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RP: Galactic Horizon [Galactic Horizon] Sliming In


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An incoming signal would appear on the sensors at the 188604 static headquarters of Galactic Horizon. It seemed like a ship, military class, was slowly making its way towards the compound, it's shields seemed to be down and its weapons offline. Oddly, it had a IIS signature but they weren't expecting a visit any time soon.

"Sir, unexpected ship is approaching the compound in a non threatening manner, should I have it brought down?" The cool voice of the AI Dawn roused Riccard from his papers as he sat behind his desk trying not to doze off, "Uh Dawn, waht's the registration and affiliation?" He asked, replying with a counter question. "It belongs to IIS and is not scheduled to be visiting us at any time sir."

"Let it land, if it doesn't make adequate landing procedures and appears to be going for collision or attack bring it down outside the compound and have the security team on standby." Riccard rapped his knuckles on the desk, this was turning out to be an interesting morning.

It was at this time that the ship, now visible as an Ookami-class cruiser, began its descent, winds whipping up a tiny sandstorm beneath it as the landing gears clanked to the ground.

The ramp descended gradually, revealing nor but a 5'3" Minkan with shocking neon pink hair that curled at the front, two floofy cat ears perched upon her head and familiar striking emerald eyes. Beside her was some sort of simple container, it looked like a fire extinguisher, nearly her own height which she had looped an arm casually around.

From the Horizon compound two men emerged dressed in light combat attire with a sonic rifle each, Brin and David the two senior security officers made their way over to the ship and waved in greeting. "Well well, what an unexpected surprise... Is what we were told to relay to you by Mr Black, so what brings IIS out here unnanounced today?" Brin spoke up, resting the gun over his shoulder and relaxing his stance.

The young-looking girl raised a hand in greeting, apparently unperturbed by the firearms in her presence. She carried an air of power and nobility about her despite her pretty demeanor. "Hi boys. Sorry to turn up like this, very rude of me."

A moment after they seemed to be comfortable with her, the diminutive woman gestured to the steel container beside her. "I came across this creature on my travels and I'd rather not have the place I found her be surveyed before I checked it out myself. The condition for her silence was to meet some aliens."

It didn't make much sense but she didn't seem to have much inclination to explain, "I've heard a lot about this place and I thought she might like it here while I did my thing." The woman tapped her foot a little in the break in her speech.

"If you can tell Mr Black that Iemochi Yakena sends her regards I'd be grateful. And uhm.." She seemed a little sheepish, "I can't actually lift it."

The two security men looked at each other before the second one, David, spoke into his comms and within moments another member of the security team was coming towards them. However he was tucked away within a black painted ORC suit with a golden stripe on the helmet in the colours of Horizon, once at the group the man simply nodded to the senior officers and retrived the container. With a slight groan as the mechanisms strained the suit was able to lift the container and he turned and began making his way back.

"We'll be sure to pass on the message, once we figure it out ourselves but we're all just glad it's not an emergency issue."

A barely noticeable look of relief passed through Yakena's occulars as the suit carried off the sealed container. "I'm glad that you were so receptive, it's very reassuring to know." The woman gave them a winning smile, thena cheeky wink.

"If you see me again it might be in more perculiar circumstances.." A pondering tone sidled through her voice, "Winds of change are blowing around the company from what I'm told, nothing that we can't pull through." It was a strange thing to say off-hand, perhaps she was just making conversation.

"Anyways, if you need anything just holler and I'll zoom over here, I owe you guys one. I tend to knock around nearby 188 unlike my colleagues. Lots to see and lots to do." With that, the curious Iemochi Yakena gave a polite wave, the ramp very gradually closing once more.

The two men waved back, not quite sure what had just happened but didn't dwell on the unknown and instead moved back to the compound to see to the container they'd been given. "So there's meant to be someone in there right? Seems like a weird place to keep someone." David remarked as they moved in and found the ORC clad security member standing by with the container.

"I'll go debrief Mr Black, you uh, take care of our guest when you figure out who and what it is. Good luck." David wandered off towards the main building leaving Brin to move the container, which was now on a trolley, into the biotech building where the medbay was. "Well then, let's go and get this opened up." He said to himself heading off towards the building.

