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Interest Check [GSA Plot] GSA XA78


Oh god it's in my head
Hi All,

Just a quick interest check for a plot related to the Galactic Shipping Agency, which would have characters fighting pirates and protecting special cargo as they man XA78 around the Kikyo Sector. Hoping i can make something work with this.


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The title of this really confused me because for years, the Star Army of Yamatai was known as the Grand Star Army (GSA), and I thought you were running a plot set in the YE 20s until I opened the thread.


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I was hoping that when I saw Wes had posted in a thread titled this that he made the thread and we were doing Grand Star Army stuff! lol


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It looks like a great idea, one I'm sad that it receives so little attention. If you're still looking for people, I'd be down. Though I have no characters free atm, I can probably whip one up.