she rode it down to the hanger floor.

Unlike the above floors, the floor with the hanger was crowded with activity with people running around and ships coming and going. Kata'nova had stepped out of the elevator into a swarm of people, some of which were running around with equipment under their arms or over their heads.

To say that the hanger was large would be an understatement; it was huge compared to areas above the base. The hanger floor stretched for almost three hundred feet, with the space in-between filled with fighters and other assortment of craft including several shuttles. The height of the hanger meant that there were even a few passenger transports there as well that were currently being boarded by soldiers heading to their duty stations.

Above the hanger deck were walkways, some of which were enclosed. There were people walking along those walkways, a few soldiers who were keeping an eye out for trouble, but most were mechanics or just regular base personnel using the walkways as a shortcut to avoid the crowd below.

The bay was only partially illuminated by ceiling lights, there were lights on the ground which depicted where the service way was and the path that fighters would take. Service cars moved along a road parallel to the one used by the fighters here, and several people could be seen servicing one fighter that was presently stuck on the road.

In the distance, Kata’nova could hear the sound of a heavy gravity engine, a sound she recognized as coming from a passenger transport that was taking off. She could hear other engines as well, some which were being tested either on the fighters themselves or in testing chambers that were off to the sides.

As she looked around the bay, her eyes fell upon several pilots who were being handed assignments for when the storm finally dissipated. The group of pilots, however; was actually a mixture of civilian and military, all of them were aviators but the two groups had vastly different jobs. The civilian aviators were air traffic controllers who were being tasked with either guiding in small shuttles and other craft, or boarding larger craft such as freighters and piloting them themselves to the docks.

The military pilots, on the other hand, were tasked with providing escort to these controllers and patrolling the skies above for any illegal activity.

"Remember," Kata'nova heard a Laibe shout to the pilots. "If you run into trouble, radio the tower and we'll send more aviators up to assist. If you find someone trying to smuggle in goods, fire a warning shot to get their attention; if they continue to evade, you have permission to use lethal force but do not blow them up over the capital. We don't want a repeat of what happened last season when a freighter was blown up over sector two and rained a mixture of wheat and fruit all over the area.. you know how hard it is to clean that stuff up," his head swung around looking at each of the pilots, some of them snickered but most didn't find it amusing.

"Uh huh, well, get to work," he shouted and the pilots began to disperse.

"R'Mueta?" spoke Kata'nova after the pilots were away and she was able to approach the man.

The Laibe glanced at her and smiled, placing a hand on his hip. "Kata'nova.. I take it your heading out on assignment?" he asked.

"Yep, commander told me my assignment and that the folder is in my scout."

"Was brought here an hour ago and placed in your fighter. Hardass Har'kive certainly has no love for you Youth Corps though," said the Laibe who motioned with his head toward the girls scout that was being pulled out of its dedicated hanger.

Kata'nova snickered. "Ya well, he has no love for Laibe's either.."

The man grunted. "Yea well, mmm.. don't tell him I said this, but he can go screw himself. He needs to learn that not all Laibe's are terrorists," the man looked around for a moment as if worried that someone might've heard him. "By the way, I replaced your wing-officer as requested, you shouldn't have him anymore."

"Thanks, was a royal pain to deal with him given his dislike for Daur," Kata'nova watched her scout as it was pulled out via a tow car. "Anyway, thank you R'Mueta, I'll talk to you when I return."

"Ya know.. it'd be nice if you called me by name every once in awhile," the R'Mueta sighed and shook his head at the girl, who just smiled and gave a dismissive wave.

She ran across the hanger deck, dodging under a raised rack of missiles and then jumping over some that were on the ground. As she came upon her scout she slowed to a casual walk and placed her hand on the hull. "All decals have been removed right?" she asked an engineer who was looking into one of the scouts maintenance panels.

"Yes ma'am," said the obviously cheerful engineer. "All decals including the flag have been removed. We've also insured that you have enough oxygen tanks to last ya awhile, but in case ya need more, we've included an oxygen refiller which you can use on any planet you run across that has a breathable atmosphere."

