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RP Concluded Hello? Hello?


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RP Date
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YSS Densetsu
After Irim Hanging Up ...

When Irim hung up, Fletcher looked at his communications officer. "Communications, do we still have a line to the Resurgence?"

"The incident hasn't been resolved. First is standing down and my opposite number is telling me that they have it handled." The Neko at communications responded.

Fletcher frowned and looked at Rika's volumetric image. "So, how much do we want to anger Irim? This is weird, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with how it’s being handled."

Rika's expression was one of mild shock. "I'm very confused as to why she'd call up this level of response in the first place?" She rubbed her cheek gently with a few fingers. "It wasn't a drill if we got the notification - do we know what this was actually about?"

“Not really, the call seems to have been placed by the Resurgance’s CMO. The black box data says they are fine, but they're on the Kuvexian planet and he said he needed MPs. That’s a strange combination of events.” Fletcher explained as he tried to sort through the situation.
"They needed MPs?" Rika echoed, seeming concerned. "Well, if the CMO felt strongly enough to use the emergency line, that sounds like it might be a compromised command." She could be seen swatting a functionary or two away from her, muttering to them, "Tell Reconnaissance to stand down, get those ships back in position." Returning her attention to Fletcher, she cleared her throat. "Apologies- If it was something that low-level, why would Irim jump the gun rather than just sending a Harbinger or some standard Investigators from 1F?"

“Irim’s never been known for following protocol. I wanted to listen in just because it was the first use of the system. See how things are working. Perhaps that’s why she took it?” He shook his head.

Rika pinched the bridge of her nose for a second. "Damnit. Raising a false alarm is a surefire way to obstruct our ongoing operations. Between you and me, that was.. irresponsible of her. I'm not going to say it was Article 79, I'm not an MP, but this was clearly something that 1F slipped up on."

Fletcher nodded in agreement, “I’ve got some rapid response ships in the area. They are under my authority. I’m going to tell them to put eyes on the Resurgence. My understanding is that we are moving towards having a more Integrated fleet rather than the silos we’ve been operating under in the past. This is a part of the growing pains, I think. I just wish it wasn’t such a pain in my own rear.” He said, trying to bring a little bit of humor to the exchange.

Rika let loose a little sigh. "Well, it's not like 1F owns that system. It's your prerogative to at least keep tabs on the situation with a shadow. I have a feeling that Irim might want to cover this up, even at the cost of suppressing whatever the actual issue was." She hummed for a moment, "Integration is the future. It makes sure our resources are best used rather than the icebergs of the past passing each other in the night." Rika smiled as Fletcher brightened the situation, "Yeah, it is a bit of a drag to have a false alarm like this, but at least we know the handsets work!"

Fletcher smiled at his fellow Taisho. “The handsets do indeed work, when this is over we should get everyone together and figure out how to make the system better. I think this first call revealed several things we need to improve about it.”

Rika nodded in understanding at Fletcher's idea. "Sure. We can get everyone who received the alert together for a discussion." She reached down and pulled a drawer of her desk, removing a red-covered pamphlet. "I mean, I feel like I'm the only one who read the instructions." She smirked, popping it onto the tabletop. "Like anything, it's impossible to get things perfect the first time, right?"

“Exactly, I think we can update our training, but unless we get buy-in from the other commanders, we aren’t going to be very effective. How do you think we can get Irim to buy into the system a bit more?” Fletcher asked.

The Fourth Fleet Taisho nodded once again, "I guess that new Doctrine Administration can probably help out with this. Irim is an.. old style Neko, I think. Even if it's an improvement, she may not see it no matter what we do. I'm not sure personally if I know enough about things to convince Irim.." She brushed her fingers over the pamphlet, idly flipping it open. "I think you're the Taisho that this helps, or just affects, the most, so your word on this should mean a lot to Yui and the others. Getting early warning is vital to your ops above the rest of us."

Fletcher nodded, “Allright, I’ll go and talk to Yui. See what she thinks, she has some sway over Irim.”

Rika returned to her seat, "It's worth mentioning that Fourth Fleet needs YEAL and the readiness conditions, or something equivalent at least. We're the border fleet who's going to see the big enemy fleets invading Yamatai. We're the most likely to need to call Seventh or, well, everyone - if it's serious enough. I don't mind coming along too if you think that would help."

Fletcher considered for a long moment. “Honestly, I had twenty KS on your fleet being the first to call in the pool we had going. I think if it’s two of us, that will help show Yui that this is more than a personal issue between Irim and me or something along those lines. Those two have always been tight. So I’d be pleased to see you in person again. Perhaps also have lunch in person and see if there is anything else that needs hashing out.” He suggested.

Rika smiled, flicking her dark hair a little from one of her shoulders. "I'd like that. If there's any two Fleets that should be hand in hand, it's ours. How about we go to a restaurant after we see Yui? Kyoto has some excellent places."

“That sounds like a plan, I’ll see if Chujo Iemochi also wants to come to the meeting. It’s their system so they might be able to explain it better than you or I.” He added.

She hasn't thought of that. "That's.. a good idea. Alright. Let's get our secretaries to call each other - and the Chujo - to see when would be best." Rika grinned pleasantly to Fletcher, it wasn't often she gotta talk to other Taishos, let alone meet them. "I'll see you later-?"

“I’ll see you later.” Fletcher confirmed and the call ended. He sat back in his chair, and started composing some messages.