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Suggestion Improve Creation of Civilian Characters


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I was getting feedback from some of the newer players and one of them told me:

Neshaten have details on creating a civilian character but almost no other faction does. I would like to propose possibly making a page for creating a civilian for each faction.​

They also recommended making sure civilians were financially well-off as military characters get built-in food and housing.

This suggestion is to:
  • Make clear how civilians are made in each playable faction and where they can be RPed (For instance, Creating a Yamataian is usable for civilians but isn't obviously so)
  • Make new civilian character creation guides as needed
  • Change the starting 3000 KS starting cash to include: Cash, a place to live, and transportation (could be travel tickets, a car, etc)
Yes please I love it and can help give ideas. Also with the new planet overhaul and rumor but I think thus should encourage them :)
Considering I absolutely love civilian and culture flavored RP. I am completely behind this!
Added to Creating A Yamataian:

You can make civilian characters too! A character can have any reasonable occupation. We suggest doing an interest check if you're going to make a civilian character so you know you'll have an RP partner to play your character with.

If you want your character to be somewhere in between (having a regular job but also being part of the Star Army), they can be a member of the [[stararmy:reserve|]].

The Nekovalkyrja guide, for obvious reasons, is going to assume the character is being made for use in the Star Army.