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RP Date
8月 YE 43
RP Location
Anisa System, White Harbor Station
Anisa System, White Harbor Station, Green Sector, Deck 888

As part of their effort to break into the medical care and biotechnology markets, the Ryu Keiretsu's Fuji Corporation (control given to Advancer Enterprises) had developed the Biixi Clinic brand. Developed to be one part a cybernetics dealership and 4 parts proper medical facility, the ads and sale of cybernetics is only hinted at the entrance of the facility.

Today was the grand opening of the first Biixi Clinic officially opened out side of the Tatiana System. Outside of the predominantly white and gray facility, an assortment of red and gold banners in Lianjia Script and Trade could be seen. Slogans such as "Grand Opening" and "To Great Health and Prosperity", there was an atmosphere of happiness and joy as music and a performance of Lianjia dancers in a stylized lion volumetric costume could be seen to the side of the main entrance.


Iemochi Seinosuke had been pondering whether visiting Deck 888 was a wise idea, but it had been something on his mind for a while. He’d been tuned into the SARA development community and keeping abreast on tech development for several years now, as part of his job. Advancer Enterprises' Kami Implant nearing completion of its development was something that had sparked curiosity within Seinosuke (henceforth known as Mochi).

While Elysians traditionally had trouble not rejecting cybernetic implants, Mochi was curious to give this a shot regardless. Neo-Caelisolians had far more generalized DNA than the other castes of Elysians. If nothing else, it would be a practical experiment as to its viability in the use with his engineered species. If the worst happened, the scientist could probably do some genetic engineering on his ST replacement to fix it. However, the risks probably outweighed the downsides. There were some things he’d like to test out and the Kami was that first step.

Approaching the Clinic in his Star Army officer’s uniform, Mochi made his way inside. The crew of the Resurgence were on leave, so now was the perfect chance to use that for his little project. Walking in, he was immediately greeted by a single poster of a warrior monk in black robes facing off against what looks like a golden golem (promoting a Human Upgrade Package). Looking past the inner doors, a silver skinned Lianjia gynoid stood patiently behind the reception desk. She yawns and stretches her arms into the air and immediately regrets it when she saw Mochi.

She snapped into a stiff position and bowed deeply towards the uniformed individual. "Welcome to the Biixi Clinic sir. How can I assist you this day?"

The Taii would begin - “Hi. I’d like to talk to someone about the new Kami implant?”

“Judging by your request Taii, you would wish to speak to one of our cybernetics specialists. One moment I will call one over.”

Normally the procedure for this would be for the receptionist to call over one of their “Cybernetics Specialists” which were really more salesmen. Then they would go into one of the open offices (the walls are made of transparent durandium) on the left side of the lobby to go over the latest in cybernetics for anyone to see. The hope being that others would become curious about their offerings as well if they were waiting.

But the Kami Mental Backup Implant was a different story. Like many of the Ryu Keiretsu’s “Advanced Works” nearing public release, the marketing for them is kept to a minimum as proof of concepts seen at Trade Shows and research papers. Anyone asking for them directly sends a red flag to the system as potential corporate espionage or a possible volunteer. So instead of the request going to the bored red haired female Cybernetics Specialist waiting, it instead went to a security office in the basement.

“Ma’am, it appears we have a Taii asking for the KaMBU. A Neo-Caelisolian by the looks of it.” a junior security officer said looking at the request and the image attached to it from the cameras. “Aren’t Elysians supposed to be allergic to cybernetics or something?” he continued, looking over to a sharply dressed woman sitting at a desk.

She looked up from the volumetric game she was clearly playing in the open and got up from her seat to review. “Interesting…” is the only thing out of her mouth when she sees the green panel of Mochi’s uniform. “I’ll talk to him. Let the receptionist know the query has been answered.” she said before walking out of the office. “Don’t mess with my save file while I am away~”. she said, letting the words trail away as she walked out the door. Her subordinate just rolled his eyes as he went back to monitoring the data feeds.

