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SYNC MCS Senators - Rally Call


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RP Date
YE 44.6
Following: Silent Voices are Heard

Motoyoshi Colonial Sector, Secure Encrypted Leadership Channel

To: Honorable Senators; Ketsurui Koyama (Jiyuu), Takagawa Hitomi (Koukotsu), Pitz Ria (Shugosha)
CC: Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko
BCC: Motoyoshi Bakufu
Re: Imperialist Rallies

Dear Senators,

As you know, we've spent years rebuilding or Colonial Region. We've built it upon a solid foundation evoking Imperial respect and trust from the people of the entire sector. It appears Senator Immochi wishes to spring a new movement of liberal politics into the Empire. We must work diligently to enshrine our pro-Imperial stance, especially here where so much has gone into healing the wounds and gently adjusting the views of our substantial populations. Unlike this Senator on his soapbox, It is my belief and that of Katsuko that the Yugumo Workers Federation that our response should not be of similar villainous and vile propaganda. Prepare your citizens for rallies, YTP Entertainment groups, and Fireworks, Pick places of Imperial importance such as the shores in Tokyo overlooking the Eight Statues.

He addressed our people specifically, those who associate the former United Outer Colonies now with the terrorism of the Tange and the vile attacks upon the civilian population that followed. Let them hear across the Empire, that the worlds within our Sector are loyal, and support her majesty's reign. We support the ways of the Empire, and that is what we shall do. I will assist Senators if called upon, just tell us what you need to make these rallies happen. Make sure the media gets coverage of them, let us make sure that we never see history repeat itself.

Signed Respectfully,
Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro

To: Honorable Senators; Ketsurui Koyama (Jiyuu), Takagawa Hitomi (Koukotsu), Pitz Ria (Shugosha), Tokyo Police, Port Jiyuu Administration, Taisho Motoyoshi Ayano (1XF), Yugumo Workers Federation Board
CC: Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko
BCC: Motoyoshi Bakufu
Re: Increase Security, Update

"I know you all listening from what was once the United Outer Colonies know this all too well. Many of you live on worlds garrisoned by the Star Army and are unable to speak freely about your true thoughts." - Silent Voices Be Heard

Due to the nature of the propaganda produced by Senator Immochi, we request that law enforcement and security levels within the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector be increased. The speech glorifies the propaganda that legitimizes the Tange Terrorists and their goals of villainizing the Star Army and restoration of their failed nation. After our takedown of Motoyoshi Kiyoko and recovery of the Akuro III last year, we've still been dealing with the roundup and capture of remaining Tange Clan members in the region.

Obviously, the Senator has ignored the changes in the region since YE 41 and is completely out of touch with what the citizens associate with terrorists now.

Please take this seriously, we cannot afford a successful attack or anything like the failed bombing of Jiyuu-jo during the Lantern Festival of YE 42 or the murders of Tanaka Himari and other victims.

Signed Respectfully,
Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro
To Senators: Takagawa Hitomi (Koukotsu), Pitz Ria (Shugosha)
CC: Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko, Taisho Motoyoshi Ayano (1XF)

My fellow Colonial Sector Senators, Governor Motoyoshi, Taisho Motoyoshi. I would be lying if I said that I knew overly much of the Tange prior to my being elected. Before my service within the First Expeditionary Fleet, and First Fleet, I served within the Tenth. I was a mere three months of age, having reached maturity and summarily enlisted. Your sector of space was my first posting. And I saw its lawlessness when very much still a Youngling in mind and spirit. It was a veritable frontier, where the rule of law was failing and its worlds ailing. We helped to begin the process to restore peace, prosperity, and a sense of security to this sector of space.

From conspiratorial and rebellious actions of corporate entities to pirates, and much more. We pacified these in a slow if methodical fashion as we came across them with the scant resources at our disposal. When the Motoyoshi returned to continue this work long after I had moved to a different posting and restored the Cluster, now Motoyoshi Colonial Sector to its current standing I can say with strong conviction that I felt pleased and heartened. That the lives lost were not ill spent.

For, in the end, that self-same fleet's life, ended in the Battle of Hanako’s Star, and I still try to hold to the spiritual and ethical appeal of its words which remain close to my heart. 'Service through Vigilance, I am a Sword of Heaven.’ And have not stepped down from being such for the entirety of my service within our Empire’s military. Now one of those Swords has returned and now stands as Senator of the Jiyuu system.

So, while it is necessary and with a heavy heart, I beseech Taisho Motoyoshi to assist in this endeavor as needed. I have come to blows with the Tange but once in my life while serving on the YSS Wakaba. And in that instance, it was enough for me to realize the danger they represent. Should they see this as an opportunity to create instability and strife within the Sector, an increased presence appears warranted. However many remain, how far they have spread I cannot fathom. But, I trust that the response will not be heavy-handed and will be handled with the utmost care.

An initial overly aggressive response could only incite further unrest. The broadcast may well have made the resulting situation incredibly fragile if handled in such a manner. If the local peacekeeping forces of the various worlds have undercover operatives, agents, or informants, make use of them. Weed out any Tange influencers. The Star Army’s and law enforcement response should then be swift and decisive, if said elements are found and present a clear and present danger to the citizens, installations, local garrisons, and cities on sector worlds.

With Respect,

Senator of Jiyuu,
Ketsurui, Koyama
To Senators: Takagawa Hitomi (Koukotsu), Ketsurui Koyama (Jiyuu)
CC: Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko, Taisho Motoyoshi Ayano (1XF)

To the Honorable Governor and members of the Ketsurui and Motoyoshi families.

