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Motoyoshi Bakufu News [MBNN] Assistance to the 3rd XF

Today 5 Kyoto-class Carriers, 15 Yui-class Scouts, and 20 Odori-class Freighters were transferred voluntarily by Taisho Motoyoshi Saito to the ravaged 3rd XF. Sources indicate that the 3rd XF was forced into combat with an unprepared fleet against an enemy much larger than the data given by intelligence.

The 3rd XF's situation is said to parallel our own after Taiie to a degree, the Fleet facing their own hardships from the destruction of their fortress at Tami and in the upper levels of their command, to the Species Restriction Order thinning their numbers substantially.

The lack of support from Command has moved the Taisho to take matters into her own hands and get the fleet back up to an at least reasonably operational status. This is said to merely be the first wave of assistance to our battered sister fleet, as the Taisho is attempting to open a permanent line of communication.

When questioned on the matter, our Taisho merely said this:

"I honestly believe that such problems will fade once Motoyoshi-sama has managed to secure herself in her new role...it is merely that the 3rd XF needs help now, and is simply unable to wait.

We must lend our strength and support to our wounded sister fleet, to allow the Army as a whole to remain strong."

While a few dislike this stance, citing the large non-Neko/Yamataian composition of the fleet, public opinion supporting the Taisho's opinion has been strong.