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Karin Marr - Escape


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>NSS Destiny
>Corridor Delta0774

"-don't CARE what you want, I have to fix the power conduit your idiot friend just ripped out of the goddamn wall!" Shouted Karin, right in the Nepleslian's face. He grinned and said "Mmm... Feisty!"... right into the barrel of Karin's pistol. "Get the hell away from me" she spat, and thumbed the safety, letting the gun's firing coils build up charge. "Uhm... you don't really think you're gonna blow my head off, now do you?" Said the man, voice quavering a little in the face of the increasingly loud hum emanating from the barrel. "I do if you're still here in five... four..." she counted. The man turned tail and ran, tripping and skittering along the floor as he escaped around the corner. Karin collapsed to her knees, face in her hands. "I can't keep doing this..."

Shooting the NEXT guy hadn't been a very good idea, even if it was only in the leg.

>Pod Bay Gamma3

Karin climbed into the nearest escape pod, vaulting the side at a dead sprint and palming the lauch sequencer as she lay down and strapped herself in. An instant later, an acceleration so fast it knocked her unconcious occured, and the pod shot through the atmosphere containment shield, small arms fire pinging off it's rear engine cowling from the angry group of ex-colonists that had chased her.



"That'll be two-twenty-five miss" Said the clothes shop attendant, holding out her hand for Karin's card. The yamataian girl passed it over, and the older woman slipped it through the reader on her wrist computer. "Thank you very much miss," she said, handing the card back, "and have a nice day!". "You too," smiled Karin and left the store quickly, walking back to
her small rented apartment. "Hmm..." she murmured, checking her card's holographic readout. Down to her last five hundred KS... Ah well. She put on her newly purchased outfit, black sport underwear under some loose grey camoflage pants, a white tank top and a black cap down over her now shoulder-length hair.

Later that day she left her appartment again, after playing strategy games for some hours, and took a walk to the nearest Star Army recruitment station, signing up as an engineer... after a number of tests. "So, when will I get my first set of orders?" She asked the officer behind the desk as she was leaving. "Well, you've already been posted out on the destiny right? That means you won't have to go through boot camp... heh." The man coughed and looked down at his computer's screen for a moment, then finished up with, "You should go back to your place of residence, there will either be orders waiting when you arrive, or you'll need to request some. As you're a new recruit, even though you HAVE served under the Star Army already, you'll also recieve some upload pods for any required knowledge you don't posess, such as the layout and structure of the ship you'll be crewing. S'all I can tell you, ma'am." Karin smiled, "Thanks!", and walked back home, wondering where she would be headed next.