"Thank you," the girl patted the scout. "How is she looking?"

"Fine ma'am, your scout is ready to fly, just run the preflight checklist and I'll have the wing-officer guide you to the launch ramp."

Kata'nova nodded with appreciation as she walked around to the side of her scout and grabbed a handhold and pulled herself up into the open cockpit. She fell into the seat and heard a crunch sound as she sat right on the folder with her orders. She stood up a bit, and pulled the folder out from under her and stuffed it into one of the side holders for later.

She looked across the dashboard, then tapped one of the controls, bring up a list of diagnostics that she had run earlier in the day.

She cocked her head to one side and took a clipboard that was nestled to her side and looked at the sheet. "Let's see, engines," she tapped the engine tester and heard the hum of the scouts gravity engines as they started up. "Check.."

"Shields," she tapped the shield test button and noticed a glimmer on the hull followed by the sound of an engineering officer letting out a series of curses.

"Tell me next time before you do that!" a man shouted.

Kata'nova winced. "Oops..." she said with a pained expression. "Sorry!" then went back to her checklist. She spent five minutes going through the list, but ended up taking ten minutes instead as she wanted to triple check it.

When she was finished she got out of the scout and handed the checklist to the wing-officer, a Laibe who looked young. The Laibe accepted her pad and looked it over, "everything ok?" he asked.

"Yep, let me grab my helmet and double check my flight suit and then I'll be off," she headed across the hanger to a flight ready room. Inside she walked over to her locker and opened it up and pulled her helmet out and put it on.

When she heard the helmet 'click' into place, she saw the visor light up and a series of HUD's appeared. One showing the suits integrity as being at a one hundred percent while another showed the suits life support systems. She ran a quick diagnostic which checked all areas of her suit for leaks, when the diagnostic came back negative she smiled and was about to slam the locker shut when she noticed a picture of her family.

"Mom... dad...." she muttered as she placed a finger on the photo. "I'll visit when I return," she kissed the photo then looked at it once more and pushed a tear aside. She then grabbed a knife that was in its own little holder and then placed it into a concealed area of her suit. Finally, she grabbed her pistol – a weapon she hoped to never have to use but knew it would come in handy if she had to land on a planet and encountered hostiles.

Before heading back to her scout she walked into a small cafeteria used by the pilots; a Laibe standing behind a counter looked at the pilot and then turned toward a refrigerator. "Mission?" he asked and reached for a bottle but stopped halfway. "Short range or long?"

"Long range mission, I'm being tasked with taking my recon fighter beyond the current exploration radius.."

"So, you'll need luck then," the Laibe said and pulled his hand away and then knelt down to another refrigerator and opened it up. "Seu'krona, despite being an animal that hunts and eats us, are lucky in how they can survive in some of their enviroments."

He grabbed a small bottle, "this is the blood of a Seu'krona that your subordinates hunted earlier this morning. They wanted me to give this to you for when you go on your mission," he handed the bottle to Kata'nova.

Kata'nova accepted it, and looked at it, the bottle was full nearly to the top in red blood. The blood, however, had a slighty greenish tint to it. The girl smiled; it was a tradition for soldiers who were either new to the squadron or who where going on a very important mission to drink the blood of Seu'krona for not only good luck but to ensure a long and productive career.

She popped the cork off and raised the bottle to the light, before gulping down it's bitter tasting contents. When it was emptied, she let out a sigh and handed the bottle back to the Laibe. "Tell the squad I am grateful, the blood of a Seu'krona will bring me luck in surviving this mission and returning," the Laibe grabbed the bottle and nodded.

"Good luck, find us some worlds to colonize," the man smiled and placed the bottle under the counter. "Good Luck Aviator!"

Quickly she hustled back to her scout and jumped back into the cockpit. She ran her hand across the dashboard, bringing the scout online and out of its standby mode.

She stood up and looked over the side of her cockpit and noticed that wavering effect that her engines were giving off. She sat down back and looked up, grabbed the handhold of her canopy and pulled it down until it was closed.