Mochi waited patiently with the receptionist, wondering why it was talking so long. The Taii bounced on the balls of his feet a little, turning around to observe the store while he was by himself. Not a bad place, clearly they knew what they were doing around here.

After a few minutes, a professionally-dressed business woman made her way over, the clanking of high heels gradually got louder gaining his attention. She was quite pretty, an all raven haired woman in a gray lab coat turn around the corner. The high heels and bottom of what appears to be a black Lianjia dress combined with her sleek black cybernetic fingers and cybernetic lines on her face are the only indications that she is not a run of the mill doctor. The augmentation of cybernetics made her stand out as someone who knew her stuff. Having faith in your own product was important, of course. It instilled some level of confidence in Mochi.

“Greetings Taii, I am Xue Chunhua. How can I help you in regards to the Kami implant?” she says to him once she is within normal speaking volume range, stopping a meter from his side and bowing to him.

“Good to meet you, Chunhua-san. I have a proposal, for which I’d pay handsomely if your company would be able to help me.” He said after returning the bow to her. While he knew there was nobody around listening, the Elysian lowered his voice slightly. “It’s potentially rather sensitive, so it’d be best if we talked in private. What is your company’s stance on confidentiality..?”

“It is generally considered polite to introduce one’s name before diving straight into business… Senator.” Chunhua responded, matching his vocal volume with a stern but pleasantly professional tone. She was sure he just assumed she was familiar enough with Yamataian politics that it slipped his mind. But she actually wasn’t, she only knew because her assistant happened to be looking at a report from the Mizumitsu Counter-Intelligence Section regarding the incident between him and the Empress.

Mochi inclined his head slightly in apology. “Well- I was hoping to get into an office before introductions and diving into things. I’m far too used to people either already knowing, not caring to ask or being too busy to ask for my name.” The blonde rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “It seems like you already know who I am, but yes - I am Iemochi Seinosuke. Glad to make your acquaintance.”

Chunhua smiled a bit after that, she did love making men (and women) in uniforms squirm. But usually she is the one making them do so for less obvious reasons. While she wanted to comment how cute he was at the moment, she kept that to herself knowing the man is married. “Come this way please, we can discuss this in our meeting. As for your question on business-client confidentiality, it is of our utmost priority to protect our client’s information and their data. It will take a legal court order from the nation’s legal apparatus for us to provide the minimum information they request.”

She escorted him 15 meters down the hall and around the corner from the reception to a door marked “Meeting Room”. Save for a keypad on the side of the door, there was nothing too remarkable about the room. Not seen from Mochi’s position, Chunhua’s eyes glowed for a moment as she sent the authorization sequence needed to open the door.

An artificially lit room with a large reddish brown wood table could be seen with 13 seats around it. The loud clanking of Chunhua’s shoes were not present, as looking down you could see the room had navy blue carpeting to go with the gray walling. When Mochi entered the room, the door slide closed with a loud hiss afterwards and Chunhua walked to the head of the table. “Xuanwu-zi, activate privacy mode.”

“Acknowledged.” a disembodied deep accented male voice said in response. Barely audible to normal people, a soft humming could be heard along with the camera indicator in the back turning off.

“Now, you said you have a proposal to make and would pay handsomely for it. Back home, that usually was the first words before the Triad representative proceeded to recruit you into their activities.” she said, leaning forward and placing her face into her hands.

“Combine that with potentially sensitive and I know we are going into a gray and possibly black area in the law.” she said before grinning. “But provided it is not immoral and the legal heat generated is not too much to handle, this is precisely how science progresses. I am listening.” she continued with a grin.

Mochi was pleased to know that the meeting room was private and that their company was open to hearing what he might say in confidence. At the mention of this being some sort of recruitment, he couldn’t help but grin despite himself. Mochi waved his hand, “I’m not in any criminal organisation, unless you count some members of the Senate, heh.”

The decorated officer made his way over to a seat, spinning it around and sitting down. No reason not to get comfortable while he was here. “What it comes down to, is this damn embargo on ST cloning. I’m trying to get a correction through the Senate, but as with anything that goes through it, everything has to be drawn like blood from a stone.”

