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SYNC Kryso Uaeso Eitan - Mistress Taisho Yui


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CLASSIFIED ((mentions Transuniversal Ops))

To: Mistress Taisho Yui, Star Army Command
From: Kryso (Admiral) Uaeso Eitan
Re: Contact in Grid 1805

Good Tidings Mistress Taisho,

I believe we met previously through my father Senator Airwin 'Caeyara'. There have been developments in our home universe which have resulted in the restoration of Noria's government. We were on our way to the Akina System to deliver news and updates to my father when we encountered an alien craft. I assume this is the Mishhuvurthyar? I have sent you the transcript of the battle, the results of our mindhive tactical analysis of the craft, and the accessory craft that we made contact with. We had emerged in Grid 1805, in hopes of avoiding detection of our mutual classified transuniversal technologies and were subsequently attacked. We are on our way back to Akina, but I feel it would be prudent that I meet with you as well on Yamatai after I meet with my father.

I wish to be the person who re-establishes the bond between our primary governments. Please also be aware we have no intention of disrupting or attempting to reclaim the Tsenlan state, merely wish to convey to our people that there is a home they can return to or visit should they be required.

The encounter in Grid 1805, however has solidified the effect that in addition to the diplomatic olive branch, we wish to join the fight and aid in the war against the Mishhuvurthyar. You can let me know details of the hopeful meeting at Yamatai at your convenience. In the meantime, I will discuss the more private details and impacts of these events with my father. I am also sending you detailed scientific research regarding asune dimensional energy, while not effective in your universe, should you ever send ships into the Chrystalis Unvorsum, you will need to convert your aether systems to be able to draw from the alternative dimension source. The research also disproves the origins of alien entities from the siphon and tapping of dimensional energy.

Signed in cooperation, faith, and mutual security,

Kryso (Admiral) Uaeso Eitan

Commander, U.N.N Narsho
First Imperial Armada, United Norian Navy


Kryso (Admiral) Uaeso Eitan,

First, let me apologize for the slow response, as your message was encrypted with an unfamiliar protocol and my staff had to find the correct method to decode it. Additionally I wanted to speak with the Empress first. We are pleased to hear that your nation is being restored and that you wish to be allies. I would be happy to meet you, and I propose we meet in the Tsenlanese Culutural Center that recently opened in Kyoto, Yamatai.


Taisho Ketsurui Yui
Commander, Star Army of Yamatai
Weds 8:30pm-10pm EST which is 5:30-7pm PST / backup is Thurs
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