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Art Khasidel's Random Art Gifts, Adoptable Art & Art Requests

Alrighty guys; it's been a while since I've managed to bring myself to complete the wiki articles relating to the 3D models and other artwork I've made. It seems I have a tendency to enjoy the process of making the artwork related to a particular project, but when it comes to writing up the needed wiki info afterward I kinda lose motivation and let things drag on far, far too long, then let myself get distracted by something else. :oops:

As such I'm going to try something a little different. :D

From now on I'm mostly going to concentrate on making just an artwork contribution to the setting -- which is the bit I apparently enjoy the most. Whether or not anything gets done with that art is going to be mostly up to you guys now :p. I'm not going to abandon all my WIP stuff, but if I DO loose interest or motivation for some reason, I'll either gift the artwork to the faction its related to, or put it up for adoption by someone that might be interested in using it.

Art Gifts

Occasionally on a whim I'll create stuff targeted toward a particular SARP faction; when done I'll post it here and it essentially becomes the property of that factions manager -- they can make a wiki article for it and use it as they wish, save it for later, or not use it at all (they are of course not under any obligation to make use of what I give them, as I'm mostly creating this stuff for my own enjoyment -- though being able to make some kind of contribution to the setting would be nice -- if even only art). If someone other than the faction manager wants to make use of the artwork, they'll need to ask them, as I'm essentially turning over the rights for it to them in these gift instances.

Adoptable Art

Occasionally I'll make art that isn't targeted towards a specific existing faction; it might be something like planet artwork, or space station models, ship models etc, or maybe even a set of related designs made in a similar style. If I'm willing to turn over the rights to the artwork so that it can see some use in SARP, i'll put it up for adoption here. Make a request in the thread to let me know you're going to use it.


I'm now also going to be accepting requests for specific pieces of artwork; limited to planet art and vehicles, equipment and architectural stuff like starship models, space station models, weapon models, ship compartments etc. You can get me to make something original for a article submission you are doing, or perhaps update some old artwork, etc.

I won't do character art (mostly because I believe I suck at it and its time-consuming and a pain in the butt to do), nor a few varieties of equipment like power armor (which I have to draw 2D in photoshop and has the same issues as character art because my 3D modelling program sucks for organic, humanoid shapes).

I'm limiting this to 2 slots at the moment mainly so that if this doesn't pan out, I don't disappoint a load of people while making the attempt. If things do work out, I may increase the number of slots. As a rule, I won't accept requests from the same individual twice in a row so that other people will get a chance. Because these are 'requests' and not commissions I'm not charging money, -- but I'm also not under any real obligation to finish either -- this is pretty much just me making stuff for fun/as a hobby. :p


Okay, now that that's done, here's the first batch of things I'm gifting/putting up as adoptable art:

Current Gifts

The Izanagi


Intended Faction: Yamatai / Star Army
Gifted: @Wes
Current WIP wiki article/art: https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=stararmy:starships:izanagi

I'm gifting the Izanagi and all related artwork to Wes and the Yamatai faction to do as they will. You or anyone you allow can finish off the existing but still incomplete wiki article or else redo it completely if you wish, I won't make a fuss or argue about any changes. Essentially its all yours to do with as you see fit. (Considering the newest artwork for the Izanagi was not created by me in this instance but by Adamkop and cost me a couple hundred dollars in a commision, I'm really, REALLY, hoping it gets some use :p )

The Naginata


Intended Faction: Yamatai / Star Army
Gifted: @Wes
Current WIP wiki article/art: https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=stararmy:starships:naginata-class_battlecruiser

The model artwork for the Naginata is actually completely my own, but done in imitation somewhat of Adamkop's style. It was originally intended for use as a Star Army plotship.

As with the Izanagi, the Naginata's yours to depose of as you would Wes; you can try and finish off the existing wiki article, or start from scratch if you want, etc.


"Jiyu" (Freedom) Light Freighter

Current WIP wiki article/art: https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?...bital_shipyards:ms-l1-1a_jiyu_light_freighter

My bastard love child of a couple Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic starships (from which I obviously drew design inspiration). The Jiyu was originally intended for my Yamataian Corp as a product, but I never finished off its article. I intend to go in a different direction design-wise for that corps ships, so its artwork is now free for someone else to use for their own corp/faction or for some other purpose.

The Akatsuki Maru





This model was intended for an abortive plot-ship concept I had but never finished; the design was supposed to be a modified origin medium-freighter. I believe Wes also discovered the artwork hiding amongst others in the wiki image storage despite the fact I had deleted its wiki article and used it for the 'Other Factions & Independent Roleplaying' forum banner.

Someone can adopt this artwork -- for use as a plotship or perhaps some other purpose. :)




"Akashi" was going to be a terraformed mars-type planet serving as the main base for my corp until I changed my mind and removed the article for it. The artwork is available for use as an alternative to the usual randomly generated planet art.
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Thank you so much Khasidel! You make great art and I appreciate it. I will get those articles done this year.
Oh man. Your art is awesome :D I really like the Izanagi, Naginata and Akatsuki Maruquite a lot. They are incredible!

