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The horseman blushed slightly at the thought of Armora in that rather very revealing bikini she mentioned. "Cheeky woman..." he muttered, before getting up out of bed, his long unbraided tail swishing about behind him. Following Armora's example, he stripped off his shorts before heading after her toward the shower...

"Suppose there's only one way to find out..." Rihanna said, then, putting the can to her maw, the dark equine took a drink. "Oh, oh my..." she said after a moment. Turns out, it was indeed everything advertised. "Don't judge on looks alone, huh?" she quoted the old saying. "Name's Rihanna. Pleasure meeting you, both" she said, addressing the Elysian and the man serving drinks.

All looked good to go, Kolorsha'd finished her setup, now all that was left was to kick back until showtime. Idly, she wondered if anyone who'd immigrated to the NDC had been to her shows before. Certianly any of her students from the university were about to see a different side of her, for sure!

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The blonde mercenary held her lover's head close to her bosom for a long moment before crouching to even their height. She then gave Adi a kiss before letting the girl rest her head on Sonia's shoulder, the sides of their heads gently together. "We'll make it through together, and I'm here when you need me. I love you, you're so kind, and I couldn't have asked for a better girlfriend. Don't ever hesitate to cry on my shoulder if you need to, or to talk to me when you're feeling sad. I can't protect you like I could before, but I can still be here for you and support you."

"Well I'm glad you like it miss Rihanna, one of my brews that took the longest to perfect, but the local ingredients were exactly what I needed. It's grown rather popular with the locals.", Zeke answered the equine woman before turning to the couple again. The spiky blonde nodded a bit at what the younger man said on his observation of the city and population, "It is, even I'm impressed some days, sure beats the crime active streets of Nepleslia if you ask me. Most law enforcement is handled by autonomous units which are used everywhere to help the civilians where needed. They haven't been as wide spread though with all the refugee immigration they've been getting here. Lot of volunteers for the military and other public services, lot more private run shops too now that I think about it. Osman wasn't exactly a pleasant place, and almost half the current population are from there, with most having less then fond memories. I still remember the day we left, the attack that happened as we did, and all the lives that were lost from it. It's why the memorial walls in the center of the park are for."

Zeke took a pause to pop open a can of cola as well, taking a deep sip to hydrate his throat before continuing, "And not just those who died then, but everyone after as well. There are no revives out here, so people are pitching in and doing their part to keep things safe and homie. Sadly, even I have a reason to stop by everyday and pay respects. I'm sure Jack mentioned the attack that happened months ago yes? I had a steady girlfriend who ran the fleet development department here,....she was murdered in the attack while I was unconscious in the hospital. I got attacked and put in critical, so I couldn't save her..." He finished a bit solemnly, taking a long drink again before gently setting the can down beside his seat before adding, "That's why I've stuck around, because I want to help prevent that happening to anyone else. These people need a break, and need to feel safe, they've more then enough fought to earn it. So I need to do my part and pitch in too, and knowing everything I've heard about you, I know you can understand and respect that."

"You know, you don't look bad in a dress yourself, you look quite beautiful in one.", Alice said to her Elysian friend in a low voice that only they could hear, giving a small giggle as they approached the refreshment tent. She stopped as they rounded the corner of the tent near the drinks section, seeing the young man and the elysian girl with him. "Well my my, Alex, It's been far too long since I've seen the warden himself out and about. I knew the celebration for you, but I hadn't thought we'd encounter by chance here. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Admiral Alice Casdan, I've been with the NDC since the days when S6 was founded. Pleasure to meet you again, and this must be Miss Araxie, greetings to you as well. This is my friend Sareash, an agent with the Internal Security Division.", the Geshrin introduced without expectation of actually being remembered. But it would be a pleasant surprise if he did recall her from the past.

Their shower would last a pleasant while before they were both ready and out to the car, dressed and ready. Armora wore a white tank top and tan cargo shorts, knee high socks and boots worn as well. She almost looked like she was ready to go hiking, but it was more in preparation of dragging her boyfriend around everywhere. In all honesty, the party seemed like a good break, and an excuse to spend time uninterrupted with him today, even if she was dragged out of bed for it early today.

With setup complete, the bots left the stage as they ran a few system checks in preparation for the Lords' speech, and opening ceremony, as well as other possible acts planned later. There had been another booked for later in the day, but she had yet to arrive, and showed no sign of appearance yet. So was the life of traveling pop stars one would guess, but at the least, would they not send a message? To inform them they would be late, or cancelling their planned performance at the least?

"The time will come, but we can't risk a panic right now, especially so soon after such a devastating attack as the one months ago. People suddenly coming back to life never are received well if not tactfully planned in reveal before hand. Trust me, I hate hiding, but it must be done. Many things had to be done, some which you didn't agree with per say, but at least understood the necessity. There is still yet more to be done, and I need you by my side so I can have the strength to do them.", Sarah sent over Geist to Rose, slowly taking her wife's when no one was looking to give it a gentle loving squeeze. Crouching down, she went back to entertaining the children, calming the bruised daughter as she hummed a feint lullaby that only they could hear. Without stop or pause in the vocal tune, she transmitted one more thing to Rose, "You really should talk to Seraphina sometime, to thank her again for both of us, and maybe help console a grieving mother. Despite all she's done, and saving my life, she still lost things precious to her."


"I heard she was brutalized in the attack. I plan on talking to her. Offering a place to stay if things aren't going so well. And thanking her." She sat down as Micheal began to squirm, letting out cries of hunger. She summoned a bottle from somewhere deep in the folds of her clothes and he relaxed, nursing.

"Funny thing. How two women can have a son. Was it something to do with my being pregnant with him when you got the triplets?"


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"Still can't believe it takes me longer to do my hair than you, 'Mora" The palomino colored anthro horse mused, glancing at Armora as the pair walked toward his car. He was dressed simply in a black t- shirt and similar cargo shorts, though they were cut differently to allow his long white tail to pass out through the back of them. As had become something of a custom for him, when not in uniform, he left his tail unbraided, as well as not wearing boots or anything over his hooves. Still, Aztec was looking forward to spending the day with Armora.

"With it being this good, i'm surprised it isn't more popular" Rihanna said, then promptly finishing the drink. She couldn't help but overhear Zeke and the pair talking about the founding and the kind of people this new world attracted. She could relate, certainly this was a much better place than those she had been forced to be on. Those she had lost, and those who were essentially lost to her still...
"One can hope, we all get that chance..."


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Araxie turned as the voice of a woman approached her from behind, her stormy, silvery eyes fruitlessly searching Alice's face for something she'd recognize. Nope. She did, however, smile. "I'm glad that people seem to be gathering. It's been a bit of a hectic day today, so you caught us at a good time, Miss Alice. We're probably not going to stay very long, the past year's really been taking a lot out of me - and Alex," the cobalt-winged young woman squeezed her boyfriend's hand lightly, "Even more. I'm sure you already know the details about that one..."


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Adi leaned her head on Sonia's shoulder, with her tall antennae extending further out. Her long hair was soft and draping over Sonia's body. "I couldn't have asked for a better one either, y-you know," Adi told her, worried that she hadn't said it enough.