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SANDRA Logistics HQ Returns to Central Uesureya, Central Depot Created

20日 5月 YE 39 (Kikyō No Sekku)

Central Uesureya, Yamatai -- Star Army Logistics announced on the Kikyō no Sekku holiday that is has moved its headquarters from Uesureyan Fields on planet Yamatai, back to its original location, Central Uesureya, also on planet Yamatai, placing it back in military-administered territory. The move is part of an effort to establish a new Yamatai-based logistics depot on Yamatai, which will join the Star Army's constellation of major depots that includes Nataria, Jiyuu, and Virginia. This new depot will be based in Central Uesureya and is being referred to by construction personnel as the "Central Depot." Work is ongoing.

Star Army Logistics was established in YE 22 to provide materiel support and transportation to the Star Army of Yamatai. It is commanded by Chujo Kawahara Opal.