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RP Date
Early YE 43
To: Star Army Exhchange Program Commander
From Chui Mikael Harris, Star Army Rikugun
CC: Star Army Research Administration Development Division


Working with NDC forces, it has been quickly discovered that the M19 Ryoko in its current configuration is unsuited to the mission profile of their frames. This is primarily due to the nature and arrangement of the fusion drives due to its support nature. My Crew Chief believes a switch to aether drives would only produce a marginal increase for the pain it would take to have such sensitive technology delivered to the NDC.

Instead I wish for permission for my tech crew and myself to modify my assigned Ryoko with existing commercial technologies and materials should the NDC grant access. The Crew Chief was assigned to the original development team of the Ryoko and I am confident in his abilities. The goal of this project is to turn the Ryoko from a support frame into a more strike oriented frame.

I await your response.

Mikael Harris
Chui, Star Army Rikugun