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Approved Submission [Mechanic] DRv3 Quick Reference Update

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Submission Faction(s)
Yamatai (except Elysia), Nepleslia, Elysia, Poku (HSC), , Iromakuanhe, Non-Playable Factions, Outlaws (Independent), Neshaten
Submission Terms
I agree
For Reviewers:
Also tagging:
  • @Fred, as he’s the submission's original creator.
  • @Soresu, as this submission includes the Devil.
The companion of this submission; see the opening post of this thread for a list what was changed in the Tiers section (as it was directly copied from the other submission's similarly-named section).
  • Fixed some minor formatting, grammar, and spelling errors.
  • Added numerous links to other wiki articles.
  • Added links to sections of the main article, where possible.
  • Standardized the damage descriptions in the Examples of Use section, where possible.
  • Added an OOC Notes section.
Edit: Updated to reflect this post and this post.
Edit #2: Updated to reflect this post; see here for the updated list of changes.
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