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Approved Character Jet Endurain, remade for Nepleslia


Inactive Member
General Information

Name: Jet Endurain
Species: Human
Age: 21 (recent birthday)
Creator/Parents: Unknown

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Gunmetal Gray
Hair Style: Spiked and Unkempt, Short on top, Bangs
Eye Color: Light Red
Build: Average, fit
Height: 5'11
Weight: 153 lbs
Distinguishing Features: Scar on forehead over right eye from injury

Official Information

Faction: Nepleslian Military
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Assignment: NSS- Alliance

Psychological Profile

Personality: Jet is best described as selfish as he's always looking out for number one. He has almost no optimism and rarely smiles, to say he's pessimistic on anything outside of his own ability and skills is like saying water is wet. He's confident in himself and carries himself as so, having no memory of his past has left him with little to no positive points other than the fact he's loyal to whomever he's working for.

Likes: Sniping from afar, cherries, teamwork, submissive women
Dislikes: captivity, demanding people, people who won't shut up or don't listen
Virtues: He's Loyal to a cause, usually his own. But he can be trusted usually.
Vices: a little hot tempered but usually calm but quick to lash out at things he doesn't like and get on his nerves


Jet has no memories of his birth and childhood from a head injury he sustained several years back, which makes him a bit ornery and short tempered because he can't remember important things like his parents, birthday, or even if he had siblings. The injury healed over perfectly with the help of medical technology but left him without a portion of his long term memory. But his mind has photographic capability and easily recalls events he's experienced since he lost his memory, just not before that. Being a strong reasonably healthy male nepleslian, he was "adoptedâ€