The blonde sighed, running a few fingers through his messy blonde hair, green eyes scanning the room idly. “It’s illegal to transport ST technology outside of Yamatai’s borders, but I understand that your company has developed an alternative.”

Mochi swung his gaze back to Chunhua. “To put it simply, cloning myself biologically is easy for me, but the transferal of memories is the big hurdle for me. I’d like to confidentially contract you to help me make a clone of myself outside of Yamatai’s borders.” The Senator added, “The law on cloning doesn’t apply outside the borders and your tech isn’t ST, so we’d technically be operating legally. However, obviously, it’s best this is confidential.”

“Of course, I can pay handsomely for the service. What do you think?”
Mochi leaned back into the leather of the seat, crossing his hands on his lap.

To be continued


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Chunhua took a few moments to remain silent to speed read through the very public correspondence between him and Empress Hime. What he was proposing was definitely well within the gray zone. “There is a good reason for the restrictions on ST backups. There are a lot of nasty things one can do to a person if you can crack the encryption and gain access to the very essence of a person. But if I recall, the law is only specific to storage and access to the mental backups which the government clearly wants to maintain control over.” Chunhua said, allowing herself to be a bit more frank about her opinion on the matter than she normally would.

“But perhaps I missed a clause or two in the two laws when I just skimmed over them.” she said, still her face is leaning in her hands. She could see that Mochi was determined to get this done, whether it was by hook or by crook. Which still did not make her feel easy that he wasn’t part of SAINT, the Yamatai National Police, or a triad back home that managed to sneak into the Star Army of Yamatai with all this talk about outside Yamatai territory.

She finally leaned back in the chair after a few moments of thinking. “If I am not mistaken, you are Neo-Caelisolian?” she asked, looking at him. “I would not call the Kami an direct alternative to Soul Transfer technology. It is more taking advantage of how most natural minds process and create memories. Anyone with access the DNA of a person to create the brain of the person and interrogate it on how it reacts to situations from the memories could make a fairly decent copy of the personality. But I suppose that might just be semantics. This process of backing up is imperfect as it we have only confirmed it works with natural organic brains. We are not permited to analyze the synthetic brains of NH-series lifeforms. We only know that it is it's like our brains, but with all the implants built-in.” she continued before pausing.

“I bring this up because not too long ago we actually had a debate on if Caelisolians as a whole were a synthetic species or not. The Elysians have not shared a lot to the public as to the nature of them. If you are synthetic like the NH series lifeforms, it would be a very difficult process due to the brain not being the same. But if you are more like purified Plebians who are not androids, then the biggest hurdle I can see to installing the implant likely isn't there.”

The company had been actively looking for Plebian volunteers to test the limits of augmenting and giving ones that wish to depart from their Patricians masters a chance. Even with the rarity of Plebians not able (or unwilling) to escape what they are told to be inferior bodies would be in Nepleslia, nanomachines seem the way to do it.

“Could you please clarify the nature of your species?”

Mochi blinked a couple of times. "Well-- I created the Neo-Caelisolians, so I'm probably the best person to ask. It's been a while since I did and I don't have my notes, so I'll do my best from memory." The Senator cleared his throat, sunrise-toned wings rustling. "Mentally, it's all organic. The structure of the brain is simply altered genetically to more easily adapt to 'porting over' a digital consciousness. It's rather hard to explain but imagine it like biologically, the architecture is better suited to accepting digital minds, that's all."

He scratched his chin in thought. "Synthetic is certainly the wrong term to use for Neos, there's nothing machine going on. It's just biology with some twists here and there. In general, purified is the right word. I took the Caelisolian genetic code and altered it. Made it closer to your average human by replacing genes here and there. Strengthened the bones and muscles. Changed the immune system and such. Generalised things in a good way. A side effect was the wing colours."

Mochi leaned back in his chair a little. "I understand that regular Elysians have difficulties with implants and such, but the more generic Neo-Caelisolian DNA should make my body more robust to alterations, hopefully."