Once there he looked over it several more times, the design was nothing he'd ever seen before and he had no idea how to open it. "Don't suppose you can hear me in there or open it from the inside can you?" He said more to himself than the occupant of the container but looked at it half expecting an answer.

There wasn't any response he could discern, the distant sounds of Yakena's Ookami-class fading away all that was out of the norm. While the container was unblemished and mostly unmarked steel, one part near the top had a large conelike appendage sticking out. Beside it seemed to be a black squeezing-lever, the only coloured part of the device.

"Well, might as well give this a shot." He said grapping the lever and squeezing it, hoping he wasn't accidentally killing whoever was inside.

A thick goopy liquid spurted from the nozzle rather aggressively, as if it was angry. It spilled out over the man's shoes and splashed a little onto his shins. The viscous fluid began to slow its exit rapidly within a few seconds, as if the substance had even been pulling itself out.

Finally, something solid shot out of the spout, a small red orb that splashed into the congealed mass of lime green goop. Immediately, the mass surrounded it and started to coat, then build around it.

"What the?!" Was all Brin was able to mumble as the scene unfolded before him, stooping down he reached into the mess and grabbed the orb lifting it up to inspect, he had no idea what he had done but the container seemed to have dispelled some goop which didn't seem healthy. "What a curious orb, wonder what it was doing in there."

As Brin watched, the mass continued to rapidly build around the strange fleshy sphere, covering his hand before he knew it. It looked like it was rising up from the floor against gravity, forming some sort of shape.. The beginnings of legs and a torso where his hand was gooped, was it a humanoid?

With a yelp the man released the orb watching on as the slime continued to shift and slide around it, he noticed the begginings of legs and his jaw dropped. "Don't tell me this slime is the creature... I might need some backup to deal with this, it's too weird." Moving swiftly to the intercom he keyed for the head doctor to come and continue the babysitting job. Within several minutes the security officer had been replaced by the long, indifferent form of Argus. "Well well, aren't you a strange one." The snake man mused, watching the goop with interest.

In those few minutes, an outline had formed from the green mess, feminine in figure and lying on the ground. Finally, lips appeared on the "head" of the slime, its eyes opening. Then it coughed, raising one wet arm to press against its head. Or rather, her head, complete with trailing locks that seemed to grow more defined as time went on, as did the rest of her. "Owww.. I feel like someone just grabbed my centre." Well, apparently it could talk now..?

Raising an eyebrow the separa crossed his arms and watched the scene unfold, from the position of the orb object it seemed to be the centre of the creature and apparently it could tell when someone was messing with it which made sense. "Indeed, my friend didn't know of your particular species and how it operates and had assumed the orb was some sort of relic or mineral. How do you feel?" Argus spoke with a straightforward manner, not wasting time on pleasantries.

She seemed a little bit pissed, her facial features becoming more precise as time went on. "Like I need something to drink, it's really stuffy in there." The slime girl pouted, crossing her arms as she sat up. It was strange to watch, it was more as if her shape just changed from place to place in the goopy mass. "Where is that little pink-haired demones-"

It was at this point she took in Argus, her mouth forming an "o" shape. "Whoa! What are you?" She slipped forwards a little, her pool following her as she leaned forwards to get a better look. Then realised she was probably being rude, "S-Sorry..", her tone going a shade more crimson.

"You feel thirsty... I hope you can understand why I find this strange as for this demoness I have no idea who you are refering to and I belong to the Separa'Shan. We have a reptilian tail where others often have legs in case you wondered what the difference was." He said a little dryly, flicking his tail point around to emphasise it. "Now please stop blushing over simple questions and follow me to the exam room."

"Uhhhm.. Okay." She seemed to have a timid disposition, "My name is Rin." The lime girl straightened up, a few globs running down her sides and legs as she did. Rin raised a hand and tilted her head to one side in greeting to Argus and Brin, her 'feet' seeming almost fully submerged in the pool around her. "Well, anywhere's better than that tight case I guess.." The newcomer made her way forwards, seeming to glide rather than walk, looking to follow her slithering acquaintance.

