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RP International Relations Conference of YE 40


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Planet Yamatai

Outside of the central compound of Reikan Park, small and large diplomatic and royal processions moved about. They either meandered around the well-maintained gardens or found themselves moving more quickly on main walkways, but all of them were moving towards the location of the IRC YE 40. The diplomats and royalty of the Kikyō Sector and beyond were soon filtering through the entrance of the central compound. While some entourage members stayed outside, some strayed from their groups in order to maintain a distant view from one of the viewing booths set in around the conference room.

Inside, there was a quiet din of movement and conversation. Members of Yamataian government moved between the foreign guests and those of the Empire, alike, while conversing and finding seats. Soon, the conference room was filled to the extent that the doors were closed and the chosen representative of Yamatai stepped from an antechamber in the far-flung and forward stage of the conference room. Coming from the back of the stage, she moved to a transparent and minimalistic podium with a minute microphone attached to its top.

“Welcome to the International Relations Conference of YE 40, hosted by the Yamatai Star Empire. I, Sachiko—a representative and Senator of Yamatai— will lead the first series of topical discussions before a short break. Then Ketsurui Yui-taisho of the Star Army will be leading the second topics of discussion.” The silvery-haired woman with opalescent eyes and a demure matte, navy blue dress that clung to her shoulders and chest in a wave and wrapped to fall down to the ground in a splaying, oceanic nature continued, “Please find your seats and we can begin."
Kohaku the Emissary for the Poku Saeruo Degonjo lead her delegation to the conference. She had a lengthy discourse with Tarbah Leyto at their embassy. Since the Empress was not expected to be present, Legos Miaurm insisted that Tarbah remain at the Embassy for security reasons. Kohaku thought back to the first Conference that the Clan had attended. It started out with an air of optimism and hope. The ones prior to it were anything but productive to her way of thinking. So part of her hoped that this one would be different, but at the same time she had a skeptical feel for how things were going to go.

She was careful to meet with the representatives of the nations they had relations. She was surprised to see Sachiko as one of the senate members. This was unexpected, and raised the question about changes within their allies government. She also recalled Sar-Yui's demeanor in the last conference. She would wait to see how the game would be played.

Once she located the area for her nation, she took her seat and motioned for Legos and Tesgi to sit on either side. It felt strange to not have Saflea present for the conference. But she would not be present as she was in the late stages of her pregnancy. Tesgi's mate had agreed to stay with Saflea and to let them know if anything changed.

Kohaku scanned the actual meeting space, to identify representatives that she recognized and more importantly, to identify new ones and determine if the clan should make contact.
Planet Yamatai

The sole representative of the Elysian Celestial Empire - Karael Malarch, a fair-skinned, blond-haired, breathtakingly-beautiful Patrician female with eyes the color of steel and wings the color of snow - caught Kohaku’s gaze and nodded towards her in what was (for a Patrician) a sign of respect; Elysia after all, was on friendly terms with the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, and it was only logical to take actions that would promote their relationship.

The Senatorial Legate was clad in an elaborately-wrapped teigha with a starkly-violet outer layer, a vibrantly-blue middle layer, and a white inner layer; beneath it, she wore the customary white-hued iyko, while above it she wore a finely-made, violet-hemmed soh’k’toh the color of ivory. Rounding out her appearance were several exquisite pieces of jewelry; after pausing for a moment, Karael scanned the rest of the conference room - albeit a bit more discreetly then Kohaku had - from her sinfully-comfortable leather seat.

Karael personally entertained little in the way of hope for the conference; although a much-needed break from the raucous political arena that was the Elysian Senate, the Senator knew all too well from personal experience just how vicious and petty these conferences could become - and, as the Patrician took in the size of the other nation’s delegations, she seriously began to miss the comforting presence of Sariel, who’d stayed back on Elysia to keep that power-hungry fool Barachiel under some pretense of control.
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As the other delegates and diplomats arrived, another was soon to join their fold. Ahrim Eehrish Anyu Cu'Seddir, a man of shortish stature. Here was the High Guardian of the Vigil. Wearing the clothing of his station, a thickened shirt of white and blue flak studded with symbols of rank along with religious iconography. Much of it was hidden underneath a snow-white cloak adorned with shoulder plates of silvery metal while the clasp holding it place appeared as a chain of golden links.

