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Approved Submission Galactic Horizon 12 Gauge "Pike" Hunting Shotgun + Ammunition


FM of Neshaten
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15.4x60mm Bighorn Links:

12 Gauge Ammunition Additions:
I have added Lite-Shot, .45 Flogger, and Exothermic Scatter-Shot to the page. Essentially just Bird-shot, A .45 round in a scored metal cup, and dragon's-breath that has a bit more bite.

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I agree
I'm gonna start submitting things again hopefully, here's a 12 Gauge O/U shotgun with some specialty rounds. I feel like the Big-Horn might be the only thing that needs tweaking but hopefully the fact it can painfully render your arm useless if you don't brace the gun properly is enough of a downside lol.

Tagging @Charmaylarg Dufrain because the .45 Flogger uses the 11.5x43mm Slugger round, and that's a Nepnep thing.
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