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Suggestion Host Community JP Nights


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FM of Yamatai
Game Master
It occurred to be that if we can have community meetings every month, we could also have community RP nights every month and write together in the JP style (where multiple players write a post together). Think of the Ternifac "Welcome to the Kikyo Sector" Open RP thread on steroids. We could use Discord or some Etherpad-like pad site or similar realtime multi-user writing tool and anyone who is online at the scheduled time would be able to hop into a fast-paced RP scene. The scenes would be selected with an eye to making them accessible to a wide range of characters from various factions. These could be things like festivals ("NDC Barbeque Festival!") that draw international crowds or a corporation offering a freebie (anyone who shows up on opening day gets a free haircut!). Any excuse to get a large number of characters into a small space where they mingle in line.

If you think this is something Star Army's RP staff should be organizing, then please upvote so we can tell if this idea is a popular one.