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Alastair decided to find out more information using the channels his family had established with the Kingdom of Neshate. He expected the intelligence group to intercept the communication.

"To whom it my concern. This is Alastair Belmont of House Belmont requesting information. As a long time family friend to the Neshate Kingdom I wish to attain information on behalf of a crew member under my command. What is the status of Shi'non'ha family?"



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Inside the Intelligence unit of Division 5 the message was intercepted and flagged, the tag "Belmont" had attracted the attention of their algorithm, the organisation hadn't had anything to do with the family however they were registered in the kingdom's database. The operators on duty looked over the message, nothing overly crucial or detrimental to the Kingdom though the family name had still flagged it.

"Forward it to Director Vaughn." A tall Laibe spoke while another had the message forwarded to the Golden Director who was seated in his office writing up notes for a strategy meeting the next day. Upon reading the message he opened several of the Commander clearance files on their Division 5 network and glossed over them quickly. It seemed these Belmonts had a history of trade with the Kingdom and were considered an ally of sorts regardless of their national affiliation, which appeared to be Yamataian. The Laibe sat back in his chair and pondered the request, he wanted to know the status of one of the suspected families which was against the lockdown protocol, even more so that she had decided to work for another nation's military, the potential for large scale issues was high. While the commander was sure even Yamatai wasn't dumb enough to go to war against them during their current conflict, just for the sake of one soldier in their army who was foreign he needed to take the possibility of rogue units or hired help into consideration.

He began typing up his own response, taking on the role of addressing this message personally.

Mr Belmont

This is Director Vaugn Li'Veero of the Neshaten Division 5 intelligence and counter terrorism agency, it has come to my attention that you have requested information which is currently classified outside of our organisation during this national lockdown. I am aware of your family's ties to the Kingdom however I shall not jeapordise our entire operation here for the sake of sentiment for a suspected terrorist, what I can tell you is that they are alive and under supervision as per our protocols and they will not be allowed to communicate with your crew mate who is also considered a deserter by some in the Navy here. She has not been listed as such and remains strictly under suspicion with no confirmed evidence against her, she will not be outlawed from our lands nor placed on the KOS list unless any evidence of her involvement is brought forwards.

I suggest that if you are asking on behalf of her that you do not gloss over any of the details I have just shared with you, trying to protect someone's feelings over a national issue can lead to disastrous outcomes.

Do your superiors know that you tried to contact an unaffiliated nation, you may have just put her in more danger than before.

Director Vaughn - Division 5


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A smile crossed his face as Alastair read the message from the Director. This was the first time hearing of a Vaugn Li'Veero. He could tell from the message this was a person he could respect. He crafted a message he felt was most fitting.

Director Vaugn Li'Veero

Thank you for replying to my message personally. I was sadden to hear the news of closed boarders due to terrorist activity within your boarders. I wish much success with your mission to clear this matter.

I very much understand how serious this matter is and will not gloss over the topics covered in your message. As my way of saying thanks I will personally keep an eye on the "deserter".

Your concern for her well being is noted. Just know that I am the danger. Though to friends I am a great ally.

I wish all the best and if you happen to need anything, feel free to ask. While your boarders might be closed, the door is always open with the Belmonts.

Alastair Belmont