Interest Check Liberty, Equality, Fraternity - Forth Democracy!

Feb 24, 2018
Alright folks, admittedly I'm rather new hereabouts, but I have been reading the various bits of lore on Yamatai and have concluded that they are ultimately very undemocratic, somewhat tyrannical and authoritarian, not to mention the Star Empire being a short step away from being an officially military governed state.

Why do I say these things, you ask?

I was hoping to find a band of noble brethren, eager to march onwards on a fierce and heroic quest to bring freedom, independence and democracy to their home world.

These idealistic nationalists will hopefully be based on the world of Tatiana (if that's okay with everyone) and will no doubt fight gallantly for their ideals.

Probably die for them too.

Such an rp has several fun branches - weapons smuggling, speech making, guerilla fighting, leading mobs to storm spires, raising up in open revolt and more!

So, without further adieu, is anybody interested in helping further the idea of a Republic upon Tatiana?
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