I'd love to see your take one of of the ships for my aliens in development (3d modelling is something I've never been able to get into, despite many attempts!), but I feel like I would have to do something in trade for you (character art or the such if you like?)
On one hand, I want to go "whee, Khasidel is so nice", but on another, I kind of think it's a shame that the art projects haven't been pushed to completion in a way Khasidel might have envisioned/endorsed for this.
You or anyone you allow can finish off the existing but still incomplete wiki article or else redo it completely if you wish, I won't make a fuss or argue about any changes. Essentially its all yours to do with as you see fit.
I see this, and I know that it's always going to nag at you a bit, even if you intend to live up to your word.

@Wes the last time something like this happened, it concerned the Chiaki. Kyoki created the art, you helped the make the DOGA art available to make starship pictures, and Doshii Jun/you helped complete the Chiaki's article (I think). Might something like this be achievable, where Khasidel's creative input could still matter? I mean, even if he relents now, he resisted these designs being adopted because he had ambitions for them.
I would love to see the articles for these ships completed as well. Id be more than happy to assist with the Izanagi and Naginata at least. They are epic scale battleships and I love battleships :D
I may put in my two cents when I see the articles put up for mod approval or if someone working on the articles asks after my advice regarding stuff about the models. Even if my advice/suggestions aren't followed though, I'm not going to do a George Lucas and make a fuss over it. :p

I'd love to see your take of one of the ships for my aliens in development (3d modelling is something I've never been able to get into, despite many attempts!), but I feel like I would have to do something in trade for you (character art or the such if you like?)


Perhaps :) I don't really have anything I might need character art for except my WIP species concept, the Nahlim. It only has one example of the species -- a basic unclothed pic as a depiction for their biology/description page, though I censored out the naughty bits. I'd like to eventually get more pieces of artwork (preferably some with them wearing clothes :p, but I have to figure out what kind of style of clothing I want the species to use).

I generally attempt to make character art myself for all my own player characters. All of the ones I actively RP already have art I've either drawn myself or commissioned. I may need some more artwork down the line for the nahlim; wearing uniforms, their equivalent or a space suit or power armor and the like, but you needn't feel compelled to reciprocate with a piece of drawn artwork if I decide to make a 3D model for you :D
We still need to get these ships finished!
I'm thinking of making a wiki article for a car that my Nekovalkyrja Technician called Ziara Wyld may drive around. I was thinking that it could be a pick-up truck that's something akin to having the front-end reminiscent of the Mini Countryman (reference image: http://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/2016...-4-door-s-front-exterior-view_100520731_l.jpg), the rear lights of a Cadillac CTS (reference image: http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mo0B-ZAOw_Qukr6AosA5qXQ.jpg), the rear truck bed from a 2012 Ford Rnager Wildtrak (reference image: http://st.motortrend.com/uploads/sites/5/2011/02/2012-Ford-Ranger-Wildtrak-bed.jpg), and the driver and passenger compart ment from a 2016 Nissan NP300 Navara (reference image: http://images.car.bauercdn.com/pagefiles/22177/nissannp300navara_2.jpg) (couldn't find any pics of just the cab section without the bed or front end, so had to grab a side-view of the Navara instead. XD).
Hi! I was wondering if Akashi can be adopted for a WIP corp named Psychopomp. All of your art is really pretty and well done and the guys I'm working and I would be thrilled to be able to use it.
Wes just said:
...I feel like creating a whole new star system and a new faction of humans to make the backstory for these characters is even more extreme.

Which is a very apparent way of saying, don't create a planet just for this corporation. I wish I had run the idea by him before asking you. But if I come across a need for it, I'll come back to you in a heartbeat!
@Khasidel If at all possible, would it be alright to utilize Akashi as the artwork/visual representation of Broltese? I had been looking for a world with a map layout to better fit it, and this fits very in-line with the original idea that the Brolt live/originated on a more desert/plain-like world. It's partially the reason I chose the Mars placeholder. There's no guarantee that it would be used (as the faction isn't passed yet), but I think it would go tremendous lengths to helping the Brolt further set themselves apart with such artwork.

As an aside, I really enjoy the work. Both the planet and ships are wicked-sick.
The Ragnarok PMC would like to adopt the "Jiyu". Gunhand and Ametheliana offered to help with finishing the wiki articles. So is it only the artwork we would be adopting? Can we change any of the details you had written on the wiki page? Not that I want to, just want to know what we're authorized to do. I plan for my character to use it as a mobile base and transport for the mechanized division of the PMC.
Always been a big fan of Akashi. Very cool world. How it's used is up to the great Khasidel, but I hope whoever ends up using it makes sure it becomes a cool location that sees a lot of RP and is available for people to visit ^^
@Legix If you want to use it, sure, go ahead :)

@ArsenicJohn If you want to use the artwork for the Jiyu feel free to do so; you can base it as much as you want upon what is in the original article or rename it and determine all its characteristics and features from scratch if that's what you guys would prefer. :) I won't mind either way.

Now that Christmas is over I don't have a whole lot on my plate so that's probably doable; what kind of station do you need artwork for? Any particular design details I need to take into consideration before starting?

IE size, intended faction, main function, does it need hangars large enough to fit a particular size or class of ship, do you want it armed, etc. Is there a particular architectural style you'd like me to try and emulate? :3