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RP: Galactic Horizon [HEF] Second Expedition - A Greener Future


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Finally, the dragging was ending, iriss thought it would never end and she couldn’t help but wonder how excitable and energetic the other members were? She figured that Argus, being a Venis Separa’shan would likely not be as energetic the Calanthe she wasn’t sure of so she knew she couldn’t make an opinion yet.

She looked to the two as they asked their question together. “I have sseen a few who were green like me, and there wass one who’ss green coloring wass so dark I could have ssworn that they were a black sscaled Ssepara’shan. It iss possible that it has been mostly the red-scaled Ssepara’shan that chose to come here. “ She told the two she figured that she knew the next question which was why did she make an emphasis on the S letters and she knew the answer to that, it was because of the cloning technique, and the stereotype education the pirates had given her.

She turned her head when the mechanical voice spoke up, alerting them to the fact they were lifting off. That meant that now was the beginning of her new life. She had thought of asking them about Argus but she debated whether she should or not.


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Ms Lexi, sure, Lexi had no qualms with that if that is what Trash Panda saw zher as today - admittedly their choice of underwear was a bit more feminine today, it was weird how some things worked out like that. "Oh uhm my bad, sorry - Dad is a Nepper actually, I just don't think I've ever met one quite like yourself, Trash Panda," the ginger half-elf smirked, shaking the accepted paw with two fingers and a thumb before making zher way over to their aerial transport, clambering in and making sure to strap into a seat before it took off.

"I'm a botanist by trade actually, fresh out of the Osman uni and eager to do my bit - this place had decent enough pay and I managed to get in fairly easily so that was that," the half-elf explained, hugging zher large backpack close to zher flat chest as the ship began to fly over the snowy landscape, Lexi's vividly green eyes going to the two Separas across the way with a small readjustment of those round-lensed glasses before offering a smile.

"I met big grumpy Mr Zepheris when I sliced my finger open not too long ago but I don't recall meeting you two?" Lexi spoke warmly, a certain pep and chirp behind the genderqueer half-elf's friendly facade as they observed Iriss and Calanthe - never really having met the snake-like race before moving here a question of if they were all one big family was sitting on the edge of the ginger halfbreed's tongue but zhe decided to hold onto that for now for fear of potentially sounding racist somehow if zhe was wrong, choosing to instead tie zher bright orange hair back into a quick ponytail.
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