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Keith Wood Commissions

So one of my buddies and project collaborators, Keith Wood, is accepting commissions. His prices do vary but this is what he said about his rates:

  • b/w inks: $50
  • flat colors: $65-70 (depends on the color complexity)
  • and final rendered: $85-100 (again, depending on complexity)
  • Add $25 per each additional character in a single art piece
He just started a Patron https://www.patreon.com/verias but he is a regular artist on the webcomic Mysteries of the Arcana: http://mysteriesofthearcana.com/, and is involved Starship Moonhawk: http://starshipmoonhawk.com, and was also involved with one of my webcomics, The Lavenders: http://thelavenders.smackjeeves.com/. He has a few galleries: FurrAffinity and Deviant Art: https://verias.deviantart.com/.

He does a bunch of genres and is well versed with sci-fi and fantasy character artwork, he can draw anthros, guys and gals. =)

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If you are interested please hit him up on his facebook page (he doesn't check DA often): https://www.facebook.com/veriasarts/