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Izanagi-class Dreadnought Speed Question


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Hello. I would like to determine something about the Izanagi's STL speed.

It's listed as "Sublight Engines / Turbo Aether Plasma Drives: 0.000375 c (~112,422 kilometers per second)" here.
That km/s speed is consistent with 0.375c, so there's an inconsistency.

A ship that travels at 0.000375c takes nearly a month and a half to go as far as a ship that can go at 0.375c takes in an hour. Given that it would take over 22 minutes for the faster vessel to go a single AU, it would take months or even years for the Izanagi-class at its primary stated speed to even leave a star system.

Also, the wip rework here that's not yet approved says it's 0.12c. That's not canon yet though and still seems very sluggish, but I don't know the speed of contemporary vessels that might exist in other factions. The Izanagi is utterly massive.

So...how fast/slow is the ship?
Given that .375c is the sublight speed limit for fast/very advanced and the km/s matches it, I think the speed most likely was intended to be .375c

I think the speeds as a whole need a rework, but that's a whole different discussion.
I think it's supposed to be .375c as that seems to be the norm for most Star Army ships.
This isnt my bias against the izanagi speaking but more a slightly more immersion focussed part. The izanagi, Big as it is, For immersion reasons I think should if anything be very slow both in and out of FTL.

A ship that big should be a turtle even compared to a YSE battleship due to its sheer size alone and should be the pace set by any fleet that has one instead of keeping pace with other capitals that are orders of magnitude smaller than it. Ships that massive in size shouldn't be able to freely maneuver at such speeds and should be exactly the trope that people feel a dreadnought is: A massive tank and weapons powerhouse that just slowly lumbers into the fight and draws all fire.

Im not demanding any changes and have no authority to do so. Just throwing that out there while someone brought up the topic and will now leave it be~
My rework, the one that Toshiro mentioned, was intended to be a major rebalance to address multiple rules compliance and playability issues. The increased speed was intended to make it at least usable, though still not quick because it is giant and seems to have been intended to be slow. Making it .375 c makes it functionally no more than just a massive ship as fast and maneuverable as a Plumeria or any other scout ship, which doesn't seem to fit in with everything else about the ship, the thing dwarfs most star fortresses in Yamatai for heaven's sake.
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The Slow/Very Advanced Technology Aptitude part of the STL table in the Starship Speed Standard is listed as 0.125c (37,474 km/s), so that would be in keeping. Once the rework becomes canon or an edit to the current article is approved, that would be a prudent speed...if other factions' contemporary huge ships are in compliance and it doesn't cause a disadvantage. Otherwise the speed might need doubled to the "Average" setting.
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janeway thank you for your opinion.gif

The entire back of the ship is engines. Engines bigger than most other ships. It's not slow. It may take longer to speed up but it could race and outrun almost anything on a long straight course. 0.375 is what it should be. Has Yamatai ever approved a slow combat ship to be built? No. It's not in the Star Army's doctrine to build anything but fast ships.
1: An opinion or statement does not disappear or become irrelevant because you do not like it.
2: Attempting to dismiss opinions like that is incredibly rude.
3: The claim that the whole back is engines doesn't seem to hold up, in the art.
4: We're still waiting on Immortal's input.
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1. I'm the setting manager and I answered Toshiro's question already in my first post.
2. What's rude is that when I clearly answered it in my first post...you guys ignored my answer and kept on debating it.
3. Yes you can. See below. So it's not the entirely back of the ship (I had forgot about those huge bays) but it still has a lot of engine back there.

4. Again, I already provided the speed it should be and updated the page.
I did not intend to ignore it, @Wes , and apologize if it came off as such. I'm well aware that it has already been approved and decided on. I'd been talking about the wip that is choosing an alternate speed and maybe, MAYBE, that the staff might choose that alternate interpretation sooner if they so chose (mostly so the Tokyo doesn't suddenly drop speed partway through its plot). I have no real wish for it to be that slow, but could not argue against it.

It is, as of right now, 0.375c. I fully accept that.