"I see, myself and Dr Kim were right. Looks like they owe me some hot pot now." Chunhua said, grinning. It then quickly faded away as she continued. "Then I imagine if it can more easily accept an engram without the use of intermediary implants then certain centers of memories function more like hard drives. Even if the data is encrypted, the memory recall processes shouldn't be as they are read only." She said before tapping on the table to bring up a volumetric display showing details of the Kami Implant in Lianjia script.

"Xuanwu-zi, establish a link to the Advanced Works Division head and delay.” Chunhua said as she flipped through the file, settling on a process diagraph with arrows related to the formation of memories. It looked like there is a cycle of some sort, with one of the arrows splitting off to a rough sketch of a neural implant.

“We have an unique opportunity here working with the creator of the bodies. We have a motto here in the Keiretsu: To help one person is to help all of society.

Seeing how you are Star Army, there is no way you could physically consult. But if they allow it, you can virtually collaborate. There would be little reason to share trade secrets as the proposals I will submit to the authorities are ‘studying the cybernetics affinity similarities between Plebeians, Neo-Caelisolians, and Humans’ and ‘The study of memory formation and storage in Plebeians and Neo-Caelisolians’. You can get what you want as a side-effect of actual research into this limited field.

What do you think?"
She said as she typed into another volumetric window. She then flipped it over and pushed it over towards Mochi's display. All of it was in Trade, translated for him to read.

Mochi looked over the schematics and proposal, nodding as she spoke. “My sister has recently mixed SARA up a little bit, so collaboration of this kind shouldn’t be out of the blue anymore.” The science officer muttered, rubbing his chin. “Honestly, I imagine the Elysians will be happy for an alternative of any kind to ST, so you’d certainly be helping them. Obviously, that’s just my opinion though.”

While being a fairly major celebrity in Elysia, Mochi wasn’t part of their political class or system. He was still mostly an outsider, having a fair grasp on the culture but only having lived there for a few years. “It’d certainly be interesting to see what doors this research opens.” The Neo-Caelisolian crossed his legs in his chair, “Of course, you know my end goal. As long as we’re heading in that direction.”

“Indeed, it is why I created the proposal in this manner. Helping a sitting senator mitigate political fallout benefits everyone involved. Best to launder your desire as by-product of a major project. I am sure there will be those that will see right through it though.” Chunhua said, smirking a bit. She then dropped it and changed her notes to that about Elysian physiology.

“Besides that, the biggest obstacle I see is transferring your personality to a clone before your Elysian genetics completely purges the implant. Since you are the creator, I think it is best we leave that portion of the research to you. Depending on how much metadata, for lack of a better word, we can extract from your memories we might be able to construct an approximation of the personality. But directly interrogating the areas of your brain to determine how you respond is the preferred method.” she said before she pushed forward an Non-Disclosure Agreement form to his display.

It was a fairly standard legal form. There were sections filled in about working with Advancer Enterprises and the Ryu Keiretsu. There were the actions permitted that won’t result in a lawsuit from the Ryu Keiretsu such as bringing in additional staff if agreed upon by all parties and the staff sign on to the NDA. There were also the actions that would result in said lawsuits such as leaking the confidential information or using information (without permission/license) that was not directly made by the contributing individual. After a rather dry read, there is a flashing indicator for it to be signed with biometrics. Chunhua sat there patiently before wanting to ask him to expand on his statement about the Elysians.

Mochi read the statement carefully, ensuring it was fair to all parties. Shortly after, he pressed his thumb to the flashing icon, allowing it to take his information to seal the agreement. “I appreciate the discretion. Elysian genetics are a difficult subject, but one that I can manipulate to a greater or lesser extent. It’s true that Elysian biology is generally adverse to any kind of external tampering or modification. Neo-Caelisolians have genetic changes to make them more in-line with other species in a number of ways, so I’d imagine the rejection of such things is somewhat lessened.”

