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SYNC Mech Commission

Jack Pine

Staff Member
Game Master
RP Date
YE 40
[Message Begins]
From: Zeke Rykiel
To: Galactic Horizon


My childhood friend and comrade Jack Pine, pointed me to you when I asked him where to look for getting a better mech. I actually arranged for a surgery for my girlfriend Sindy last month

I wish to commission your company to design and build me a high performance combat mech with a full loadout. Something nice, elegant, epic, and badass. Definitely needs to be able to dogfight in space. I'd like to also request a combat support drone system, similar to that found on the Origin's Kirin model of mech. A diverse set of armaments would be great, with a sword type melee weapon for close quarters. I'd also like to have one of S6's EVE AI installed in it.

I have accumulated quite a bit in wealth from back pay from my service in the marines, the payout of a more recent science contract, and some additional funds from my buddy Jack. I also have my old mech I can put towards it as well, but I don't think that will be necessary.

Would you guys be willing to take on this challenge?

Zeke Rykiel

[Message Ends]


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
From: Donvan Black
To: Zeke Rykiel

Re: Mech Commission

Salutations Zeke, it's a pleasure to meet you I'm sure but I haven't been granted the opportunity yet.

An ally of out neighbours over at Section 6 tends to be an ally of ours and business is business so lets talk about that.

As a man of action myself I get the need to stand tall and cast an intimidating shadow but let us talk specifics, we are more than happy to design a new battle mech for you - if you need any kind of proof of our work in that department then feel free to look up the "Jadite" Akemi got from us.

What kind of power supply are you looking for? We can do Aether, Fusion and just about anything else that is proven to work well while staying efficient.
Are there any kind of specific materials you want us to use in the construction of this behemoth? we've expanded our list of contacts since my Father started the company so that should be no issue.
The AI should be no issue so long as they can fit in one of our cores, so that is nothing to worry about.
Furthermore are there any more specific things you would like us to include in the design? whether those things are functional or purely aesthetic.

I look forward to getting a reply from you, keep us posted.

-Donvan Black, Head of Public Relations at Galactic Horizon