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Approved Character Ketsurui Aiko


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I put her as "non-plot" since she might have to do some setup RP first, but I'll probably stick her on the YSS Kaiyo.

Wiki link: https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:ketsurui_aiko
FM/GM tags: @Wes, @Ametheliana

Was originally going to try and make her Himiko's creation, but Wes didn't want that just yet (thanks for your help, Wes!). So she's the clan leader Yui's sixth daughter instead. Still modeled after the Empress in personality and physical style (black hair, red eyes) because having a stern, caring, pure Imperial maiden is important to me :3

Note: A cached version of her picture is still loading. If you click it, you can see the final version with her patch in a better position.
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This is one well put together character. I like the nonstandard template to highlight the artwork, which is very well done, indeed.
Thank you, I like her a lot. She's a very pretty princess. I do not intend to hog the spotlight on the YSS Kaiyo with her (that is for future plots), so maybe I'll have her come in a bit late just in case I need to do some developmental RP with her, or something like that. Maybe we can do something with your samurai. Samurai hang out in the palace sometimes, right? Or maybe do a small RP where she gets her cool sword from Samurai House and meets Rei-san.
I like it. I like it a lot. Let's JP either some time. Get Wes' approval and we'll move forward.
While brought up with a silver spoon in the Imperial capital, learning to be waited upon at every turn by royal retainers and handmaidens
How is this possible when she was just born?
I didn't really expect to play her immediately within days after approval, honestly. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I am somewhat interested in doing setup RP with whomever wants to. Plus, with real life New Year happening, I feel as though she/I probably won't be ready to jump over to the Kaiyo until at least after its prologue thread (they seem to have a good thing going that I don't want to interrupt).

Totally willing to make her birthday earlier if that's easier. Or set a specific date for which I have permission to play her. It's not really time sensitive to me, tbh, and I'm in no huge rush to play her. She exists because, as I mentioned elsewhere, I've been thinking about the concept for years and managed to get art as part of more commissions I got over Christmas.

Still think she'd make a pretty handsome Empress-spawn *friendly wink ;)*