"Well if that's how you feel about the container you arrived in I suppose that can stand as the current threat if you don't cooperate, I'm going to run some checks on you and in the meantime I'd like to you to tell me about yourself and where you come from." The green tailed man slithered away towards the examination room and prepared the bed for its new occupant. Several plastic sheets ought to do the trick and make life easier for everyone.

They entered together, Rin gazing around as Argus prepped everything for their.. What was an examination again? She really didn't want to go back into that steel thing but this room seemed sinister. "Uhm.. Sir, what's your name and what are you doing to do to me?" Rin seemed nervous and unable to sit still, fidgeting where she stood, crossing her arms across her chest as she looked at the ground.

"You may call me Argus, and I will be performing a medical examination to determine certain information about your body and provide sample material for our database for future use. Ordinarily I'd also be making sure you're in healthy condition but I don't know anything about your species and in fact I've never seen anything like you before." He said not looking up from his terminal as he performed the required yet tedious task of preparing the various files.

"You want to take part of my body away? That's not very nice Mister Argus." She pouted, growing a little more confident from what she was hearing. "Is part of your tail in the database too?" Rin slipped her way over to the side of the bed, seeming rather interested in the afformentioned appendage. She actually really wanted to touch it, "It seems strange that we all have to cut a part of ourselves off and put it into some base for the data people. Is it some sort of religious thing?"

Argus had straigtened up and was gliding around her, inspecting the strange slime that made up her entire body save for the core in the center. "Dawn take a note, species appears to have limited techological knowledge, most likely undeveloped and primitive lifestyle and society if any." He spoke to no one in particular, with a small beep from the terminal confirming the note had been taken. "As for cutting part of you out, thats not quite how it works, think of a special light looking at all the tiny tiny pieces that make up your body and taking a picture." It was a horrible explanation of DNA mapping but he didn't have the time or effort to explain it so she would understand.

Rin huffed, muttering "Undeveloped? At least we don't cut each other up." Still, she'd told Yakena she wanted to meet aliens and I guess she shouldn't judge how people do things. It didn't seem like they would burn or eat it though, which she expected the data people to have demanded. "Well, can I have it back afterwards?" Subconciously, her base grew a tendril and gently stroked the snakeman's tail as he went by, though she didn't seem to notice.

"Yes your species appears quite underdeveloped, I doubt you have any technology even close to what we would call the stone a-" Suddenly he turned his piercing eyes towards the slime girl and stared daggers. "You'd best remove that tendril or I will cut you into pieces and send them off to the far corners of the planet." Argus spoke with a low, hard tone, motioning to the slippery appendage which was near his tail.

That frightened the poor girl, causing her to jump back towards the door with a fearful look. "Hey! Don't do that, sometimes they just do things!" She half-shouted as if that would make the imposing snake any less likely to hurt her. The backs of her 'heels' seemed to be probing at the corners of the doorframe, as if securing a potential escape route."I'm sorry Mister Argus, I'm just quite scared."

"As someone of your intelligence should be, for all you know I'm getting ready to kill you and I'm just playing nice." Argus said knowing full well that anyone could see this wasn't playing nice by any standards, his face softened slightly as he looked at the quivering creature. "I wan't you to know that my profession is medicine and my job is to help people, I often come off as scary or harsh but unfortunately that is just tendency embedded in my genes. I promise I'm not going to hurt you and at this place there is people who will keep you safe."

Rin didn't move or really respond, though it looked like something had changed as she looked around with a more analytical light. She supposed the cleanliness of the room and the rather precise nature of the tools scattered around would note a medical practitioner, though none of them in particular reminded her of such tools from her home. Her body, which she had been holding close in a consciously taughter formation with few appendages, began to slowly relax back into a more comfortable form.

"Glad to see you at least believed me enough to loosen up, I have one question for you to start with. Why have you chosen to mimic a humaniod and are the features of your body such as hair length determined by who exactly you mimic or did you choose it yourself?" Argus spoke calmly, sitting in his special chair with a pad out to take note entrys despite the AI recording the conversation and making a full transcript.

The girl seemed to look down over her chest and arms self-consciously, "Uhm, I think I took this form when that short woman and her group showed up?" She seemed to be finding a hard time placing her words. "I think I got it right but it's hard to remember exactly, I think I based it off what I saw."