The rest of his ensemble was decidedly mute, simple cloth (though of decent quality) pants and polished, cream-hued Herdtitan leather boots. On his waist, clipped to a belt of dark leather hung on a gold chain was a book with writing in the Iromakuanhe's native tongue. Additionally he appeared to have a banner on the other side. Studded with columns of silver stars on a backdrop of beige cloth lined in cloth-of-gold.

A faded, white scar ran the length of his cheek down to his neck and beyond such a scar was sometimes off-putting to people. But, he could be considered handsome to some with his tousled gray hair and bright, gray eyes emitting a bio-luminescent glow. He wore a soft, friendly smile, nodding in greeting to some people whom he'd met at previous functions before coming to his seat. With a small flourish of the cloak, Ahrim seated himself. There were a number of new and unfamiliar faces. He offered a friendly nod of greeting to each in turn before clasping scarred, craggy hands atop the table to wait patiently for it to begin.
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Reikan Park

Violetta De Luca's hands stayed on her outer thigh, off to the side and modestly covering her abdomen, as she walked next to Gaelan, a moderate distance from anyone else save for the NSN and NSMC guardsmen, dogs, and women. with her head tilted in just a way so that she could speak more easily in the Premier's ear, which she did so in a soft-spoken voice.

"...which I cannot do, despite having practiced. Practiced ad nauseum. Gaelan," she said, "this may be the one thing I cannot do."

As the pair walked through the park along with the huge entourage of guards, Gaelan scanned the park and admired the scenery. As he stared at a fountain, part of his brain reminded him that Violetta was still speaking. He tuned back into the conversation, hearing the tail-end of what the Grand Admiral had to say.

"I'm sure you aren't giving yourself enough credit." He bluffed, hoping that answer would appease her and keep himself out of trouble.

Violetta gave an almost indiscernible, 'huff.'

'Crap...' Gaelan thought to himself, turning to look over to Violetta. "I just think that you should have some more faith in you're abilities. I do." He replied.

"How is this..." Violetta said in a low voice as she drew nearer Gaelan, but said nothing.

Gaelan was slightly supprised by the display, but he did the same and closed the distance between the two of them.

He said, "That's better I think."

Violetta may have shown a look that was akin to what some called smiles, then nodded to herself while looking away from the Premier, despite her proximity.

She then spoke more discreetly than ever, "Now you try."

The jig was up. There were no more moves to make or tricks to attempt. He sighed. "What am I trying exactly?" He asked, looking apologetically at the Admiral.

Her usually pale face blanched further and, now almost to the center compound's entrance, she stopped the guards with a show of her hand and said in a low voice, "The thing you're to do? The," she whispered in a lower murmur, "Thing, you know?"

Gaelan's eyebrows furrowed and he leaned in to whisper in Violetta's ear. "The hell is that?"

"Gaelan," Violetta said with a slight grimace on her pretty pink lips before she looked to the door. "After you."

"That still doesn't answer my question..." He muttered, nodding to the guards as he walked into the building.

"Just remember what we practised last night," Violetta said in a quiet voice while they were led to their different seating arrangements. Violetta moved to her place in a Nepleslian viewing booth while Gaelan turned towards his seat. In his prosthetic eye's HUD, he sent off a quick message to Violetta. "Got it."

A quick message came in reply, sent from her datajockey: "You'll do great, Gaelan. -V"

Gaelan smiled softly at the message, before quickly settling back into his role as Premier and moving to his seat.
Vier would be waiting outside of the diplomatic areas of Reikan Park. She had escorted her two charges this far and the rest would be their mission. Or, as Uso put it,

'Just do whatever, so long as no one comes shooting at us.'

"This is the last opportunity to ask for something before your diplomatic operation starts." Vier explained, her tone as even as ever. "If the two of you are ready, I will be taking my leave. The Queen's Slave will be waiting to pick you up when you are finished."

