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RP Invitations to the International Relations Conference of YE 38


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To the governments of the concerned nations,

The YAMATAI STAR EMPIRE, wishing to promote mutual understanding and peace between our nations, hereby invites you to send as many as three starships to planet Yamatai, where we will be conducting the fifth bi-annual INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CONFERENCE at the purpose-built diplomatic facilities at the center of Reikan Park (Embassy Park) in Kyoto.

We invite the following nations to send as many as 3 diplomats to represent themselves:
  1. The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
  2. The Poku Saeruo Degonjo
  3. The Kingdom of Neshaten
  4. The Lorath Matriarchy
  5. The Abwehran Star Empire
  6. The Azorean Commonwealth
  7. The Gartagen Union
We also invite the following groups to send 1-2 representatives:
  1. The Freespacer Collective
  2. Celestial Suzerainty of Elysia
  3. Gashmere Planetary Council
Planned Topics of Discussion Include:
  1. The Defense Alliance
  2. The appearance of the Rixxikor
  3. Defining our national territories and borders more clearly
  4. Having a plan for large disasters/medical crisises/migrant flows
The conference will begin March 1st and last for 2 weeks.
To the Yamatai Star Empire

On the behalf of our Mui, and the citizens of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo, we accept the invitation to attend the latest Conference.

We look forward to dialogs that can improve our relations with our allies to the north.

If the Mui's health permits, she will be in attendance. Otherwise, we will send Legos Miaurm to accompany the Emissary and myself.

Tesgi Toioky, Poku-Rya'ta to Yamatai.
To the Yamatai Star Empire

In the spirit of continued prosperity between us, the Lorath Matriarchy will be attending. We look forward to continued progress toward a stronger bond between our nations.

High Priest Velor 'Tomoe' Tur'lista
Due to internal disagreements at the current time, the Freespacer Collective will not be able send any sentient represetatives. However; an information unit will be provided to answer questions, act as an access point to Polysentience, and record the proceedings for upload to Polysentience. More information will be available from the information unit upon its arrival.

This message and the succeeding information unit have been provided by an independent vessel selected via consensus by representatives from The Guild of Cyberempathy, The Cult of War, The Free State Consensus, The Wired Rovers; as well as Oremonger Alagon Alpha-Six, Oremonger Alagon Alpha-Five, Oremonger Shinecase Two-Five, Mindtwister Deathhugs Two-Five, Warmonger Beastbox Salamance 1, ... [This list contains three-thousand four hundred and twenty six entries. Select here to expand.]
To the Yamatai Star Empire

Due to internal conflicts currently wracking our once fair country, the Queen herself regrets that she will not be able to attend this years International Relations Conference, herself. I, the noble Lord Chen K'aa Chenk will attend as her proxy along with a staff she has graciously provided me.

I must tell you in advance that the rightful government of the Gartagen Union is not interested in any further alliances until the current crisis is abated and the villainous rebels put to flight and death, however we will record the events for ourselves and in a show of solidarity with our great neighbors attend graciously.

Signed, His Noble Peerage, Chen K'aa of Kith Chenk.

Penned, by his humble scribness, Benta Koman.