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SYNC Free Stuff for Yamataian Defense!

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YE 41
Calling all Yamataians! You've heard on the news that Kuvexians have been trying to take Yamatai's planets and people! How would you like to put a bullet in one of them for that? Be prepared to let them know how you feel by ordering your free weapon today! Taisho Ketsurui Yui, commander of the Star Army, has authorized a giveaway of the Star Army's stockpile of old but definitely still deadly guns for Yamataian citizens. All you have to do is to respond to this message with your name and Yamataian Empire address and we'll send you a free 10mm pistol (GSP or MPP). While Star Army will be fighting hard to keep you safe, it never hurts to be prepared!


But wait, there's more! Each respondent will also get a box of 100 Star Army Emergency Ration Pills.
Wulf Soban YSS Kaiyo II would love a the GSP.
Eric Nabeel of the YSS Artemis would love a MPP
Sakura Sjet of the YSS Kaiyo II would love a MPP.
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Mikael Harris YSS Kaiyo II - GSP
Ryu Masaharu YSS Artemis - GSP
Akira Suzuki, FIghting High School - GSP
Athena Stamoules, civilian - GSP
Kurita Tomomi, somewhere out there - GSP
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Kiyomori Weeyico, YSS Kaiyo II would like a GSP
Itatski Sachiko, YSS Shiroyama would like a GSP
Iriss Zepheris, Galactic Horizon, formerly of the Expedition plot would like a GSP
Due to people trying to order weapons shipped to high schools, we've decided that further respondents must be age 21+ to recieve the weapon. Otherwise only ration pills will be sent.
what about Tank born and Youngling Nekos, and dual clone Separa'shans?
Setsuya Itatski, YSS Artemis - MPP
Lucas Arturius, YSS Artemis - MPP
Mark Oaklen, Shiroyama Star Fortress - MPP
Wyatt Alder - YSS Kaiyo - GSP
Gunnhild Grimsdottir - ZHS - MSP
Kimber Shanks - Shiroyama - GSP
Valerie Shanks - Shiroyama - GSP
Evangelin Mikratos - MSP
Leshi Maevo - Anisa - MSP
Akuma Kage - YSS Komainu - MSP
Alice Pine- Roanoke - GSP

Flag: Alice Pine, Lisa Pine, Elizabeth Steele, and Lisa Hart are known aliases of Thorn Ironhart.

Alice Pine and Elizabeth Steele have both been known to show immigration papers from Nepleslia ca YE28, validity has not been determined.

Thorn Ironhart has been known to change her appearance and can sometimes be seen posing as a child of about 12 years old, often redheaded or blonde. Also known to hide or modify scars.

Flag: HX 14 I "Roanoke" is not known to be inhabited by any civilans of Yamataian or other origin and is under claim by the Star Army of Yamatai and Ironhart Research.
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Update! Due to the end of the Kuvexian War, this giveaway will be closed at the end of the month, so if you're a Yamataian and haven't claimed your guns, now's the time!
From: Pidole Henitot
To: Star Army Logistics

I would like a GSP please.
From: Cheilith Unknifto
To: Star Army Logistics

This looks really interesting, I'd like to get both? They seem like pretty nifty things to have, real parts of history! If I can't get both, can I get a gold plated MPP? I think it would look cool with my class A.

From: Sacre Ven Sanssinia
To: Star Army Logistics

I should probably get one of these now that I have to defend a run-down shack from the rats that want to infest it. I'd like to get an actual gun, not the mass-produced fashion accessory for the terminally vapid. the GSP will do if that's all your offering, but it won't punch through a halfway decent powered armor very effectively. I'd practically have to put it through the faceplate to even have a hope of damaging them. I guess it's better than nothing, but not by much.
A Santo Hei boxing up guns read Cheilith's message with a bemused, wry smirk on his face, gave a hearty chuckle, and stuck a regular MPP in a box, put Cheilith's label on it, and tossed it onto a cart of outgoing boxes.

A few minutes later, he got to Sacre's request and packed a GSP for her.
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