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Nepleslian News Network Kuvexian Conflict; Yamatai's Troubles Reaching The Expanse?


FM of Nepleslia
The telecast blurts over everyone's favorite high octane ID-SOL action flick, the symbolic crests and logos of the NSMC and NSN flashing in unison over the Imperium's flag coming into the display.
The banners all flashed away simultaneously, revealing a very large ID-SOL uncomfortably wearing a suit beside everyone's favorite anchor girl. Despite her lack of size, she nonchalantly raised her microphone and smiled.

"Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to interrupt whatever your local channels were showing!" The anchorwoman turned and swung her hand toward the hulk beside her. "Today, we have an announcement! With us is a representative from the Central Corps, Captain Rogar Kamble! We're here to inform the populace about the recent issues affecting our neighbors and that spread to us just this morning!"

She offered the ID-SOL the microphone; he took it in his right hand while the left waved awkwardly at the screen, his deep voice booming through the audio.

"Hello everyone; my name is Rogar. Er... Captain Rogar. Uh... well, we at Central Corps would like to take a few minutes to inform everyone of some recently... less-classified information to cast some light on our situation. For some time, exploratory forces and elements of the NSN have had encounters with the alien entities known as Kuvexians. However, our situation has until today been largely one of not being noticed; we have been fighting a war with and for a group known as the Elefirn. The part many of you may not know is that we have largely been winning and successfully engaging with them on small scale... but today, on the coattails of the news surrounding Yamatai's troubles, we received confirmed reports."

The ID-SOL stopped, looking down at his tablet for a moment before clearing his throat.

"During peace talks with the Bernese Red Rebellion forces, the sensory report from about two weeks ago was repeated. We not only... er... classed and logged them, but we had confirmation visuals from the elements of the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and Exploration Fleet elements there that all have checked out upon investigation. Approximately a fleet numbering merely ten Kuvexian-hired mercenary frigate-class vessels appeared in-system; the report is that there were minimal to no losses, as the Nepleslian ships and transfer officers from Yamatai confirmed their identity. Given our current hostility toward the Kuvexian underlings - the Elefirn - the commanders at the time received clearance from Central Corps assets to open fire."

The hulking super-soldier lowered his tablet completely and looked at the screen with dead seriousness.

"As of this moment, the system of Freemud remains under our control and the fleets are mobilizing. And, following this broadcast, Nepleslia will begin greater preparations alongside contacting Lorath allies and our contacts with the neighboring groups of Freespacers. We are no longer taking a backseat in a conflict that could very well spell doom for the sector. Yamatai's losses today were far surpassing ours in terms of scale but we were lucky to receive a much shorter blow. The NSN has begun production and fast-tracked countless developmental programs that were intended to come later. Starting today... well, we're... um..."

Rogar cast a glance at the blonde... and then rolled his hand expectantly. She immediately gasped and then turned her head to the screen with clearly feigned shock.

"You mean... we're going to war?"

As the footage cut, it showcased a document alongside live footage of the Senate gathered in a closed-door meeting room. One-by-one, hands are raised; the two-third majority is easily passed. A few Nepleslians gather the appropriate documentation, ferreting it toward the Premier. The doctrine for discussion was obviously that of whether or not to declare war. And now that they had enough of a majority, the papers were being drafted. Soon, under the approval of Premier Gaelan Sanders, Nepleslia would truly begin its war efforts.