Rin allowed her fingers to lengthen then shorten as if to show off, then expanded and contracted random parts of her body. "I'd try you but I'm a little out of practice, though it'd be a nice challenge." She still wondered about that tail, wanting to study its unique dynamics more closely.

"Hmm, judging from the appearance you have I'm gussing you started copying Yakena and then got an input mixup with some of her staff... I am assuming it was Yakena since she is the only one who ever comes out here for no reason, and that hair reminds me of hers." Argus mused looking her over with an analytical eye. He glanced at his own tail when she mentioned it and hummed. "Why not try it, if you wouldn't mind it will make for good information gathering of your species. If you need me to demonstate or... if you have to touch, my tail, you may." He said a little painfully, he wasn't all that fond of others touching him but at least it was for good reason.

"Really? Do you like it?" Rin allowed herself to smile, if so that would be the nicest thing the snakeman had told her. His request seemed pretty interesting, a nice challenge for her! Whoa- She could touch his tail?! "Yessir!" The lime-toned girl tried to stifle her overjoyed grin but likely failed, slipping closer and crouching beside Argus.

"Heh, you're nearly the same colour as me!" The amorphous girl seemed to be suddenly buzzing with energy as she held up her forearm beside it, checking the visuals. She glanced over it a few times, gingerly placing the tip of one finger to the scales, running them up gently. It was a strange sensation, warm slime that seemed to be holding itself in shape as it moved. With slightly more confidence and a smirk, Rin added a few more digits, seeming to be engrossed in tracing the outlines and shapes of each scale she came across.

Argus held himself back from slicking his tail out of reach, for the sake of research he had offered to let her touch it and he stood by his decisions. "I'm assuming you want to know if I like your looks, I don't particually admire anyone based on their looks but rather on their attitude and how they present themselves. Once upon a time I only cared about someone if they were useful to whatever I was doing or my goals." He elaborated watching her trace over his scales while trying to ignore the feelings.

Using the muscles in his core and upper tail, Argus slowly lifted himself up to about 8ft tall before moving over to the bed and laying his torso down, propped up by several pillows so he could still watch and take notes. "Sorry for moving around but it's better if I'm comfortable so that I don't need to move around while you get a feel for my tail..."

Rin seemed to glide with Argus even as he moved, the puddle beneath her moving rather than the girl herself. While his height seemed imposing, she seemed surprisingly unshaken. "That's okay mister. I'm almost ready to give it a shot." She seemed to concentrate, her cheeks tightening as if that was some sort of tell.

Her lower body began to ripple, from the line of where her pelvis would be at the waist down all the way to the ends of her toes where she kneeled. Gradually, the pool around her seemed to be pulled back up behind her, swirling around Rin's "legs" as it became one long mass. As it very slowly took shape, there was no pool of note left, scale-like patterns began to trace along it.

It seemed like it was taking a staggering amount of concentration to do, finally the swirling stopped, the Hedoro sporting a tail similar in patterning and scalature as Argus, though a little shorter. "P-Phew.. How's that?" Rin looked over her shoulder from where she was still in the "kneeling" position, taking a look at her hard work.

Argus raised an eyebrow in, well not quite amazement but something close to it considering he'd never seen this done before and being a doctor for pirates tends to let you see a lot of things. "I will say that it is impressive, the pattern matches quite well." He mused looking at his own tail, although in doing so a twinge of jealousy passed over him, he had always had a tail and it was normal to him. But to see someone who could switch back and forth and experience both sides made him envious. "You know, I'm a little envious you can freely change between legs and tail, as someone who likes to write down everything and gather more knowledge. You could be very helpful to my work."

"Well.. I guess as long as I get to meet new people I can help you out." Rin seemed a little embarassed by Argus' candor, "I'm not very practiced but I tried to do a new person every day I was with Yakena, so I'm getting better." She gave his longer tail a last pet as she stood, rising up shakily on the new appendage as if she were in high heels. "Wh-Whoa, this is new."

The girl wobbled gently, her mass shaking from side to side rather comically. "Just because I can try to mimic things it doesn't mean I'm good at much else, most of the wildlife back home had things like wings or poison. Making second-rate copies and changing to an environment isn't much to be jealous about." She tried to play it off but secretly Rin was quite flattered by the remark.

