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Approved Character Gary Azile

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
I went ahead and put his inventory in a list for a bit of ease of access and linked a couple things.

He looks good. The only thing is that Nepleslia is very big in the field of cybernetics(think dues-ex style augments) to the point people willingly opt into prosthetic surgeries to replace anything from limbs to organs to eyes, jaws, you name it almost as a fashion statement at this point. So he would have alot of options for a new arm from anything to a basic bionic prosthetic to something cool like whatever your imagination can come up with.

Even built-in weapons or tools for his EOD profession.
Its not required though. Unlike in Yamatai where you are low-key required to be in perfect health because their healthcare is free and other stuff you can have a one-armed demolitionist on the police force, let alone their SWAT team and he'll hardly be the strangest fellow in the room.

Before anyone brings up history looking at this character as well im fine with that. I believe the best way to add to history is not to create overcomplicated, 5 paragraph long bios about an intricate backstory but to actually RP those characters so they have history to add even doing some JPs and pre-rp that players can add to their character.

So @Randumb if ye fine with the one arm and dont want a cool Cybernetic have no problem letting him in my plot. If not just comment here on what you're replaced it with and we'll move on.

APPROVED for use in my plot. Im planning on ending the current thread in the next couple days and starting up a new one and we can intro him then.
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