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SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications


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YE 42

Happy Love Day Yamatai!

Send a note to that person you love across the light-years! or tell that secret crush that you've been thinking about how you feel.🥰

Love Day, YE 42
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To: Kiyomori Weeyico of YSS Kaiyo II
From: Wulf Soban of YSS Kaiyo II.
To my beloved Blue Angel I thought I would send you a heart filled message on this special day of days. With this being are first together and though we have duties to attend to I thought I'd use SYNC to make sure you had something to brighten your day, like you have brighten my life.

You are my star and guiding light in a galaxy full of darkness. Even as i've wandered the void going from planet to planet or the edge of the known galaxy I have felt your warmth and loving life. Every breathing moment I have with you is like the first breath of life it self, refreshing and filling my life so it is complete. When my spirit feel restless or feeling like it will be swollen by a hurricane your reassuring words of love hold it all at bay while bringing peace and stillness to the waters. Your my conscious, and inspire such passion I never knew I had before.

I thank the gods every day your in my life. I love you my blue angel and I look forward to every day I can with you.

Forever yours,
Wulf Soban
To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui
From: Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

To my amazing sister,

Its hard to believe it is YE 42 already. We've seen the good, and the bad and you've seen me through every step of the way.
I love you, sister. I hope you have an amazing Love Day!

Attached: 700KS Gift Certificate to Takeda House.

Love Always,


To: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri
From: Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

My best friend, my sister, my lover.

I'm glad that you're finally at home and at my side where you belong.

We have to hold onto these moments, these memories we have for they shall outlive us.
Thank you for you have helped rebuild more than just our clan, but my heart as well.


PS. The reason you didn't get assigned quarters on the YSS Tokyo is you will be staying with me.
To: Takeda Tachiko Motoyoshi-Takeda Tachiko and Motoyoshi Kaoru
From: Your Mother

Tachiko, you've been with us only a short time. Your adventure as a Motoyoshi has just begun. Your destiny is written among the stars. You and your new sister, Kaoru, are my pride and joy. Our clan is blessed to have a future that shall be molded with your hands, your actions. It is for you, because of you and your brave loyalty to the Empire and to me that we've made it this far.

Have a Happy Love Day,

To: Kage Yaichiro
From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

We've sent words back and forth a lot in the last few months. You keep questioning it, keep muting the words with your selfless nature. You're a greater man than you know. You're far more than you think you are. Far more to me than you can understand. Let's have enough with the words. I'll show you instead.

Transmission: Access Card - Imperial Suite, Fuji Hotel, Atarashi Tokyo

Eri and I will be waiting after the meeting.

Happy Love Day,

To: Vivaldo La Rostislavovna at New Jui'varen, the message has been redirected to SNV Cercatore di Stella
- Vilvado has forward the message to Matilde La Rostislavovna.
From: Dalida La Rostislavovna of YSS Kaiyo II

Hey Mom, Dad, Delfino, and Lorella.

It has been a while, a good few years since I followed my dreams, like Aida did, to the stars. I am allowed to send my loved ones a letter and so here it is. Exploring my curiosity has brought me to such a wonderful place, a place where the military is a thing, they are an amazing race dad you would love to interact with them. The Yamatai has given me a new home, they care for me like family, even though I feel sometimes out of place they would go through fires for me I think.

I hope everything is going great at home, I miss you all so bad and I have not yet found Aida. But I won't stop searching for her, she is out there and alive I know that for sure!


Your beloved daughter,
Dalida <3
To: Motoyoshi Kazue
From: Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui

I'm too young to be a relic eh? I like it. You're not completely annoying. Make sure you find my room after the meeting....Unless you grow snake parts before then. Bring some wine or you're paying for room service.

Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui
Chujo, First Expeditionary Fleet
Commander [REDACTED]

(OOC: PS. Shut up Wesley)
To [URL='https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:wulf_soban]Wulf Soban[/URL]of YSS Kaiyo II
From Kiyomori Weeyico of YSS Kaiyo II
To my handsome shining golden light of my life, I was so pleased and happy to have received your beautiful heart-filled message, the kindness and love of it filled me with pleasure and happiness as same as the moments I am able to catch sight of your handsome face.

Words cannot describe how your words have made me feel, the moment that I laid eyes on them. I m your star, and guiding light, but you, you’re my golden light, shining the way to my heart and very being. I love you, Wulf, from the moment we have met and laid eyes on each other and forevermore. I shall continue to be there in your life as you have filled mine with pleasure.

Your blue angel
Kiyomori Weeyico.
To: Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui
From: Motoyoshi Kazue

A relic you say? Now you piqued my interest as I do wonder how quickly you will be out of breath by this young [REDACTED] machine. If I learn something new, I would be amazed. By the way...you paying if you can't deliver, big talks and no action is a no-go Chujo ;)


Motoyoshi Kazue
Chusa, YSS Wakaba
To my beloved warrior woman, Misaki.

