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SYNC Kage, Kage, Motoyoshi-Kage Yaichiro?


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YE 44.8
To: My Dearest Yaichiro
From: Katsuko

Well two years ago I asked you and Eri to marry me, I figured that was a good hint. I thought with you it is best I will be direct. Will you take on the name of my clan? Will you finally accept your place with me? I want you here with me; Akina, Eri, and I need you and it would be good to see you continuing to play an active role. Our daughters adore you, and while your talk with Taro went well, I figured I'd write you this short letter.

1667773850702.png Katsuko

To: Katsuko
From: Yaichiro

I feel foolish for keeping you waiting so long, Katsuko. Yes, I will marry you and accept the name of your clan. Many of the things keeping me from doing so have been resolved (I have closure in terms of my feelings for Hanako and Taro's talk with me was enlightening), and the adopted daughter I had wanted to avoid leaving behind without a family line has not contacted me in many years. The necessary love, thankfully, has never been lacking between you and I.

Being direct in the matter of clan name is the best possible solution as well. As someone who had no family and was forced to make his own, I had a deep-rooted idea of what it would take to be admitted into a clan. Even before I met you, I was of the solid belief that one did not ask or hint to be brought into a clan of higher standing. One did not assume to have the worthiness of possessing the name as a consequence of marriage or affiliation. Only an explicit decision by the clan's authorities of their own initiative, or direct birth, would allow the carrying of a clan name. That decision has now been made.