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Some people call me Crazy...
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Hey all!

So, this is not so much an introduction as it is a reintroduction - for I have wandered the halls of Star Army on previous occasions. While I was active in both '08 and '14 (here's the '14 intro thread), I didn't stick around for terribly long - but I have always had a great fondness for SARP.

My name is Iain, but I have been known to answer to 'Oi you!', 'Crazy!' and upon occasion "Shirley". But, we don't talk about Shirley if we don't have to...

I have been roleplaying in one form or another for almost 30 years now in just about every format available. As a general rule, I prefer playing males but am always open to the idea of playing just about anything, anytime and anywhere as I like being challenged with my writing and characterisation. I do tend towards 'realistic' roleplaying, by which I mean if I'm writing for an office mook who is suddenly dropped into a world of criminal shenanigans, he's likely to be shocked, slow-to-adapt and making all the rookie mistakes. It also means I am more than happy to slip into the background when its more appropriate for someone else to be working the limelight.

Another quirk is that I also spend a lot of time asking myself 'why?', for example: 'why is he so afraid of cankles?' or 'why is he so obsessed with the NNN girl?'. I find that it helps to fill out character traits and expand the character, as well as providing additional hooks and interest points in the biography/story.

As of this moment, I know I want to write, but have no set idea as to what - I plan on reading through the available plots/wanted character information and seeing what, if anything, resonates. As I see it, worst case scenario is that I just start writing some freestyle RP in the Open RP board. I have no particular issue with writing any level of PG, 18+ or NSFW style content so that won't be an issue.

Should you desire to, feel free to message me on discord or here!
It's really great to have you back and I'd love to do some RP with you in the very near future, perhaps a casual Open RP thread of a tavern scene or something.
Welcome back! I am rather new around here myself, but do not let that fool you into thinking I am not up for causing some chaos. I play females of varying personalities. If you are not afraid of gingers and would like some company in this freestyle RP you speak off feel free to reach out here or on discord.
It's really great to have you back and I'd love to do some RP with you in the very near future, perhaps a casual Open RP thread of a tavern scene or something.
That describes Girls Night pretty well! We're all just kind of chilling and Kakushi Nekoba gives major tavern vibes. Iain, you're welcome to join in there if you just want to start writing right away, no need for character approval or the like. Seems like you have a great handle on finding your way around so I have no doubt in you having a strong future in RP here, just don't be afraid to ask to join in anywhere.
Looks at the title and then says "Surely you can't be joking?"

That aside, Welcome back, Look forward to running into you in roleplay!
Welcome back to SARP! I thought I recognized that username. We've already had a little bit of chatting on Discord but hope to see you around more.