On this special day, I find myself thinking about you and the time we had together. You helped me to reawaken to find love and to live.

Cruelly fate has taken you far beyond where I can call you back to me.

Love forever,

Ise Katae
Taisa, YSS Aeon II
To: Kaiyo II Crew
From: Sakura Sjet

Gosh this seems so crude, wait boss your recording this ????? WHAT THE [REDACTED] . I said I want to see some loving from the crew and your now recording a written message???. Gosh I will have to fix your programming later and I don't care if your new update said you can do this.

I just wanted to see a video but well might as well enjoy the holiday. Well then if its going to the crew then might as well say something sappy. To my wonderful and delcious crew... hrmmm no that ain't right. Wait you can't even edit the messages boss ?? You got to be [REDACTED] joking me right now.

Sigh....... Alright well then to the wonderful crew who I call my friends and share this wonderful journey together. So I hope you enjoy your loved ones, your flings, or self loving you desire. This Neko is going to sign off and maybe hunt some one down later. So Chow my lovely crew and enjoy Love day.

Your number one Neko,

Sakura Sjet.

P.S My cabin is free expect to the Belmont.
To: Send All - Star Army Address Book.

"To whom it may concern,

Hey! I just wanted to drop a line, tell ya I had a blast on the desk/bed/stage/repair table/beach/pool/broom closet or wherever else we may have had a bit of fun, we should do it again, don't be afraid to hit me up again...

Akamaru Datenshi

This user has sent a attachment - 1 file - 601.01 KB
Attached is a tasteful boudoir picture of a Caramel Neko laid out on a bed
To: Wyatt Fujiwara
From: Fujiwara Saya

"Wyatt... I can't express how much you mean to me. In the short time we've been together I feel like I've changed and all for the better. I'm much more open and willing to meet new people and make friends, I'm more adventurous and have a lot more fun then I used to. Before I knew you, I would hole myself in my room when I wasn't one to leave my space because it felt comfortable... I admit the first time we met wasn't the best, but it was certainly memorable. I still laugh though, thinking back on it every time I do.

I've done so much more than I could before, because I know you're behind me, because I know if I fall you'll be there to help me up, and when I succeed even if no one else does, you'll cheer me on. I don't want to think of where I would be without you, probably still stuck in my room on the Kaiyo, a recluse except for missions and my shifts, but I don't have to. I have so much to look forward to because of you, both our life together, and our family. I can't wait to meet our youngling when she joins us... I know she's going to just be so much fun and bring us such joy.

Wyatt, Sal aestar thiramen quarlani'har va tel' noresh tel' daoine rut ent saren."

Yours always,

I love you until the day the stars burn out, and past it, until our souls fade.
To: Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko
From: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri

Kat, I'm so happy to be back at your side. I'm so happy to see you so full of life and ready for things to come.
I'll always be right here, right at your side, ready to do what you need and keep you safe.
You but need to ask, and I will do anything you ask.


PS: I have a surprise for you for our first trip on the Tokyo. I can't wait to give it to you.
To: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri
From: Chujo Motoyoshi- Kotoku Sui


Ore no Sekai ni mo hairunayo!

You've done enough damage.

User has attached file. 1.4MB

The picture is the south-facing end of a north walking Sui.

Love, Sui
To: Kiyomi; Hotaru
From: Arai Yuu

Hey, you two,

It's been a while, hasn't it? I know I haven't been able to write back home much, but I've been thinking of you both and I hope everything's going well back home.

Things have been going well enough over here! The crew has been nice -- I'm sure making them my dumplings has helped, too, as you suggested. I'm settling in well with my new job, although most of it seems to involve doing regular physicals, minor checkups, and waking up my boss when I find her sleeping in a cabinet (???). I might be going on my first mission soon, too, but that's about all I can say, I think? This is definitely a very different life than we had back home.

I hope you two are doing well, I love you lots and I hope you haven't missed me too much (ha ha).

Happy Love Day!

- 新井祐

User has attached 1 file - file size 912 KB

p.s. before you ask, no, I haven't slept with anyone already please lay off

Yuu smiles wide at the camera, making two tiny finger hearts with their hands.
To: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
From: Kage Yaichiro

As words in this regard continuously fail me, I'll simply have to express my surprise, gratitude, and let you know that I will be there. I do hope that your sister knows what she's getting involved in. I worry about surprising her.

Kage Yaichiro
To: Akamaru Datenshi
From: Sakura Sjet

Thanks for the material, love to see it in person later. Till then keep up inspiring all the love.

Warm and happy thoughts,

Sakura Sjet.