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Mark Oaklen straightened his dress uniform, a nice white dress jacket, gloves, and slacks, with black dress shoes. His breast had the letters USO, and a smaller section 6 emblem underneath. He adjusted the button up high collar last as he, his comrade, and the S6 security personnel entered the park.

"Any data on notable individuals, and policies we haven't covered? I think we're prepared, but it doesn't hurt to cover our bases.", Mark said as he looked over the park.

Like the rest of Yamatai, it was a grand place. Vibrant colors of nature and a long lived society. He would have thought he'd gotten used to it, being on the Kaiyo, or from when he had been in the orphanage system her. But it still never ceased to be so wonderous. To think, if life had been different at birth, he could have been here, possibly have joining the star army and not the nepleslian marines.
The state of security at the conference was self-evident and the show of force subtle yet constant. Only one entrance was remotely accessible, the others presumably shut, sealed and protected by guards or state of the art technology. There were several checking areas along the marked route to the opening, with various sweeps and mandatory inspections. The sole entrance itself was protected by several layers of intense scanning, thankfully zero delay with the final exception of a check-over by a Special Investigator. More than half a dozen heavily armed Close Protection officers flanked the check-in, two Mindies standing on either side of the last doorway to the entrance, eerily unmoving.

The manpower that had been rolled out by Provost Marshal Iemochi Feyani was visually impressive, the various police and security personnel handling a variety of weapons both lethal and non-lethal as they milled throughout the park and building. Mirrored visors and jet, matt bodyarmor seemed to be the order of the day, likely with some presence of non-uniformed officers. Outside of the cordoned area who knew how many assets lay waiting to be activated to combat threats to the combined dignitaries of the whole Sector. Within, the Chujo herself was likely prowling with the vigilance that had brought her to the office she now held.
Just outside the IRC

Alex looked over to Mark, and considered the situation for a moment. "I think it would be best to be cautious about this for now. We don't really have much information on the attendees, so there's no real way to know who we'll be dealing with."

He looked at the guards. "In fact, it might be better to check if we're allowed in rather than just assuming. I'd rather not make any enemies here."
Aaki Loleth, an Iromakuanhe Conclave Member most notable for residing outside of Iromakuanhe's Iruotl System this past AR while working with outside nations, moved herself across the room with a slow grace as she wore an encumbering and large dress with a slim, belted waist. It moved against her, not with her, and she regrettably couldn't find a seat which fit her stylistic choices. She chose to stand a short distance from the Vigil's member while looking at the Senator pointedly.

The conference was off to a start slower than the crawl of industrial-grade Mazerinii Mead honey in Ruh. The orange-haired and horned woman would have coughed delicately, but for an Iromakuanhe there was no such thing as a delicate cough.

A small Taisho of the Star Army of Yamatai with what seemed like too many tails for a woman of her stature shuffled her way through the crowds outside of the building and floated steadily to the two men she knew only one thing about.

She said this one thing to them after a very curt bow, "You are USO representatives." Added was, of course, "Taisho Suigetsu Kyōku of the Star Army of Yamatai. Please, come with me."

The three made their quick journey through Reikan Park and to the innards of the central compound. There were three seats set aside that had volumetric words set up on them like placards that read, "USO: Uso's Star Organization," that also disappeared when the pair say down. Kyōku soon took her leave from the conference room.

"We will first begin on the subject of rise of many corporations over the last few years and what this means for the nations that they reside under, or outside of. We cannot have corporations acting in independent space away from the laws and, for their benefit, protection, of our nations. It is proposed by Yamatai that businesses that do not fall under a nation's flag soon find one."
The trio of the Taisho and two foreigners approached the fortresslike entrance, every one of them being subject to the same treatment as any other guest. As they went through, any implants or augmentations they may have were detected by the top-tier scanning technology and dampening local EMP field units dispensed to those with irremovable ones. It was clear that the guards had decades of experience between them.

Any and all weapons, gadgets or unstandardised devices were removed from the small group, given that none would be required for the duration of the conference. As they approached, the chief of the entrance guard checked the USO's credentials, looking up to the Taisho. The MP stamped the USO members' admittance with the Taisho's name, their check-in within that sense being slightly different from those they had seen ahead of them.

