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Approved Submission Government agency, Department of Advanced Research and Development


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I agree
The DOARAD is the New Dusk Conclave department responsible for technological advancement and scientific enterprises. It was once headed by Rose Ironhart-Pine, but is currently headed by Seraphina Cerulius.

FM approval has been granted by myself and @Jack Pine

Alex Hart

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Hello! Let's see if this submission meets the requirements for inclusion in Star Army's lore...
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[ ✔ ] 2. The article is in the appropriate format and article template
[ ✔ ] 3. The article follows our wiki style guidelines, including: No forced line breaks, text after each section header, etc.
[ ✔ ] 4. The article is easily read and free of errors in spelling and grammar
[ ✔ ] 5. Links to other wiki articles are present as appropriate
[ ✔ ] 6. The article fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels
[ ✔ ] 7. Images in the article are hosted on Star Army's wiki and sourced responsibly (contact Wes privately if there's a concern)
[ ✔ ] 8. The article is original and doesn't contain copy-pasted content from other articles.
[ ✔ ] 9. The article complies with Star Army's rules in terms of damage ratings, speed limits, etc.
[ ✔ ] 10. The Faction Manager(s), if applicable, have posted approval for this article in this thread.

There doesn't seem to be anything here to fix, APPROVED.

Alex Hart

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Thanks again for submitting an article to the wiki! Time for some final steps for the reviewer...
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[ ✔ ] 4. Edit the article to add a link to the approval thread in the OOC Notes section
[ ✔ ] 5. Link other articles to the approved article as appropriate (equipment lists, etc.)