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Approved Submission Ke-V9 Nodachi DRv3 Update

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.

There seem to be a few issues not related to anything you've done with this article @Yuuki but in past translation across multiple pages that im going to have to get some fixes for across the board to re-approve this if you feel like taking them on. Though they are simple and almost all can be fixed by wes or andrew or toshi just giving an FM stamp but i gotta list them anyway:

The Ke-V9 is listed as tier-8 on the DRv3 pages tables. This either needs to be changed to T-8 or a yamatai FM needs to give permission for it to be upscaled to T-9 which i agree size-wise and scale would seem more appropriate and make more sense. If it remains at T-8 the shield score will also obviously need to be lowered. If it remains at 8 the weapon numbers will also have to be adjusted as the turbo aether cannons alone take up all 8 weapon score of a T-8 craft.

Next, the Ke-z1 while listed as T-11 is actually a T-12 weapon and was mis-converted from SADRv2. Being able to put 5 of them, Let alone even one on a T-9 fighter is too high tier as most over tier weapons are only allowed to be 2 tiers above the base DR. (So a T-9 can technically hold a T-11 torpedo. But not 5 of them, And not a single T-12.) The Ke-Z1 is also listed on the DRv3 page's examples a T-12 weapon. Permission above an FM level is required for things that can be considered power creep even when grandfathering like this. So @Wes as Site Manager will have to give permission to Put T-12 torpedos on a T-8/9 fighter and say how many it can have.

The redlinks will also have to be fixed, replaced, or deleted.

Finally, And this is an observation not a requirement. The Listed Minimissile pods on the article are rather under-tiered for a fighter at T-4 for their size considering the mindy carries much smaller mini-missiles that are T-6 and this is a good opportunity to upscale or fix this if you feel the need.

Most of that can simply be fixed with a yamatai FM, especially wes giving the 'OK' and just replacing or removing some redlinks.
ok! They need it for the fighter/bomber plot, so I was getting everything out there early in case stuff like this came up.
The redlinks are because they are relative namespaces with .. and stuff, it's because it's in WIP They work just fine in the main article.
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So that means pages where it is listed as Tier 8 need updated to 9?

It's weird this stuff (and the Hayabusa) were updated elsewhere
Technically they fall under the Fixmes the articles still have, The DRv3 updates for what was previously approved are approved. The staff fixes remain and when @Wes gets a chance he can make a final ruling on it and update the articles. The basis though, the already approved items are approved. As these are needed for the plot.

So make sure the FixMe tags remain in the areas that require his attention as it was before. I'll go over those decisions with him when I get a chance.
I went with 9 because 25 was the highest for mecha in DRv2, but the Ginga bomber is tier 9 and it is much bigger. The hayabusa is 7. I am beginning to think maybe it should be 8 after all. It's kinda outfitted as a 9 though
No it's outfitted as an 8. Four tier-9s are its OTW.
I accidentally moved this to the wrong spot - OOPS!. @Wes for final decisions on the grey areas.
Weapon loadout math (except clarification on torpedoes, which are hardpoint) fits perfectly at Tier 8. and it makes sense that Hayabusa, Nodachi, Ginga are 7,8,9
It first I was thinking that Tier 9 was OK, but the more I think about it the more Tier 8 seems correct. The Tier 9 craft are for big bombers that are almost small starships in their own right, I think.
Yeah the more I thought about it the more it seems like those three craft really represent the three sizes. The Ginga has 7 crew!

Also the loadout was more Tier 8 oriented, it would have more Tier 9 guns otherwise. This has 4 (for its total 8 points), and then one-and-a-half TEWGs worth of secondary weapons with 6 tier 6.
@Wes friendly ping.

@RaWolfe and @Wolf626 need it for their plot, need judgment on hardpoints.

The Ginga's bay holds 24 Bombs/Torpedoes, so I don't think five steps on its toes regarding the bomber role TOO much. @Nashoba 's WiP Super Kawarime holds to in a bay.

At Tier 8, the four Tier 9 guns are its full complement of OTW, and the secondary guns are only tier 6, so with 6, they are less than the 2 TEWG restriction, only 1.5. Attaching those Tier 4 minimissile pods fills out most but not all, so it is still below max loadout by a little, picking the Mindy tier 6 pod instead as @Charmaylarg Dufrain said fills out its TEWGs leaving it with only hardpoints. So that's the last consideration.

All tagged let me know if I need to do anything else.
What was I pinged for?
Hard points and the torpedo/bombs they may or may not be able to have.
Whatever you think is best!
I don't think the number of hardpoints is an issue, but @Charmaylarg Dufrain was wondering about whether a Tier 8 ship can carry the torpedo/bomb at all