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RP In Dusk We Trust


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Adi proved rather easy to drag away on account of her surprisingly light weight, it was just a matter of getting her large wings out of the way of any obstacles and Sonia getting a good grip on her.

Adria resisted the trooper's attempt to rescue her. This was more important. The vision was now escaping more quickly, she needed to catch it before "Ydrin" disappeared. He's back, this has to be him, she thought. If I can just explain to him, he'll understand. He has to understand!

Nyx's usage of her wings kept some of the fog away, but some of the gas was still creeping in. Common sense would tell her it was too late and that she needed to go with Nyx right away, but the nightmare mist was eating away at common sense. She tried to carry Jack's lifeless body with her. "We can't leave him behind... we can still save him!" she tried to convince Nyx. Her attempts to bring him with her were obviously slowing her down, too slow to escape the attack in time. "Please... Nyx... we have to bring him back..." she begged, pausing to look at Jack.


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Sanctuary City
“All units, Nomad. Recommend approach and evac from stage to the west. Gas and crowds are concentrated toward eastern side of the pavilion, repeat, best access is from the west, out”
The rescue of the Elysian had not gone unnoticed by the marksman, however, her life lay in the hands of others now. Aztec still had a job to do here.

Jack Pine

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The Park, Ground Zero
Issabelle would not get the chance, Nyx having some unexpecting help in deterring her mother, to allow the gynoid to pull the grieving widow away. Zeke, still covered in the blood of his friend, lifted Jack's deceased body and began to carry him away. He struggled a bit, but it mattered not to him as he did so with the fear and sorrowfully driven adrenaline rush he was receiving right now through out his body. The spiky blonde childhood friend of the now dead lord, carried Jack from the stage and away from the chaotic horde of delirious people. He made his way towards the nearest gap that would let him leave this scene behind, to lay his friend on more peaceful grasses, and give one last goodbye.

The trooper trying to pull Adria away, would have little trouble in the matter, given the large difference in strength between the two. Even as she was pulled away, Sonia would soon follow with unconscious Adi in tow still, getting the sisters as far from danger as they could be removed. Sasha too, would be carried away by those still holding security on the stage, as those still present fled the creeping gas, her body still in shock being limp as it had been. They all would be brought to the awaiting line of BRRF keeping the perimeter around the scene, a familiar set of arms taking some of them into safer company.

Sonia would take Adi to the nearest medic to be looked over, same as Adria by the trooper, meanwhile Sasha was handed off to the arms of Mark Oaklen who now deeply mourned the death of not only his brother, but another of his own soul. He held her close as he brought her to somewhere while the gas could be treated, and her shock dealt with. The number of frenzied people now only a few, as most were incapacitated with non-lethal rounds, a containment team moving in to place devices to draw in the airborne agent.

As Aztec descended from the roof, he was met by Mark Tazar, "The situation is settling down here, they need you to go check on the others are going to ensure the others remain safe, all have seen what just happened. Some are even concerned for the state of those less stable among the family, go make sure she's okay goldie."

Rihanna would have seen the feeds by now, heard the cries of the maddened crowd, and seen the live broadcasted cause for this all. One camera would even catch Zeke as he carried the Lord's body away to safety for retrieval later. Even the camera feed seemed warped, because that usually happy exterior of his, had been shattered and replaced with one broken and devastated.

The Gates, Mainland Bridge Utility Corridors
Vector and Yago entered the corridor, the confined catwalk like space, one being where they would not wish to encounter conflict. Their mission now was to escape at all costs, and to prevent capture. Well if it came to the latter, Vector had a belt of solutions, but he hoped it would not come to such a extreme measure. As they proceeded, he kept his cloak on, as not to be seen with his armor. Yago still dressed as a civilian, could perhaps at least concoct some sort of plausible excuse if necessary.....hopefully if he was being somewhat optimistic. Neither would be expecting the fact that a pair of wildcards were waiting at the end of the bridge for suspects however.

The Park, Outskirts of Chaos
Zeke trudged on still, the troops who waited on the perimeter, disheartened to see the sight before them. Most of the BRRF were old guard, troops having been around since the old days of Section 6, and well aware of the men's history together from countless stories. A pair of those standing watch, saluted in sadness as their commander, who they proudly served under for years, was carried through. The blonde man only stopping once he found a mostly quiet, and shady tree to lay his fallen brother under peacefully. With Jack's body rested against the tree, Zeke fought back the tears as he dropped to lean against the tree, sitting beside his oldest friend.

A shaky hand reached over, reaching under the collar of royal garbs, before jerking with effort as a dog tag was ripped free. It was clutched in Zeke's hand as he then held it tightly to his aching chest. "God- godamnit Jack! You said we'd fight and die together, brothers til- til the very end. You f-fucking lied, so how could you leave me here like this. Did I cause your death? Just like Zack's?! Is this my f-fault, that you who deserved a happy life the most, now have only mourning family left behind.", he began, his words stumbling as he tried to come to grips with this. He was angry not at him, but himself, the gas still muddying his thoughts a bit. It caused voices long buried to pick and bully at his mind again, to push doubt into it, as they warped his emotions to guilt and regret.

"You didn't deserve this, you were the one who deserved to have lived better. You had a family, a home, a future, and a reason to leave the gun out of your hand for once." he continued as his fist clenched on the metal tag in his hand tighter, drawing the fresh feint smell of coppery blood. Choking on the rising sobs, he got out what he felt he still needed to say, "I'm so sorry my brother, that this is my fault, that I couldn't be there. That I couldn't make sure you kept what you deserved. I'm sorry...t-that I never got the chance to say goodbye while you could still hear me. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. Jack p-please....forgive me, don't leave me here."

With what what he could say, said and spoken as much as he had strength for, the man sat by his brother's side one last time. He stayed there, tears never ending as those troopers from before quietly called for someone to come retrieve the body for a honored funeral. All the while, watching on as Zeke gripped onto his pain, and stayed by Jack's side for as long as he could.


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In a way, it felt rather strange journeying through the sewer for Yago. Here he was dressed as an ordinary citizen walking by Vector who was donned in his combat attire. His mind worked to develop a plausible cover story should they happen to come across any authorities in the sewer or on the way out. The grip around his pipe tightened as he felt his nerves quiver. They relaxed themselves though as Yago believed that he had found a passable excuse for any peace officers that try to stop them.

He glanced at Vector though, realizing that his appearance may make it more difficult for them to talk their way out. Then again, Yago figured that as long as the authorities did not check their clothes, then perhaps Vector could pass off as a homeless person with his cloak. A chuckle at the thought ran through his mind as the two terrorists neared their escape point.