• 📅 April 2023 is YE 45.3 in the RP.

RP [Gashmere] Emergency Response


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RP Date
YE 45.1
RP Location
Gashmere System

Gashmere - Outer System​

The brilliant flashes of hyperspace exits were made in rapid succession as the newly formed YEMA Core Response Fleet out of Anisa arrived at the system boundary and began their sublight burn toward Gashmere itself. Led by a new Tanya-Class Expeditionary Cruiser the YGS Chitose, with former Star Army Taisa and now Acting Director Aizawa Shusui in the command chair, the fleet consisted of mostly logistics ships filled with food, construction equipment, and other supplies, along with liquid tankers filled with fresh water for both distribution and firefighting, the Ekitai-Class Liquid Freighter Ships more than capable of acting as massive water bombers to put out any mass flames.

"Gashmere has no emergency plan, so we go by the book here. Begin scans for the most likely locations and hot spots where we are needed the most," Shusui ordered as she checked the initial readings from the system which included the Orbital Shipyard, the debris from the YSS Battle of Binary Stars, and the asteroid in the system. The blue-haired and blue-eyed retired Star Army Captain adjusted her posture in the command chair, this was going to be a test of the newly established agency so she expected that this would be no cake-walk, with unrest already established on the planet they would have to rely on the Star Army and their own teas awareness to maintain safe working conditions.

To: All Star Army Ships and Ground Operations operating at Gashmere
From: Acting Director Aizawa Shusui, YEMA

YEMA's response fleet has entered the system and is en route to Gashmere. Please coordinate efforts for humanitarian aid, we are here under the direction of Premier Hanako as per our mandate.

Acting Director Aizawa Shusui

To: Gashmere General Assembly
From: Acting Director Aizawa Shusui, YEMA

I am Acting Director Aizawa Shusui of YEMA, We are here to offer humanitarian assistance to the people of Gashmere. Operations will begin shortly as we prepare to coordinate with the Star Army personnel and assets already in the system. If there are any specifics you wish to communicate in terms of your preferences or hot spots you wish us to deploy, please contact me directly.

Acting Director Aizawa Shusui

@Dana As we discussed last night I made this a separate thread, feel free to let me know if anything needs to be modified and if you have any GM preferences for how YEMA's resources are deployed.


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"Karatas beginning recovery and towing operations for YSS Battle of Binary Stars. Survivor sweep will happen in transit. Scanning matrices online. Tugs away.". The truly massive recovery vessel thundered forward into the system, following the YEMA fleet as over a dozen freighter's loaded with fuel and oversized HFDs broke away from the hull. Senti ships were notorious for not sticking to a standardized design scheme, often cobbled together. This was especially true of older ships, and the elder vessel was no exception. A keen engineer could still pick out original pieces, likely a carrier or mobile shipyard of some alien design. But that wasn't important, now.

"We'll start clearing debris and towing asteroids to stable orbits. Please advise on assist and course orders." Other portions of the Shuristan contribution to the YEMA fleet echoed one of their cruiser's sentiments, while freighters and water tankers fell into formation with their Yamataian counterparts.


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To: Acting Director Aizawa Shusui, YEMA
From: Gashmere General Assembly

Listed below are the emergency priorities of the planetary government. Your assistance is welcome in any form. You may also contact the commander of Fort Nozomi to assist in coordinating any ground based elements or efforts.

1. Stabilization, recovery, and repair of orbital shipyards.
2. Decontamination of Gashmere City with follow on remains recovery and identification of deceased.
3. Prevention and containment of forest fire.
4. Locate and identify any hazardous materials that may have made landfall from orbit and take appropriate measures.

If there are areas we may assist in, we will do everything we can. However our resources are nearly tapped out with back to back emergencies of this magnitude.

We thank and welcome your Assistance.

Gashmere General Assembly