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RP [Garts] Secure Chatroom

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Now Entering Chatroom: xXx IRC what you did there. xXx

SuperFlyScienceGuy: You are playing a dangerous game. Siding with Yamatai so easily will only hurt your homeworld in the long run. The NMX will be defeated eventually regardless of what happens here. We need to be focusing on how we are going to deal with the aftermath of the war rather than the specifics of ending it.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: I see them making an effort here. Yuumi made her retreat not because she wanted, but to show they are trying to make great political changes. The Yamatians clearly wish to end their gun point diplomacy.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Only because they can not use gun point diplomacy here. Do not mistake a change in their circumstances for a change in their behavior.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: We need to be the change we want to be. Conversely I will meet you in the middle. Yamatai is not the only government represented here. Look around. These other races have just as much at stake, and are way more vulnerable then the Yamatians and Nepleslians are to the NMX. The Iromakuane delegate made a valid point. How many other small civilizations have been slaughtered due to inaction?

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Elysians, Lorath, Spacers.... but that was not by the hand of the NMX.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: I make no excuses for Yamatai's past. But has Nepleslia not done horrible things as well? My own world is now a barren wasteland because of our past mistakes. I am not defending them, I am merely saying who are we to judge?

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Nepleslia didn't forcefully annex Elysia, they opened up a dialouge with their leaders. Currently they are lobbying not to expand the war. It is a far more mature position to take than rattling the saber.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: This is not about who did what. That happend years ago. Right now you have a hostile military presence that can still quite easily destroy my world. Besides what if you are wrong, and the NMX do destroy Yamatai? Then what happens?

SuperFlyScienceGuy: It is my job to not be wrong, and I am good at my job.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: assuming Yamatai falls apart, the remaining peices get absorbed by Nepleslia and they are the ones that lead a counterattack against the NMX. The NMX get pushed back and eventually neutralized as an effective fighting force. This leaves no major aggressor nation left in the universe but it is an extremely unlikely outcome.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: Hypotheticle nonsense.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: You need to start considering more than just the immidiate.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: You need to start considering the future.

--------- Several moments pass ---------

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: The Lorath ambassador has just made a bold suggestion. However I think he means to take command of a said coalition of "little guys". That or he is stealing the thunder from the Iromakuane.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: The lorath like looking big.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: This I can tell. But the idea is not with out merit.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: If you want to develop ties with our four armed friends we should focus on developing a defensive pact with other smaller nations to work as a defense against the larger nations getting their way at your expense.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: I would nominate the Union to lead such a coalition, but such a move would appear to be oppertunistic. The Abwehrans have shown them selves to be very genuine, and reluctant to conflict. Perhaps they should lead such a coalition.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Their love of beuracracy would make it somewhat ineffective, but the goal is not to actually have this defensive pact be responsive. It just needs to exsist as a political bargining chip.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: Well there is more at stake then just our race. All things considered, and even based on your views on the Yamatians, the smaller governments would be wise to cooperate.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: indeed. My point is not that co-operation is bad, My point is that the NMX is not the only threat.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: The galaxy is a big place, something worse could be lurking around the corner.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Likely. We still do not know what an Umbral or a The Great Enemy is.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: In any event the Abwheran Empire is the closest in proxemity to the Union. This could make us bitter enemies, or natural allies. I'd prefer to see the latter rather then the former.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: Relations are already developing well. My assistance is not needed in that area.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: I am actually wondering what a Pax Yamatiam would be like. The nation has been constantly fighting since its birth, I wonder if the people psycologically have any idea what peace is even like.

SuperFlyScienceGuy: They will create an enemy if they do not have one to fight. Their wars give them a reason to exsist.

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: So distracting.....

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: That massive Nepleslian male....oh the chest hair....

SuperFlyScienceGuy: So is it that you like them big? Or like them loud?

xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo: Err. I did not mean to type that.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo
Subject: Girls… girls, you’re both pretty now let us stop fighting.

That was great! Lorath trying to act big only to get called out by Yamatai of all nations....

