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Closed Implement a Bookmark System on the Wiki

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.


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You can bookmark posts on the forum (click your avatar and then bookmarks to see what you bookmarked) but not on the wiki.

There's got to be a plugin or something we can use to easily bookmark pages on the wiki! If this gets support I'll do what I can to make it happen!

Idea credit goes to @Xove
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
So this isn't exactly what I had in mind, but you could use it for bookmarks - I've added an experimental tagging system to the wiki using struct that you could use to sort-of-bookmark articles with a tag until I have a better method available.
A bookmark system or tagging system is a really good idea. Especially considering the size and depth of the wiki and how often people will or do want to find things for later use.

Especially if its confusing to remember names for stuff like if its the yamatai nomenclature system that is so alike when you try to search something up on the wiki but just cant quite remember its name.
I still would like to do this but I just don't have a software add-on that does this. Thankfully browsers have this already so it's not really the end of the world. Also, I encourage players to add frequently needed wiki page links to their user pages. Since it's been months and there doesn't seem to be an obvious way forward I'm going to close the suggestion.