"Ok, engines are active," she muttered to herself but also to the scouts onboard flight recorder. She looked out the front at the wing-officer who, along with several engineers, were now blocking off any walking and vehicular traffic so she could get moving.

Slowly she eased the fighter through the hanger, she was glad the surface was smooth because it allowed the scouts skids to literally 'glide' across the ground with almost no resistance.

She continued to follow the wing-officer as he guided her toward the launch ramp, which was a very long runway buried underground and illuminated by a red stream of very dim lights. Ahead of her was a red box with a yellow cross inside that signified where a ship, such as a fighter or transport, was to rest on before taking off. Right now, this box was taken up by a larger passenger transport that was preparing to take off.

The transport sat there in the ‘box’ for several minutes, while a number of workers crawled beneath as if checking for anything that could hinder its launch. Then, the workers scrambled out of the way while a few ran ahead of the transport and off to its sides.

Kata’nova noticed a roadway that cut through the runway, and right now she could see a number of vehicles presently stopped by the workers. After another minute, a flight officer on the runway looked around before waving his hand in the air and then pointed toward distant darkness of the runway.

A very loud ‘hum’ could suddenly be heard as the transports engines were pushed to full thrust, and soon the transport sped down the runway, past the workers, and disappearing into the darkness with only it’s light purple engine glow being seen until even that disappeared.

It was now Kata’nova’s turn, she gently pushed the throttle forward and moved her fighter into the box and turned so that the scout was pointed down the runway. When she was in place she lowered the engine thrust a bit and looked to her sides, her wing-officer was to her left while another aviator was to her right.

A group of nearly thirty engineers were walking the runway, looking for any lose debris that might have come from the transport that would impede her takeoff. It took a good five minutes until the engineers gave the all clear, which Kata'nova used to read her orders, when she heard the wing-officer give her the all clear through her helmets speakers she gave him a thumbs up.

"Control, this is Corsica Recon 'Sho'va' requesting permission to launch," she spoke into her helmets internal mic.

"Sho'va, you are clear to launch! Safe Travels and may Chilerious guide and protect you."

Kata'nova took in a deep breath and planted her hand on the control stick for her throttle and began to slowly push it forward. The gentle hum of her scouts gravity engines gradually got louder until it was all she could hear, with the exception of her landing skids gliding across the runways smooth surface.

She flew down the runway and took her hand off the throttle and grabbed her control stick, out of the corner of her eyes she could see the columns that held up the ceiling rushing past her. She looked at the attitude indicator to see whether she was still lined up, keeping an eye on it before noticing – and also feeling – her fighter beginning to slowly arc upward along the runways launch ramp.

Several seconds passed before rain drops started to hit her cockpit window. Seconds later she flew out of an opening on the far-end of the capital and up into the night sky, passing quickly through the cloud layer and into the atmosphere where she pushed her engines even further so she could break the planets downward gravity.

The kit knew she had succeeded when she saw the sky fade away and turn into a black starry background with their systems bright blue sun blazing in the distance.

"Beautiful sight," she muttered as she watched the systems sun for a few. When she no longer felt the planets tug she looked forward to see several warships that were gathering around near the planets Kthon’ya acceleration gate, or as the military often referred to as: KAGs.

She watched the warships enter into formation and then the gate lit up and one by one the ships vanished; heading toward the edge of the system and - more than likely - Levia, which was her destination.

"Gate control this is Sho'va, requesting permission to jump to Levia," she spoke into her mic and piloted her scout toward the gate.

"Permission granted, be warned that Levia is currently in a state of emergency due to a run-away fast mover. Once you exit, you are to steer clear of the planet and continue on your assignment, provided Levia isn't where you’re headed."

"It is not gate control, but thank you for the warning. Sho'va out," Kata'nova sat there wondering what was going on at Levia, but it wasn't her problem right now, if it was anything serious her mission would've been cancelled.

She looked ahead at the gate, and made ready for the jump.