I... I am out of my depth here. I have been out of my depth since I was awaken from my tank years ago and thrust into battle with a rifle in my hand and expected to defend an empire I was born into with no real knowledge of outside of what they implanted in my mind. I am a vatborn Neko, one that had... Little in the way of accomplishments before I awoke to a room full of people running a campaign for me that I had no idea I was a part of. My ascension to Senator of Shugosha was one of luck, and a lack of any real effort on the behalf of my opponent, and like much of the rest of my life, it threw me out of my depth into something I was not prepared nor qualified for.

That said, since I have become Senator, I have felt a... Responsibility... fall onto my shoulders that is heavy and burdensome, but for once I find myself able to carry it. I have support willing to help me, and a reason to help and push forward, the people that I watch over. For once I feel like I need to do something rather than fade into the background and become nothing more than noise at the periphery of one's vision.

I know I will make mistakes, I will do things I shouldn't, or say things I can't. But I will push forward, ever forward, in an effort to make Shugosha, and more importantly, our sector and people safe and happy. I to would ask for help as the Tange is a threat I have never faced before, and am painfully ignorant past what I have seen in the news about them. Any help that can be given, whether it's knowledge and information, additional resources and manpower, or even just words of wisdom in dealing with them, would make things far more easy for me and those deemed necessary to be included in said knowledge.

My military history isn't as deep or well versed as those I am surrounded by, my lack of actual combat is painfully apparent, and the operations I've taken part in can be counted on a single hand of even our elder sisters. I beseech the knowledge and wisdom of my betters in being better able to combat this threat, and to help keep the people of Shugosha safe.

Yours in service,
Senator Pitz Ria.
To Senators: Pitz Ria (Shugosha), Ketsurui Koyama (Jiyuu)
CC: Governor Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, Ketsurui Motoyoshi Katsuko, Taisho Motoyoshi Ayano (1XF)

My Fellow Representatives of the MCS,

I was never a citizen of the United Outer Colonies. Rather, I was a spy for Yamatai, a SAINT Operative, undercover to monitor the collapse of the nation from within. What I saw during that time changed me forever. Whether the Senator from Virginia was merely ignorant or willfully ignorant by calling our citizens traitors, essentially deadnaming each and every one with that appellation they cast away in shame and despair, it cannot stand. Our people continue to not just cherish, but enjoy those freedoms and values that doomed nation purported to embody, before the most heinous bait-and-switch in our sector's history took it all from them, while being loyal to the Empire and its Sovereign, despite the insistence of those that somehow they do not. That lack of understanding of our people, their history, their values, and their wants, has angered our people, and let us hope that it does not embolden the enemies that threaten not just those freedoms, not just their loyalty to the Empress, but also their very lives. And if it was not ignorance, but malice that led him to so defame the citizenry we represent, then an accounting shall be made. And if those elements, so emboldened, decide to act, then that accounting must be a reckoning. Those people who have entrusted us with their futures will prevail with us as their shield.

Forever Forwards,
Senator Takagawa Hitomi
To: MCS Leadership Group
BCC: Motoyoshi Bakufu

Dear Senators,

It appears the Governor's fears have become a reality, one in which he is himself become a victim. Until he is found, the Yugumo Keisatu will continue their investigation under the leadership of the Governor's personal Keibi attachment and security personnel sent by Taisho Motoyoshi-Yamada Ayano from the First Expeditionary Fleet. While it would be very easy for me to point the finger at the Senator's ignorant press release, I will not. Ignorance is something that is not always easily pointed out in the game of politics, it is likely he has very little education when it comes to the reality of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector or its people and the trials they have faced. The Motoyoshi and our corporation knew when we undertook the management of these colonies and this region that there was always a possibility of the Tange taking advantage of any prompt of socialist promotion or encouragement from anywhere be in the Empire or out.

Thankfully most government employees have ST backups, and we will only begin restoration once we confirm their death as crews continue to search through the rubble. We're hoping that as many as possible are recovered and some light can be shed upon this tragic attack on the people of this Sector.

In our latest discussions, Taro and I discussed this ignorance that extends to Senator Iemochi and beyond. They remember our region of space and its people as they were under the failed state of the United Outer Colonies. They lack understanding of the acts of terror, inhumane treatment, and complete failure of political and military systems that resulted in the loss of so many. The people have known prosperity, rebuilding, and a complete change in the direction of their society since the Motoyoshi Clan returned to this region in YE 41. We've come so far, and we cannot let terrorism, fear, or ignorance stand in the way of our progress. The MCS escaped the brunt of the Kuvexian War and stands in a position to help the rest of the Empire recover.

Senators, I encourage you to remember why I ran for Premier. I wished to help orchestrate the Senate in hopes of bringing restoration to the Empire after the War. I didn't ask to become the babysitter for anti-Imperial policies, liberal slander press, or anything else. I challenge you, to gear your bills towards things that will help with recovery from the tragedies of the Kuvexian War and Occupation.

Once Search and Rescue, as well as Investigation teams, are finished on the attack site. We will rebuild that Dome bigger and better not only to house the planetary government of Jiyuu but the Region Council of the Motoyoshi Colonial Sector and the new Motoyoshi Bakufu which has invested in the future of this region without hesitation. We will spare no expense to remember any lost permanently in this tragedy, and we will send a message to the Tange Terrorists and other remnants of that failed nation which once occupied this world - We are here to stay, and we are citizens under the Yamatai Star Empire, and beneath the rule of Her Majesty Ketsurui Himiko I.

In time, once this has cleared I will want to discuss the enshrinement of our values in this region.

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko
Imperial Premier.