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OOC Kaiyō II Rules

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Contact your GM, Ametheliana, by forum PM or otherwise if you have any questions.

General Rules
IC Rules
  • Do not metagame
  • Do not control other players' characters
  • Do not act on the thoughts of other players unless those thoughts were transmitted telepathically
  • Let the GM describe damage to your character or enemies before you do so unless otherwise stated
Posting Rules
  • Use quoting other posts sparingly
  • Insert a space between paragraphs
  • Do not put asterisks around actions
  • 18+ content goes in the appropriate 18+ forums, not this one
  • Do not double post
  • Post at minimum once a week (Though posting speed is between a few times a day to once every two days on average)
  • During audits or immediately before them, players that have not posted in a week or more will be removed unless the GM has been notified
  • Respect GM rights and as players do not decide future events in the timeline or start joint posts that happen in the future
  • Title conventions apply to our threads. Title non-mission threads that you may need to post as: Post-Mission #: Your Title Here
  • Colored text or linking to youtube videos in an IC post is unnecessary and may be edited out
Now just pretend like the word "Please" is in front of all of these requests!

And thank you for being a part of this plot!
Some tips I thought of:

  • While you are new to the ship, include your character's name in your posts for the first few missions. Learning names is hard even in real life, so letting everyone know in your post who your character is a few dozen times will help everyone get to know your character and may even avoid them being ignored!
  • If you are waiting to board (as there is a current mission underway) and want to RP, writing solo past RP is fine with me! That is where you write your character on the ship before the current mission and what they are doing. There's a lot of easy reasons why your character wouldn't be involved in the current mission, so don't worry about the implications or consequences of them not being present for the current mission, just have fun and write :]
I will edit this post as I think of more!
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