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RP Concluded Hovorboard Accessory Workshop


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RP Date
YE 45
RP Location

Jiyuu System​

Yue’s Terminal to workshop​

Early Morning​

“Oh ok, bath check, breakfast check, now to check if I got messages on my terminal..” Yue said as she stretched, though not bothering to get dressed as was her custom. She turned on her terminal to see a new message from her mother, rather a serious of messages which appeared to all be from a reply.

She smiled at the thought of her mother, her true honest to goodness hero. “OH! a message from mom.. that reminds me.. How long has it been since I told her I loved her again? Crap! Been a while! Ok, note to self, tell mom I love her, before she forgets! Goodness Yue, your becoming a bad girl. now, let's see what mom wanted to say.. The board.. Oh Hoverboards! since I created it, they thought it would be much more appropriate if I begin working on accessories for it.. especially since they also want to market it to sports teams huh.. Ok, I think I understand.. And the rest of these are replies she sent for specific accessories they wanted. That should be fine for me to do, especially since I hadn't had any new jobs to prepare for the Colonial Initiative” Yue then looked to the first message.

Ok.. Looks like the Board, the first request is for the board decorations, they’d like some ideas for the decals, and potential instructions how their fabricators make them. Hmm.. Yue downloaded the messages to her pad and went to the workshop. “Computer, activate Hoverboard model!” Yue said and watched as the hoverboard appeared floating in mid air. As I recall.. I was concerned over the effect of the environment, and the effect of its own hovering to the exterior, so.. Oh yeah! I had the board covered in a special laminate, easy to touch, but durable! so.. for decals.. I am assuming mom and the board, not to mention customers would prefer any design not to get ruined from overuse, so..” Yue got to work making the holograms to do what she wanted, and checked with the KAIMON to see what would be able to do. With that done, Computer! Dictation mode! She cleared her throat.

The Kaimon Drone stood ready to make her words known. To the Honorable Yugumo Corporation Board, and the especially Angelic CEO, according to my recall, the boards are covered in a special laminate to protect them from environmental damage, and its own effect, the construction phase, puts it obviously last, but as per requests, I do believe that “Decals” can be added in between this phase, as a second last phase.” The Hoverboard shifted to show exactly what she was talking about. I believe, that it is at this stage where decals such as artwork of plants, Family photos, messy scrawls, and… sculls.. Can be added, as can things requested by team sponsors. As well as art that denotes the individual as part of a team. Yue seemed uncomfortable. As you know, Sponsors would want things to look a certain way, and so do Their teams as a matter of Honor and possibly pride to their teams. I believe we can made it happen durring the construction phase, as part of this message, I will be sending in Data, on just what can go on, and how big woud likely be accessful. Yue nods to the drone who ends the message. OH! almost forgot, send message with data! she said before she sent another message to her mother.

My dearest mother, please forgive me for not saying I love you sooner, With everything going on I got busy, but please never forget I love you mom.. And how I appreciate the things you’ve done for me. Yue sent that too her mother directly as a personal message.
Now.. whats the next request..”
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Jiyuu System​

Yue’s Terminal to workshop​

Mid Morning​

Message is sent, and while they process that... Let's take a look at the Board’s next request... Lights? oh, Lighting Kits.. but... The lights that’s programmed to be added should be fine, shouldn’t they?! Oh... Maybe just because it's ok for me, doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. Yue said to herself as she moved to a rough part of her workshop and rubbed her bare back on it. The Itch now dealt with she moved to the Hoverboard volumetric model, she returned to her terminal to check the message ”Oh! They want me to decide on different Lighting Kits for casual use and competition use, hmm.” Yue tapped her finger to her lips gently as she thought about it.

