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SYNC [KAIMON] Aida La Rostislavovna


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RP Date
YE 43
To: Aida La Rostislavovna
From: Yugumo Corporation Employee Management System (YCEMS)

Welcome to Yugumo Corporation!

  1. You have been hired into the Motoyoshi Keibi, the Motoyoshi Clan's Protective Services Branch;
    • Your title is Jōtō Shunin (上等社員) 1614868633732.png
    • Your pay is as disclosed in your private contract with Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.
  2. Your accommodations will vary due to your travel schedule with Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. A residence at Asagumo-jo will be arranged.
  3. You are permitted to use lethal force to remove any threat to Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko.
  4. You have KAIMON authorization and clearance at:
4SModified ManagementDepartment Level Access, Management Access, and Project Management. Security Protocol.
  1. You are issued the following:
3Type 43 Yugumo Corporation UniformsStandardIncludes Shirts, Pants, Belt w/holster, Socks, and Footwear.
1NSP Type 33CBlackStandard Sidearm
1Stand-Collar Black cellulose fiber JacketBlackIncludes company logo over the left breast, 10 polished buttons, Knee Length.
1KAIMON Ascendant CompanionStandardA KAIMON Compatible Drone.
1Tropical-Style Corporate CapDark Purple or MYPATIncludes company logo.
1Ball Cap Style HatDark Purple or MYPATIncludes company logo.
2Cotton Company Graphic T-shirtsWhite, Black, PurpleIncludes company logo.
2Polo-Style ShirtsWhite, Black, PurpleIncludes company logo.
2Cargo-Style ShortsKhaki or MYPATFor Tropical Climates like Jiyuu III and Koukotsu II.
1Duffle BagMYPATA bag for carrying everything.
**Your uniforms have been adapted to fit your specifications.

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To: Yugumo Corporation Employee Management System (YCEMS)
From: Aida La Rostislavovna

Thanks for the quick ...really quick response to the application processing system. What is the status of my gear from the NDC space? Did you guys get the required information from Ke...Motoyoshi-sama? If so what would be the ETA until it arrives at the Asagumo-jo?

The clothing can be sent to the Asagumo-jo as well, thanks in advance Motoyoshi-sama requires my attention so this is a quick response.