The wise move would be to make friends with the Lorath, we could use the Lorath’s need to be validated to drive their government towards more openness and fairness. They would also give us an upper hand in dealing with yamatai since the Yamatains hate dealing with the Lorath. I am sure they would love being able to go through someone else so as to avoid talking to them directly.

Then again, we could just enjoy the show. I am not going to lose any sleep seeing the Genocidal, slave keeping, Lorath getting another black eye.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo

Well at least this IRC is providing some good, actionable intel. Looks like Yamatai is already gearing up for a fight with the Lorath. We should be putting together some special forces units for that upcoming conflict to make sure it goes the way we want it to.

As for economics goes, I think we should all be very impressed at everyone’s ability to dig rocks out of the ground and then turn those rocks into differently shaped rocks. Nepleslia is the only group that has a considerable amount of tech items that would greatly improve Union forces but I am already in the process of helping the Union develop their own copies of key NAM tech. Yamatai has some items that would be nice to have, mainly things that would improve quality of living for soldiers but they are not going to help win any wars. The Lorath do not really have anything to offer the Union.

Seems like everyone is trying to attract manufacturing but they do not seem to understand that provides no benefit to the person they are making the offer to. They are not even going to manage to bring over the design teams which drive the technology and manufacturing sectors. I would suggest not bothering to get involved, then talking with corporate leaders later about getting them involved in the Union’s war effort.
My government is all too eager to get into fights. A military is only as strong as its people and war fatigue weighs in on my people just as it does on any other.

Improving the quality of life for the Gartagens as a whole is the goal, but we both agree. I will play this to our advantage with out snubbing our allies.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo

So now they are threatening to shoot me.

Man, it has been a long time since I have been threatened with that. It is a real blast from the past out here.

This is all part of a 'breaking international law' type arrest. It is not hard to get out of but we should co-ordinate on this. You can certainly spin it to your advantage in talks right now. Yuumi certainly will not be happy that this kind of thing is being done at the conference since it will look bad on yamatai.

Put her on the defensive, go for concessions, or just derail talks about putting weapons all over civilian trade routes. I think you already know my feelings about putting soldiers in such a position where a few easy mistakes could trigger an international incident.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo

Adding another layover stop just adds time and cost to shipping. Pirates also do not really pose a threat at this moment.

The only reason for having trade go through a port station would be to increase your visibility into the trade going on. I would suggest setting one up for gart traffic to go through to disguise the final destination, as well as to check cargo for dangerous devices.
From: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo
To: SuperFlyScienceGuy

The whole concept is just more taxation and bureaucratic nonsense if you ask me.

We have the mightiest space fleets, I say treat pirates like the parasites they are.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo

I am getting the impression that I am the only one here who has had to ship something from point A to point B without wanting to have to send it through point C where I have to wait for it to get unpacked, searched, and then repacked. They are talking of not just adding cost but possibly hours to shipping times.

Maybe you should remind them that they are not sending things around a planet by car, and that point to point on time delivery is quite possible already with current starships and the most efficient distribution of customs agents would be one per system (N), not one per each connection between systems (N^2). Though you might want to ask where they want to place these stations. That could say more than their proposal would if you understand what I am saying.

You might want to ask where all these mystical super-space pirates are that can intercept all these transports btw.
From: SuperFlyScienceGuy
To: xoxoViShTaSoSwEeTxoxo

Feel free to remind him that threats like the Abwehran’s pirates were handled by aggressively hunting them down, just like how the criminal organizations on Nepleslia were broken by aggressively hunting them down (by me no less, but I would not remind them of that. They do not seem to like it).

You could also bring up the foolishness of trying to defend points in space with no value, instead of putting those defenses near planets or other valuable targets, or how building a network such as they one they are proposing would create high-risk nodes that could easily be blocked, or how the blockade of nepleslia was won by developing better point to point technology, as advanced FTL tech rendered the Yamatain ships harmless to tradeships.

Brb, got to handle something.
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