You know... I think I might need extra help... And I know just who to call! Yue said with a smile as she activated the communications systems and then sent her call which was soon picked up by a Cyan-haired Neko. Konichiwa? she said in response as she looked straight at Yue. That’s when recognition had hit her. Yue felt a little nervous, but she pushed her fear away before speaking. Konichiwa, Itatski-San, I am Motoyoshi-Igarashi-Yue-Jomu. I am calling because I’d like your help with a part of a project I’m working on. Yue couldn’t believe she was actually speaking to Sachiko herself.

Oh! I know you, your Azure, also known as Yue-Chan of Midnight Infinity! I’ve been hearing good things about you, and the things you’ve been making. So what do you need help with? Sachiko said while feeling giddy about being able to speak to another of the Motoyoshi, and not only that but a member of Midnight Infinity too.

Well, the board would like me to come up with new lighting kits. And new means of decorating through that, and decide how competitions and casual use are done. Yue said to Sachiko.

Sachiko was silent before she started typing something. I’m sending you something that might be of help along with some ideas.” Sachiko said and Yue took a look at what was sent and nodded. [COLOR=RGB (25, 121,230)] “Yeah, that looks like it will work! Thanks, Itatski-San! ”[/Color] Yue said with a smile and Sachiko smiled back no problem, I’m always happy to help, also I plan on getting a Hoverboard for some of my family members so this works! Yue smiled before she sent everything, including both of their thoughts to the Yugumo Board. Then after a few minutes, something caught her attention. hmm? She asked and clicked before widening her eyes ”oh sweet Yui! She gasped out loud in shock and surprise.

what?! What happened?! Sachiko asked and blinked as Yue jumped and squealed with giddiness allowing Sachiko to see all of the shorter blue-skinned girl. [COLOR=RGB (25, 121,230)]Ketsurui clan secretariat had sent me a message requesting a Hoverboard with the other important things for it! From the looks of things... Looks like someone from the Empress’s clan wants a Hoverboard! I’m so proud!”[/color]Yue said happily, and now that Yue had explained Sachiko smiled. awesome! Good job Yue-Chan! I’m gonna let you go so you can focus on replying! Sachiko said.

Jiyuu System​

Yue’s Terminal to workshop​


By the time Yugumo’s watches had entered noon. Yue had only just become calm enough to focus on her work. She’d been caught off guard to receive the message from the Empress’s family and was so proud and happy to know that someone so high up in Yamataian society was interested in her Hoverboards. “Ok, so the decals checked, lighting and lighting repair kits checked!” she said with a renewed growing smile. “Ok.. looks like... The last thing they want me to work on is clothes, for professionals.” She said then pondered her task with a serious focus on her face. “I don’t understand the difference..hmm..” she said before the naked blue-skinned Minkan got a brilliant idea.

Yue immediately flew to her phone, and activated it “This is Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue, 7th princess calling Yugumo Corporations clothing department!” Yue said firmly. “Mom and the rest of our Board of directors have asked me to complete some important tasks for my Hoverboards, and the last thing I need to work on is the clothing for the professional hover boarders, what do I need to think about and what would you recommend?” She asked who had answered her call.
The response on the other end of the line was a bit hesitant at first, but the representative from Yugumo's clothing department soon gathered their thoughts and spoke. "Well, Motoyoshi-Igarashi-sama, for professional hover boarders, it's important to consider the design of the clothing, its aerodynamics, and how it can be customized to fit the individual's style and team branding. We recommend clothing materials that are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and breathable, with reinforced seams for durability during high-speed maneuvers and falls. As for the design, we can work with you to create something that is both visually appealing and functional for the sport. Would you like us to send you some project proposals and material samples?"

Yue listened carefully and nodded along as the representative spoke. "Yes, please do send over some proposals and samples. I'll review them with my team and get back to you with our decision. Thank you for your help." She said before ending the call.

Yue then went to her workshop to start working on mock-ups of various clothing designs, trying to incorporate aerodynamics and style while keeping the sport's functionality in mind. It was a challenging task, but Yue was determined to create something that would impress the professional hover boarders and the Empress's family alike.