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Interest Check [Independent] Firebrand Crew


Game Master
So think about if vultures were capable of space-flight, wanted to be famous and were willing to get their elbows a bit dirtied along the way – that is essentially the idea I have been beating myself up about for the past two months, needless to say a lot of thought has gone into it so please bear with me.

Bring whatever characters you think would fit in to an independent crew of mercs high risk salvage technicians lead by one Vinni Firebrand, some kind of fox/neko thing with a fancy helmet and a cool voice.

The characters will be operating out of a modified Tenba-class transporter known as the Veilburner II (rest in pieces Veilburner I) as it carries them from job to job, whatever that might be – you get a sweet jacket for signing up and some padding in your bank account if things go well

“So Skully, what is this plot actually about? You absolute dingus.”

First of all ow, that dingus comment was rude but to answer the question:

Odd jobs, usually high risk with a high reward to compensate them – the Firebrand Crew must be willing to step boots-first into hell for fame and money, or at least convincingly pretend they are ready for it. All kinds of characters from all sorts of backgrounds with a mix of skills will be welcome, being able to fire a gun without shooting yourself in the foot is preferred among them but I’m sure there will be a few characters with this so don’t worry too much.

Links and stuff will be added in the next few days and I'll get the plot up and running once this thing has (hopefully) gained enough interest/character submissions.

So come one come all, join the soon to be infamous Firebrand Crew as they fly the Veilburner II!


Game Master
Alright ladies gents and apache attack choppers, I have now whipped up a plot page so let me know what you think and let me know if you decide to throw a character into the mix - cheers.


Game Master
Alright so instead of it being a week into next month I've decided to set a slightly later date of the 11th of next month due to some personal stuff but fear not, Firebrand stuff will be happening!


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
tbh you should start it now, only a dingus would wait :U
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Game Master
Apologies for another delay but due to an oversight on my behalf I'll add another seven days to the wait - again I am sorry but I had an oversight and lapse in judgement.

So from memory, @club24 @IQ @Whitehart @Primitive Polygon and @Jack Pine were the people interested in joining - may I have a quick show of hands as to who still plans on participating as I correct this error I managed to make for myself.