"You'll get to meet plenty of people don't worry about that, and we'll have to help you work on your phrasing or else people will get the wrong idea." Argus smirked reaching out with his tail to feel hers, it poked and pet as he looked on thoughtfully and started noting things down before moving back to a standing position. "Well your body feels and reacts how I expected something like this too so its good to know science still applies to you somehow. Since this examination is more or less over I have one more question for you. What would you like to do next? I can't imagine Yakena coming back for a few days at least so may as well use your time here productively."

Rin smirked timidly as Argus poked her new, fauxscale tail, fidgeting and looking on as he put down what he needed to. She would have poked him back but Rin didn't want to seem weird and would probably misjudge the strength anyways with no practice. "That feels weird, not used to the bumpy texture.." She squirmed a little but made sure she kept still in her new tail throughout, breathing a unaudible sigh of relief as Argus seemed to be finished. "Well, uhm, I'm a fast learner but mostly I want to learn the language better, there's still some things I don't understand.."

"Mhm well I'm sure we can arange for some language lessons, it seems you have already learned some of the trade so that's a good start. If you like I can teach you some of my natural language later too." Argus said looking down at her with interest. He wasn't used to talking to people like himself who were eager to learn about the unknown.

"Really? That would be great!" The newcomer beamed, the tip of her tail twitching from side to side idly and likely subconciously as she spoke. "I'm a little thirsty if we could grab a drink, I'd love to learn more about where you're from." Rin offered warmly, her opinion of this man and this place she found herself in having taken a 180 from the scared preconceptions she'd taken after being released from her uncomfortable carry case.

"Of course, I dont expect you to do everything I want you too without giving back, it wouldn't be fair if that was the case would it?" Argus almost hissed, as he momentarily mixed his trade and native tongue. "My bad, sorry if that seemed threatening just a slip of the tongue so to speak." He mused surprised at his own ability to make a joke like that. He made a mental note to check if this slime girl had any mental effects on people around her just in case.

Rin made a little "oooh" noise as Argus made the strange sound, seeming more intrigued than anything. The tips of his fangs flashed as he did but none of her instincts signalled fear like they may have done in other animals, as sharp objects were of little to no threat to her. "I mean, I don't have much else to do, so whatever you thin is fine is fine." She smiled, wiggling her strange tail a little, "As long as there's enough water I'm good, I love your fangs by the way, they suit you."

"Well it seems we have reached an agreement then, I'll talk to Riccard about getting you some clothing to help you blend in a little and protect from the harsher elements here, and we can have some nice long discussions and learn from each other." Spoken by anyone else this may have sounded sweet and friendly but from the mouth of the snake as it were, it was simply an analytical statement, although he was secretly looking forward to getting to study this species. The slime composition intrigued him as did her mental capacity, her comment about his fangs had not been expected either so it seemed to him she didn't have any concept of the ins and outs of social interaction yet.

"Clothes?" The Hedoro blinked a few times incredulously, looking down at herself as she did. "You mean I have to.. oh alright then." She huffed a little, seeming mildly annoyed at the concept. "If you think it best. I'm definitely looking forwards to some conversations!" Rin smiled warmly, then seemed to realise she still had the Separa's tail. Should she change again here or try and leave with the unwieldly appendage? Maybe if she waited Argus would leave and she wouldn't have to trip head over heels..?

"The clothing is partly for research and also for your own good, you may not be able to grasp the concept yet but your appearance here may have different effects on people compared to me and it can put you in danger." He spoke with a flat tone looking down at her and the tail she had formed, noticing her apparent discomfort with it he smiled slightly. "You don't have to keep the tail, but I'd avoid moving by puddle when we move around, you may lose part of yourself or get dirty or hurt."

"O-Okay.." Rin nodded, already learning new things even during her first encounter with someone from this strange place. "That sounds scary." Especially the part about losing some of her body, it's more difficult than one would think to regenerate a lot of substance. "I've never tried walking before, is it har-" She seemed to catch herself, having already forgotten that she was talking to someone with unchanging form. "I mean, it looks hard. Like moving with two sticks under your arms."