A momentary pause as he thought, “If worst comes to worst, I can get an ST at work and opt to transfer into a more easily modified body in the case of ‘death’. I imagine it’ll be fairly easy to put myself in enough danger to trigger that change. At which point, I come back here and we can get started.” Mochi shrugged, “But honestly, I don’t mind you poking around more directly if you’d prefer to do things quickly." Retracting his finger from the device, Mochi wiped it upon his lapel before returning his hand to rest on the tabletop. “Once cloning is decriminalized, I imagine the work you do here will put you ahead of the competition for commercial cloning.”

Chunhua nodded “Perhaps, though one can compete against Yamatai and the Empress only so much. Or should if they want to live for a long period of time free. We don’t have the funding, the influence, or the black panels to do it.” she continued, laughing a bit.”

Though she did think for a moment about the counterintelligence unit within Black Crane Securities. They were no SAINT, but the former operatives and analysts they manage to recruit helps them be a force multiplier if competition came snooping around and open-source intelligence gathering. They haven’t been too inclined to actively spy within Yamatai Space though. Such proposals by more ambitious members of the unit quickly get shot down. The Ryu-Mizumitsu get enough heat as it is currently without someone underneath them adding more fuel to the fire.

“With the NDA signed, we can consider the formal portion of this meeting to be concluded. I and the Advancer Enterprises will not tell you how to conduct your portion of the research, though we prefer you do it as safely as possible. I am sure if you ST’d into a Nepleslian or Genshrin body it would raise some questions. Especially from the more 'NH-lifeforms are the way' and Imperial minded within the Empire. ‘Why is he transferring into an inferior body?’ they would say.”

She then leaned a bit and pondered thinking about what he said about poking more directly. “I wonder…” Chunhua straightened herself out and blocked the side of her volumetric display Mochi could see. She searched through the records of projects Advancer Enterprises were working on. Going into the Zhenren Project, she undid her block.

“Speaking of those individuals, this is the Zhenren Project Zhuhai Medical Industries had been working on before they were merged with Advancer Enterprises. Naturally they would be displeased about anything that might remotely challenge their position as top dogs within the sector. The project boosts the capabilities of humans and those similar to them, but Zhenren doesn’t entirely compete against them or the ID-SOLs.”

She then switched windows to another neural implant. The drawings incorporated the first generation neural implants within a drawing that seemed to imply a casing of some type. “We have research currently on further cyberizing the brain to improve the coordination and speed of our neural implants with the digital mind implant’s interface. It is highly experimental considering as we still have not determined how much of the brain should be replaced. But I am curious if you might be able to make use of this for yourself.”

When Chunhua mentioned Yamatai's power as a whole and SAINT specifically, Mochi mumbled something like "that's for damn sure". He seemed to use a slightly annoyed tone, perhaps hinting towards his political alignment. The Kikyo Sector's daytime news had made various allegations towards Mochi being a 'republican', whether it was true or not was another matter entirely.

"Zhenren?" The Elysian seemed intrigued, and leaned forward to read more clearly the text Chunhua was showing. "That's quite interesting. Honestly, I was hoping to make a copy of myself to serve in the Star Army while I retreat to handle my political and home lives." He sighed deeply, "It's all a bit much, really. But I think that if the Star Army recognises my clone as 'me', it'd be good. I could continue sharing my expertise with them."

He paused for a moment. "Of course, that hypothesis has never been tested and the Star Army may just reject my proposal out of hand. However, this is the first step and either way, it'll be good for pushing the boundaries of science."

Chunhua nodded. “Hopefully the senate will move swiftly on this. I see perks to being able to split yourself into different fields if one is talented enough.” She then thought about her CEO and his multiple attempts to make AI clones of himself. After all, she was one of them that decided to reduce herself to the biological route.

“I can think of several people that think they would be excellent artists, but do not want to give up their existing career to test that hypothesis. Though I can also think of some that would just keep adding to their research team as ‘assistants’ because they trust no one else's opinion than themselves. You can imagine what working with them is like…” she said, eventually putting her hand on her forehead.

to be continued