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SANDRA Kazumi Crushed By Kuvexians, Additional Systems Lost To Alien Invaders

Kyoto, Yamatai - Star Army Officials reported today that all contact with Star Army forces in the Kazumi System (formerly called UX-6) was lost and that the Kazumi Star Fotress and all starships there were destroyed in a rapid and massive invasion by golden-hulled batteships from the Kuvexian Interstellar Navy, followed by a seemingly endless wave of corporate profiteers and opportunistic privateers. Additional star systems conquered by the invasion forces are: UX-1, UX-3, The Kuvexians have also begun taking over non-Yamataian star systems near the Southern borders of Yamatai and Nepleslia like Sbuhfaba, Moriva, Kimirthro, and Nellrun. Reports of additional systems being claimed by swarms of enemy ships are coming in every few hours. The Yamatai Star Empire issued a travel advisory recommending the immediate halt of all travel to non-secured areas of space for civilian ships.