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Approved Character For Resurgence: Emiko Freyjasdóttir

It seems like the Kyoto War College page needs improvement because the entrance requirements seem unclear. I think it's supposed to be like the IRL Naval War College, that trains people who are already in the military. Take a look at the ranks on this page:

The existing wiki text says the KWC accepts, "...senior enlisted transitioning to officer ranks; personnel selected for officer candidacy programs and senior officers..." and a new clone doesn't see to fit these categories.

I'm also not sure I want to canonize the Kyoto War College being available as a simulation.

What are your thoughts about the above issues, Yuuki?
Re 1: "personnel selected for officer candidacy programs" i think includes anyone selected for it, like how the naval academy
Re 2: That's fine can just be a generic college program
The program could be a Mizumitsu Samurai program based on experiences of SAoY vets who were officers. The principles of leadership are largely the same. Doesn't the SAoY have normal OCS?
I changed it to "a university education with a degree in Military Science"

And they have standard officer training, which she was noted to go through AFTER being in the real world, but that is on top of the education I believe