"You may enter, Taisho, honoured guests. It seems this was approved rather last minute but I suppose since the Taisho is with you I have no questions. Just need to send off some additional paperwork." The soldier gestured to the Mindies, which allowed them passage through. "There should be a place laid for you.." A quick flick of the pad brought up a map, if you follow straight ahead and left, you'll be right beside the Elysian deligation it seems."

I guess this is pretty retroactive as I didn't expect a teleportation past the RP, heh.
"Good luck," the Taisho, Suigetsu Kyōku, had said to the two before reserving herself a place in a Star Army of Yamatai viewing booth.
Planet Yamatai

Karael took note of the Nepleslian entourage’s arrival, noting with faint bemusement that said entourage was yet again comprised of different individuals then its predecessor at the International Relations Conference two years prior - a sign, really, of the strange political upheaval which had afflicted the Democratic Imperium in recent years. It wasn’t unexpected, of course, given how...”uncivilized” Elysia’s neighbors to the galactic “north” were - but what was unexpected was the next delegation’s arrival.

One of the aforementioned delegation’s members - the blonde-haired one, Alex Tasuki - was almost immediately recognized by the Senatorial Legate, who recalled seeing him in a Yamataian news report that had aired earlier in the year; the other, however, remained unknown to the Elysian. Their volumetric placard, on the other hand, was not - but before Elysian could ponder the implications of the delegation’s presence (and, more importantly, their placement adjacent to her), the silvered-haired representative of Yamatai finally initiated the first of the many, many debates to come.

The proposal was, by the grace of God, one that was both politically neutral (mostly) in the Elysian Senate and one of little consequence to the government-run (government-mismanaged, in reality, but the International Relations Conference was neither the time nor place for domestic issues) industries of the Elysian Celestial Empire - thus the “optimal” decision was blatantly obvious to Karael: support the proposal, in order to demonstrate solidarity with Yamatai.

The Patrician, who’d remained silent and expressionless ever since entering the conference room - habits formed in the Elysian Senate died an extremely hard death - finally spoke and said, “The Elysian Celestial Empire supports this proposal.”
The Elven diplomat closed her multi-hued eyes so that she could bow her head gracefully and turned her robed body towards the single diplomatic representative of Yamatai's Suzerainty as they spoke. When Sachiko's eyes had opened, she abstained from looking away from the blonde Patrician, Karael Malarch, until she herself was done speaking.

"Thank you, Senator. Your support is held in high regard."

Sachiko's silvery hair shone in the light of the conference room as she looked elsewhere. She did so slowly and without making direct eye contact until her words came out once more, this time in a questioning tone.

"Do other nations wish to speak on the matter of corporations existing independently of any nations?"

Nepleslia Prime's Senator, Alyssa McBeal, had found her seat before several others and had been quietly observing until the question of entities without flags to fly under was asked a second time. She looked to the Premier and spoke in a hushed tone.

"Sky Marshal Sanders? What are your thoughts?"
The High Guardian of the Vigil listened politely to what was being said. This same issue had come to a head only once or twice in the Commonwealth's long history. While corporations were licensed to operate within the Commonwealth, small business owners only needed a permit if even that. This was because of the majority making artisan goods while leaving the big corporations to the heavy lifting. It was an equitable situation. The government worked with Ahmida, Altjira, and Solan and they, in turn, worked with the Commonwealth for the betterment of all.

Ahrim looked down at the table before him, then up. He had nothing to really say on the matter since the issue had long since been resolved in his homeland.
Kohaku conferred briefly with here fellow delegates. She then stood to speak.

"The Poku Saeruo Degonjo only has dealing with organizations that have applied for a permit to operate within our space. A requirement to get such a permit requires that the individual or organization identify their government under which they are governed. Any who request but do not have valid government documentation, are denied." She said to the gathering. "So from the view point of the Poku, the question becomes what should be done regarding an entity that does not have a government to which they are bound. An entity that has no goverment is at best a rogue organization, and as such should not be allowed to operate."
The Nepleslian Premier sat quietly, his cybernetic eyes taking in all of his counterparts as they spoke. Gaelan tilted his head to Alyssa McBeal as she whispered her question. He cleared his throat after Kohaku spoke.

