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Closed Let the Mindy Stealth- Minimize/negate heat output

These suggestions have been dropped by the suggestor or rejected by staff.
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Alright, my first suggestion!!

The Mindy 4 can stealth in most ways but one glaring disadvantage is that it can be picked up on heat sensors. I suggest we allow the mindy 4 to stealth its heat signature under certain conditions.

Conditions that a mindy can stealth its heat signature:
1) if it has not teleported in the last 10 minutes
2) if weapons have not fired in 5 minutes
3) if aether plasma engines have not been active in the last 5 minutes

: D
This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
If this gets acceptance, SAINT’s SARA cooperative could make it happen. And if it’s downvoted into oblivion, they can still make it happen as a special modification for select armors in RP by request.

Maybe we finally need to just have a stealth Mindy again like the m2-1i was going to be. Post-war is the perfect time for development of new technologies (and for getting commissions).
-scratches his head-

Theoretically, wouldn't Mindy's CFS do this anyway? If a "pocket universe" is created around the armor by its CFS, it shouldn't have a heat signature.
"Photonic armor and the combined field system shields cannot be used at the same time, as the CFS shields will destabilize the photonic projections."

So CFS can be used but not while stealthing/camo

Wait, there was a retcon recently, standby

Okay okay, that recent change to CFS/photonics aside, you can not use CFS around unarmored individuals. I've used photonics in a crowded enemy civilian station before and let my players know that if there were any aliens that could see heat or sensors, they'd be toast. Thankfully it was just a civilian station.
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Edit: this post refers to an older edit of Ame's message above. Ignore this maybe?

I specifically asked @Wes about that, and he said only the photonic armor and CFS shields conflict. You can still use photonic stealth and CFS stealth together.
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Just make so you can close the vents but only for a limited time before you cook to death. Risk vs reward.
Refer to my last edit, Hyralt- about how CFS can't be used around people not shielded from intense scalar fields (what CFS causes).
But the Mindy has the most important advantage over the TARSA: Art.
He is in the process of trying to get art for it.
I think I like the idea of a stealth Mindy more than improving the base Mindy's stealth capabilities. It would make sense for there to be some kind of trade off for the improved stealth option, like a reduced or removed teleport, weaker weapons, etc.

The Mindy is already really good. I love that it's a great one size fits all power armor, but specializations are good for players, too.

The suggested restrictions seem pretty reasonable for a stealth oriented Mindy. If folks want that to be the base model, then I'm cool with the suggestions here.
I'm tempted to make two versions: A stealth version and another with all the stealth features removed to save costs. The stealth one could be issued to certain ships and/or occupations that might need it, but you probably don't need to give a stealth Mindy to the ship's cook.

Basically, I think the concept is fine, but I also worry about making an invincible army of flying power armor ninjas that is impossible for enemy NPCs to fight against, so it might make sense to have a full featured one and a regular one.
When would a stealth mindy be used? What about for a multi-role ship such as the Kaiyo? We do missions where we need stealth like this a lot but we also do shooty shooty in their face missions. Would the ship get stealth Mindy overarchingly despite not being a SAINT ship?
This is probably one of those things that would have some IC explanation but really it might come down to GM preference lol.

"The B model was all the depot had at the time, sorry guys!"
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My justification would be that the stealth Mindy uses Xiulurium rather than Zesuaium. Thus it also provides less armor then the regular mindy.
There are many examples of Zesuaium having a Xiulurium coating, just FYI.
Yikes it would suck if the Tarsa got shafted, I am currently talking to an artist about getting art for it.
So as I see it the point of this is to have "A sneaky Mindy that sneaky occupations can use to be sneaky", this practically exists as the TARSA and the reason it's being preferred over the TARSA is because the suit I made doesn't have art?

This can be easily rectified and is being rectified as I only recently remembered myself that I never got art for it, that being said if I follow through on my current attempt to get art for it then does that solve this problem of "The TARSA doesn't have art, let's make a stealth Mindy"?

It definitely seems like a better solution to me at least, Yamatai gets new armour art and my hard work doesn't get quietly thrown in the trash.
While any operative in the fleet may use the TARSA at their own discretion and at the discretion of their commanding officers, at the end of the day most operatives directly assigned to SAINT use the Mindy 4 during power armor operations and it'd be nice to be able to have full stealth capability. I know Ame made this suggestion because she'd like better capabilities for regular Star Army soldiers in Mindy 4s, but from the SAINT perspective I'd also like to see a version of the Mindy 4 brought up to a higher stealth capability so that the extent of our operatives' sneakiness isn't painting their Mindy 4s in black.
I made this suggestion not for sneaky occupations but for sneaky missions. Also only raz mentioned it not having art, it's only a reason to one person.

A ship that utilizes mindy can much more easily have a sneaky mission if their mindy are able to do it. A ship that uses a tarsa still can. For me it's about updating the most used armor, not anything to do with the tarsa- used or not. I also tried to find who uses the tarsa and maybe people use a diff name for it? Just you and two GM NPCs have used it since its approval years ago. I don't want to sound mean, but thinking that the mindy is going to start competing with the tarsa is lofty thinking.
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