"I am inclined to agree to with Ms. Sachiko and Yamatai's take on this matter. Companies that are not under a nation's flag have no oversight or rules other than their own creed. As much as any of us would like to believe that people have the interest of others at heart, there's plenty of others that would gladly stab someone else in the back for if it made them more money. Whether that be illegal trading, illegal research, you name it." He said, giving everyone a second to think of something along that train of thought before he continued.

"I suggest that any companies unaligned with a nation should be given the choice to either fall under the nation where the majority of their holdings are, or to dissolve their companies and liquidate their assets." He finished.
With a touch of Sachiko's index finger to the podium, its transparent surface brightened and an interface could hazily be made out by those in the conference room. She opened a document and moved her hand about rhythmically, pressing her fingertips to the volumetric display. While she did this, she spoke, eyes downcast as she did.

"Yamatai proposes a treaty based on what has been said here. Please, if you will look to your digital messages whether in your mind's eye or on a handheld device," Sachiko said, looking up to those gathered once more, "I have sent the proposed treaty for nations to sign and, in doing so, your nation agrees to enforce the laws therein.

"The treaty states that businesses must: declare a home nation that they are based out of, operate according to the laws of their home nation, and be licensed by the home nation to legally operate. Businesses can also obtain licenses to operate in other friendly nations, which may not be issued to businesses who claim to be independent, as those are considered rogue corporations. All businesses must also do their financial transactions in the currency of their home nation."

Sachiko finished by saying, "If this is anything but agreeable, speak now. Otherwise, we will move on to other equally pressing topics. In truth, Yamatai would like to talk about cooperation against the Kuvexian threat and how her the nations gathered today would like to work with one another to deal with this impending, but avoidable, hazard. If there are no questions about the treaty, we can move on to speak on the act of partnership against the Kuvexian menace." To those listening, the Elf said, "Please, share your nations' thoughts."
Kohaku reviewed the document, and spoke briefly with her peers. "This document is far too vague as it stands. I am going to make some suggestions." She shared with them some verbage that she felt was necessary. Once Legos and Tesgi read and added their concerns she stood up.

"The Poku Saeruo Degonjo find this document to be a starting point. However we find that it far too incomplete to be voted upon in its current form.

Specific items that need discussion. " She activated her datapad and projected the following talking points.

Item 1: Businesses must operate according to the laws of their home nations.

If a business is operating in a multinational capacity, then said Business must abide by laws of each nation. Because what is acceptable or unacceptable in one nation, may be in another. Examples of such are Yamatai's view on the use of tobacco products and chewing gum, but such things are not illegal in Nepleslia, and groups within the clan use some types of tobacco plants as part of cultural rituals. So possession is not illegal, but it is not for recreational use.

Item 2: Businesses must do their financial transactions in the currency of their home nation.

This statement is fine for activities with their nation, but transactions within another nation should be conducted with that nations currency. Especially since some nations use a currency that is backed by items of value, while other currencies exist in sometimes inflated values with no substance. In such a case, having to use another nation's currency could have a negative impact on operating in another country

Item 3:

While this treaty intends to make Businesses effectively declare a nation. It does not provide guidance on how to deal with the aforementioned rogue corporations. In effect this treaty has no teeth. "
Alex looked at the document, then looked around at the room. There was one problem that he saw that hadn't been addressed by the actual diplomats in the room, leaving it up to him. He was hesitant to speak up within a room full of intimidating figures from foreign countries, but his experiences in the past had given him some measure of confidence.

He let out a short cough meant to draw attention to what he was saying, but when he spoke the air of uncertainty was still evident. "Excuse me? Um, I'm not really sure what the proper procedure is for speaking here so I'm just going to ask outright.

What about businesses or corporations that operate out of a nation not yet formally recognized by those in the international community? This treaty would make them rouge corporations and forbid business with them. That raises some issues for the USO, or any other small nations not on the political map since they'll be seen as harboring rogue corporations."